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  1. What the hay?! What im even watching?! But of course this had to be expected, because is EQG *Anger*
  2. Really? Cause from what i've seen it contradicts what Sunset said about her don't knowing anything about friendship despite Celestia telling her that armony is important. And the explanation via book was very weak and it dosen't explain how the element change in the human world, nor how they find out such thing. The annual was nothing more than an excuse to show up even more humanized ponies and the way the mane 5 become friend it contradicts the movie itself when they showed them being friend since when they were little. I am starting to think that the one wrote the comics didn't really fol
  3. Twilight Kingdom manage to be a good season ending episode. Is not perfect, but it manages to take many things that people complain about it and show that they actually care for the show.

  4. In response to the post: "DEM" and "IAEBB" are acronyms. "DEM" means "Deus Ex Machina," "IAEBB" is "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies."

    1. Azrael the alicorn

      Azrael the alicorn

      Ah, got it. I didn't watched IAEBB cause so many people consider it a weak episode.

  5. This season 4 goes from really good episodes to really bad ones, apparently. Trade Ya looks like is the new low of this show has to offer.

  6. What is DEM and IAEBB? For the rest, as alway, i have to agree with you.
  7. I hope that EQG 2 will flop so hard that Hasbro will stop wasting time with lame highschool movies and will work on something more worthy of the show

  8. After having watched 3 clips of EQG 2 i have no doubt: Is gonna sucks even WORST than the first one

  9. I laughed a lot in Castle-Mania, watching the Mane 5 screaming and crying in terror. Does that makes me a bad person ?

  10. 1) Sunset lost her powers, Discord was turned to stone, and that because the elements cannot really destroy him. But i guess that we have our own opinions, so we can end this debate. Of course you should agree with me that the climax was to much fast. She goes to "Im not a monster" to "ahahahahah im gonna rule Equestria and kill you all!" to "Buhhuughuhhuuhhuhuh, im just so lonely and i don't know how to make friends" is rushed. They could have done it much better. I consider Sunset the worst villain not because she sucks, but of how much more she could have done if the movie settings weren't
  11. 1) And how is that really superior of all the mess Discord did? From one part you have one school of hypnotized people, in another an AN ENTIRE TOWN turn upside down, and Discord was just getting started; 2) She hit Twilight, but once the elements of the asspull come togheter she just stand there, watching the Twilight and HuMane 5 trasformation without doing nothing at all. It's funny that the only thing she had to do with Twilight was push her away or tied her up, i mean, why was that necessary? 3) Nope, is something that even a normal people would understand. And, again, was Sunset plan,
  12. 1) What exactly has Sunset done that is above of what Discord did? She wrecked a piece of the school and turned the students into zombies. And Discord can do the same and turn the most harmelss of the creatures into a violent being. All that with a snap of a finger. If for you wrecking a school is above causing havok in all of ponyville, then you are a bigger Sunset Shimmer fanboy that i thought; 2) And that worked out well; 3) She was talking about how much destruction Snips and Snail caused into the gym. It was Sunset plan, not theirs. Of course if i was in her i will complain of how they
  13. 1)No, it was only one, and it was one big asspull deus ex way to do so. And no, she told Snips and Snail to gather them up, why would she told them so if she could control them by mind? And if feats are better than words Discord was turning the entire world upside down, rising sun and moon with a snaps of a finger and doing all kind of crazy thing, and when the elements defeated him they created one HUGE bubble that fixed all the problems that he did, wich are far more than Sunset could ever hope to do. Feats above words right? And you're making up things. If you ever readed the comics the ent
  14. 1) Discord was defeated by ALL 6 THE ELEMENTS of Harmony, Sunset was defeated with a deus ex machina thing that is one of the most asspulling manner ever. And NO, her plan is full of flaws. First she didn't turn right away her army in succubus thing like Snips and Snail, second she dosen't seem able to control her amy at all, third, such army will meet even worst problems of Twilight once they get on the other side so even if (and is a huge if) Celestia and Luna (Wich by the way i don't remember them being hyptnotized at all) will have even more problem to face down much more expert magic user
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