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  1. That moment when you fall asleep in the shower....

    1. Chill Mists (Chilly)

      Chill Mists (Chilly)

      That has never happened to me...

    2. Key Lime Pie

      Key Lime Pie

      I almost drowned when that happened.

  2. Derpy Whooves

    Ask Applejack!

    Where do babies come from? DINKY WONT TELL ME.
  3. Derpy Whooves

    Movies/TV New Care Bears cartoon.

    Wait... I heard it wrong
  4. Derpy Whooves

    Movies/TV New Care Bears cartoon.

    Did they just make a reference to the grudge? Oh my Celestia
  5. How do you fix a sore throat after screaming? :3

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    2. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony

      Not sure if you're serious. But tell us what kind of flowers you want at your funeral next time you plan on drinking bleach.

    3. TomokoKuroki


      Derpy, I suggest try eating or drinking anything with vitamin C or E. And not speaking for quite a while. perhaps trying to keep the throat hydrated would help a bit too.

    4. Derpy Whooves

      Derpy Whooves

      I want poison ivy, okay that sounds good!

  6. Hi, and welcome(ish) and basically what others said
  7. So I have been praticing the art of poni for awhile and here is the outcome I have a lot more on my DA page
  8. WAIT A SECOND! wasnt their a horror movie called "the changeling" in the 1980's?

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    2. Derpy Whooves

      Derpy Whooves

      I am so stupid for not seeing that before, being a horror geek >_>


    3. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      The changelings are not an original creation of the show. Many legends have shapeshifters. Even the Changeling design isn't original since their are creatures from Celtic legend who look similar

    4. Derpy Whooves
  9. Thanks everyone, funny thing is i wouldn't have met him without the show, so that seems like another great thing i love about mlp now
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