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  1. The Weirdest thing that happened to me was joining this site and playing minecraft on my iPod at school and 3 people join my server
  2. AngryGamer432

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Jackpot 7-7-7 You Win 100,000 caps but I win this contest. Now I kick you out of my vault casino for winning too much
  3. No, I don't even know why I like mlp. I like the characters but half the time I can't even watch it because I don't have the Hub and I don't like watching it on youtube because of the stupid comment section
  4. I'm already ignored so I would rather to be ignored than hated because I could still make friends even if I was ignored but i probably wouldn't have any friends if I was hated
  5. Oh You decide to steal my freaking Cookie, eh? Give it Back or I will force you to give it back
  6. This is my favorite quote. "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe" - Albert Einstein
  7. My name is alex and every one calls me Alex. I don't really like my name. i wish I had a more common name or a name besides Alex. I just hate it
  8. AngryGamer432

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Quotes

    Packie to Michael "Your parents must have been twins to produce a kid as dumb as you. I'm surprised you haven't got 3 eyes, no balls and a clubfoot"
  9. Not a lot changed except I looked but I watched a couple videos and I looked up brony questions on Yahoo answers and I spent a lot more time on the computer
  10. I might want to live in the Cul-Da-Sac from Ed, Edd, and Eddy or the wasteland. It would be fun to make friends with Ed, Edd and eddy
  11. Ed, edd and eddy is a good show and so is Courage the cowardly and the Big Bang Theory. Also you can try Johnny Bravo or the Grim Aventures of Billy and Mandy.
  12. I live in Ionia Michigan. It is only famous for having a freefair since 1857 and the county seat of Ionia county which only has a population of 63,000
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