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  1. Another year and another one to get handsome I guess.
  2. Thought that I should post this since I think its been about a year or two since I lasted posted/showed up on the forums and this thread. Nice to see it's still here.
  3. Looks like the artist made that edit version they promise. And some new cute ones as well. (Some cute, who am I kidding... they're all cute.)
  4. You know what I just notice, she doesn't have here wings. Seem like the artist forgot them. I can see how some could mistake it as being... naughty at first.
  5. Wake up with people yelling at me for still being asleep. Get up to help bring in the bags. Once putting everything away, get some cake as breakfast then find this cute pic. It gonna be a great day.
  6. Here's cute Fluttershy being cute. Here's Fluttershy sneaking up to a butterfly. And here's an anthroshy. Well that's all I got for now.
  7. I can already feel the summer heat coming in. Better get ready for it. I want the cold winter back... Or at least a colder weather.
  8. Oh my... Can never go wrong with some humanshy.
  9. Anypony play PSO2?

  10. Uh... why is she doubling the cute?
  11. For the first time the cake isn't a lie. Also a song from the Goddess herself... oh my.
  12. Nothing like returning after not posting for a long time. Ready to serve.
  13. Fluttershy is best spy. In other news... I got another Fluttershy plushie.
  14. Watching and sitting in the shadows.
  15. *Been drinking the new Kickstart.*
  16. Please don't cry Goddess. *Hugs Fluttershy.*
  17. Meanwhile in Civilization Beyond Earth... I wonder what exactly am I doing.

  18. um... oh my... Remember to hug and show some love to the Changelings so they don't tired to attack again.
  19. Now if there was something of Flutterbat in this img would the combination be complete.
  20. Only two simple words could be said... you know what they are...
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    2. SCS


      Same to you, and that's an adorable pic :D

    3. Life Giver

      Life Giver

      Another day for me too.

    4. catnet


      D'awww, that image <3

      And happy Valentine's Day to you too ;)


  21. Looks like Fluttershy got a gift from somepony... wonder from who.
  22. Banned because... Meanwhile, in Wasteland 2...