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  1. Chivalry Knight

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    This tune is truly annoying
  2. Chivalry Knight

    Need a BronyCAN hotel room quick!

    If anyone has any hotel cancellations anywhere in richmond atm, please let me know ASAP. my hotel got cancelled and i need a new one T-T
  3. Chivalry is not dead. It merely turned 20. Happy birthday! :)

  4. hello everyone, its been a while. is it okay if I start my fight with Red Son now?
  5. @,@@Mars Orbit, @@Star Saber, May I please ask who drew your profile pics plz? also, what do yall think bout viktor rush?
  6. The large scaled beast from before flies towards the arena, and lands on the front gates. He grabs a cigar out of his jacket and lights it with his tongue. He takes a deep breath and blows out the smoke, "Welp, here I am. Ready to kick butt. Let's see what these guys are made of, if anything, HRA HRA HRA HRA!" He says. A new challenger punches in! - @, Can you please let me know when its Crimsons turn to fight via PM? Thank you!
  7. Chivalry Knight

    Drawing First 3 OC Requests!
  8. Chivalry Knight

    Viktor Rush

    Viktor Rush
  9. Chivalry Knight

    What does your avatar say about you?

    mine says that I like to art... and pink... ALSO I HAVE OC's, yes lots of OC's, Which I draw, because I like them, because they're cool. I also like green, but my favorite colors actually red, so I dont know why thats a thing... But yeah... Im an artist, hiiii. Also my avatar has nothing to do with corn... in ca-, in case you were wondering. You probably weren't but i dont know... Corn is good with mash potatos. btw, my avatar has nothing to do with mash potatos also because its a pony unicorn... OH YEAH I also like unicorns, cause they can do magicy thingies with their horn thingy and such... levitation. Anyway, yeah thats my avatar thing passion fruit, bye.
  10. Hey, IB or Preyton. I just wanna know if I'm allowed to post both of my OC's having a tense sparring match in the sparring arena?
  11. @, Yes, he is a dragon. He is however not a fully sized dragon. He's an adult, though due to his heritage and *ahem*, parents... He is only about 9'5" (About the same size as Trouble Shoes I guess. Maybe a couple inches taller. Man Trouble Shoes was massive o-O).
  12. *A large beast with big scaly wings, sharp claws, and sharp teeth, wearing a leather jacket fly's overtop the Arena of Gladiators* Inb4 new character sneak peek.