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  1. Hey I'd love my OC to be in a comic series. He's called Atom Flash He's a brainy scientist pegassus who loves his wubs like Vynal does xD here's a link to his OC page. Please let me know if he gets to be in the comic. Cheers Oh and my profile picture here on the forums is the picture of Atom
  2. yeah I've had this aswell :L It means I'm not getting the hearts which is kind of annoying :L I'll add you and see what happens :S hopefully it works, I need Scootaloo xD
  3. Hey everyone I'm looking for some people too add me on the MLP game I'm on it everyday like a nerd xD my gameloft account is brocastc1221 please add me I need to get Scootaloo xD
  4. Well hello there! Welcome to the MLP forums Twilight is my favourite pony aswell I'm sure you'll enjoy it here on the forums
  5. I live in the good ol' United Kingdom I come from a town called Congleton in the county Cheshire. I know most prefer to keep details as such private but hey ho I don't mind pip pip old chap
  6. Hey this place sounds great we'll have to meet up some time I'd love to meet a fellow brony
  7. Yep. I was hit by a car at the age of 14 3 years ago. Resulted in amnesia and my brain swelling. Thus meaning a section of skull was removed. And being sedated in a coma for 9 days straight whilst my muscles deteriated. Leaving me unable to sit up or walk as I lost all my strength. Had a 27% survival rate. Then I had a titanium plate put in my head and all is good now thank god for the NHS
  8. My ideal apocalypse? FALLOUT!!!!!!! I'd love to live in a Fallout styled apocalypse world. Striding around with AER9 laser rifles and gauss rifles with ED-E following me around as I wear my Enclave athena mkI shock trooper armour. HELL YEAH
  9. Hey everypony. Thanks ever so much for your input I have managed to get Twighlight, Rainbow and Berry Green blind bag ponies of ebay and I've bought a comic and is soon to be on its way. I may go manchester one day and try some of the shops up there. There's this great place that sells comics and merchandise so I'm thinking of trying there Plus any Tesco's aswell
  10. of course my apologies. That too is a massive problem with drinking. And don't start on people getting hit by cars... :L but so is those who get into fights whilst under the influence of alchohol.
  11. Hey everyone Atom here. Just waking up after a night of drinking. I have nothing against achohol but it can cause obvious problems. Such as ilnesses and addicition. Then there is arguements And the worst of all is the outcome of death for numerous of reasons as one has already stated to which I clumsily forgot about, drink driving. My best mate was argueing last night with his girlfriend whilst under the influence of alchohol and nearly tore their relationship apart. Luckily enough it didn't come to that. But even so I have nothing against alchohol. I love a good pint down the local you?
  12. Hey everyone Atom here. I live in the UK and I'm struggeling to find any decent MLP merch'. Preferably blind bag ponies to start my collection. I've been on amazon and they won't deliver to my address for some inescplicable reason nor to my my dads address. So I can't go to amazon. And the there's the Toywiz website. I already tried going to them but just to buy a blind bag pony it's $5 (god knows what exactly in pounds) which is ok but $75 just to post :0 please help. Really want some blind bag ponies. Ps I tried ebay and not finding much good for me. Still trying though thanks for your help
  13. I watched this video and god damn I'm pissed off. I knew that some people would shun us bronies but for this prick to say all of that is beyond me. I don't see why he does it. He's just a fu****g p***k!
  14. Mature stilton cheese hmmmm nom nom. Only one of my friends likes it as I do. I don't see what's wrong with it. Just a bit of mould lol xD and I also like patr with cranberry sauce and slices of toast
  15. Physics I love science and physics is ny favourite. I love nuclear science epecially and other things like quantum trapping, pauli exclusion principle and fission and fusion. It's just always interested me. Aswell as human anatomy and physiology