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  1. \/

    Food Are you a fan of peaches?

    Since the peaches at stores around here taste terrible and are about as hard as a tree, I like canned peaches, only in juice though.
  2. \/

    Potato Game

    You mean OverPotato.
  3. \/

    Potato Game

    Need for Potato
  4. \/

    Potato Game

    Potato: Revelations
  5. \/

    Potato Game

    The Long Potato
  6. \/

    Potato Game

    Five Potatoes at Freddy's
  7. \/

    Potato Game

    Night in the Potato, or Potato in the Woods?
  8. \/

    Potato Game

    Potato Valley
  9. I personally don't like anything new about the forum software now being used. I heavily dislike the dropped features such as the lack of a stick navigation bar, shorter "recent posts" list, and the changes to the user profile layout, especially the status updates. Overall, I just liked the old forum software better.
  10. \/

    Introvert, Ambivert or Extrovert?

    Make a poll. I want to see those visual representations and statistics.
  11. \/

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Fun fact: I fall nowhere within the Kinsey scale.
  12. I'll have to go check the subreddit for ARK.
  13. In case anyone was wondering, it seems the 60/40 split is a common occurrence. Between this and another forum, I've gotten the same result.
  14. How lucky have you been to find communities on CS: GO that aren't cesspools?