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  1. It's been a while, Mare, but happy birthday! ^^

  2. Shipping out TODAY! It was nice meeting you all! I will be back at a later date. I wish you all the best. Thank you and take care.

  3. Shipping out for Basic Training Tomorrow. Wish me luck everypony!

    1. Toothless the Night Fury

      Toothless the Night Fury

      Good luck! Don't forget us ponies back here! ^.^

    2. Mare in the Moon
  4. 6 more weeks until I ship out for BCT. I am excited!

    1. Cranium Tyranus

      Cranium Tyranus

      Hey there lucky, lucky forum goer! It's me! This guy! And you were chosen at random from all the currently online users to get a free message from me! Isn't that lovely? I'm happy your excited for your BCT deployment as well, but you posted this a few weeks ago already, your running out of time... D:

      Are ya nervous?

  5. Bomberman 64 The Second Attack. Super Smash Bros. Banjo Kazooie Banjo Tooie Bomberman Hero Rayman 2 The Great Escape
  6. I like the Fossil and Ghost MissingNo.s the best, because of their unfixed stats and movesets. They have the stat growth and learn the same TM moves as the last pokemon you view in the Pokedex. Viewing a Mewtwo's pokedex right before fighting a Ghost or Fossil MissingNo. will virtually put you against a lv 100+ MEwtwo with a MissingNo. sprite. Their type and stats of a caught one will change later if another Dex data is viewed. They jump levels a lot, between 80-100 usually. -------- There is actually 2 MissingNo. somewhere in the code that have the sprites of normal glitchy MissingNo., but their cry is different. One is softer and quicker, while the other is longer and deeper, like a growl. -------- Random fact I recently learned: glitchy MissingNo. and 'Ms stats are determined by the teams used by the group of Bikers found on Cycling road. -------- There is a Glitch using an Abra with Teleport and a trainer just beyond Nugget Bridge to allow you to find MissingNo. before obtaining your 2nd badge. Helps if you save the Rare Candy in Mt. Moon. (MEw can also be obtained under very similar circumstances, Just as early) -------- If a certain glitch Pokemon is sent from Red to Yellow and is evolved in yellow (Empty slots in Red differ from yellow), the evolution can allow pokemon to "pass over" its stats to another Pokemon. Using this I have created Metapods with Mewtwo's stats and Attacks, as well as uber strong MissingNo. using stronger glitch pokemon. This evolved glitch can also be traded to Gold and Silver, where it will become the "FF" variant of the Gold and Silver empty slots (named ??????) If said glitch Pokemon is put above Generation 2 pokemon in the party, those pokemon WILL be allowed in the Time Capsule and can be traded to Red and Blue, BUT they will just become various empty slots and MIssingNo. This "FF" pokemon can also be legitimately obtained in Crystal, when the Cloning Glitch goes wrong. My favorite version of the FF Variant is called [][][]'M[][][] (Same as the other glitch) which has a Charizard Sprite, charizard stats, and can learn a few of the same moves, but I LOT off glitchy moves. Some glitchy moves translate into generation 2 moves if succesfully traded. Also, if I have any of my information wrong, which I caught myself on in my first post, just let me know. Thats all I feel like typing right now.
  7. Any Pokemon player should be aware of the various Glitch and slot Filler Pokemon that exist in almost every games coding. the most famous, the one that brought the attention to the Slot Filler aspect of the game, MissingNo. and the Empty slot, 'M. As attention grew, new ways of accessing OTHER filler slots and even trainer slots arose in generation 1, tricks using the Special Stats to encounter anything you wanted, including the 28 (?) MissingNo., empty, and Trainer slots that were encoded. The reason for MissingNo. and these other slots? Hexadecimals! Those funny little coding numbers that span 000 and 255. (expressed as 00-FF) 151 slots of those 255 are used for legitimate Pokemon, those near the end are used to hold Trainer Data, which allows for 30+ Empty/MissingNo./Hybrid slots. -------- Generation 1 happened to be the only game where these slots were able to be accessed through "normal" means, but not the only one where they existed. Good O'l #000 and 3 other Empty slot pokemon exist in Generation 2, and one for "EGG". OBtaining these "glitches" in valid ways is possible, using a filler Pokemon in Pokemon yellow to trade to generation 2. (This trick also allows for Generation 2 pokemon to be traded in the Time Capsule) Same reason for existence, filler, and egg data slots. ------------- Generation 3 was coded on a much larger scale than the others, with the spike in numbers of Pokemon, 255 Slots just didnt cut it anymore. #000, the "Empty Slot" for having no Pokemon still exists, as it always does, but the hexadecimal code used in these games used 0000-FFFF instead of just 00-FF. Using (dun dun dun) MATH! you can see that there is 65536 slots available for Pokemon. Thats over 60,000 slots that contain the filler pokemon known as "??????????" (Though they start to have names like "CE PUNCH" or other snippets of attack names in that fashion) For more info on these 60,000 fillers, search "DECAMARK" The "Bad Egg" was also introduced in this generation to negate Hacking. ------------- Generation 4 used the same coding process as 3, but Decamarks were no longer the fillers. After Arceus (Hex 01ED) Egg and Bad Egg are both programmed in. (Bad Egg and the Manaphy Egg share the same coded slot, so illegitimately trying to obtain a Manaphy egg will result in a Bad Egg) All slots after that contain nothing. Cannot be encountered, caught, or fought with.... UNTIL! you reach Hex 8000. Thats when the "Hybrids" start to appear in coding. Each one is statistically identical, but have a Sprite of a corresponding Pokemon that exists back in the 0000-01ED hexes. 0000=Blank Slot -- 8000=Hybrid of Blank Slot 0001=Bulbasaur -- 8001=Hybrid of Bulbasaur 01ED=Arceus -- 81ED= Hybrid of Arceus. All the way through Bad Egg EDIT: Egg and Bad Egg Hybrids dont exist. After that, nothing once again. (Hybrids cannot be caught, view stats, or battle off of an emulator.) Hybrid Pokemon Image Hybrid Gardevoir pokedex Images taken on Emulator. The only way to obtain them on a DS is to use a Mining Museum code. Through the Mining Museum code, Both the Egg slot and Bad Egg Slot can be obtained without being coded as an unhatched Egg, enabling both of them to be used in battle. (Their stats SUUUUUCK though, and they only know Splash) ----------- Sadly, Generation 5 only has one. Slot 000, due to better coding. (Bad Egg exists too as well) ----------- Thats my brief summary on the Slot Filler Pokemon.... Now... Discuss! NOTE: Post has been edited. A few of my numbers were wrong.
  8. Just let me know when you want to do that and I can. I wont be available much on thursdays though, but any other day I am usually around all day.
  9. But seriousley, they dont really look TOO bad. NOt the highest quality, but what can we really expect, right? Hopefully more accurate official merchendise and toys will show up eventually.
  10. Its really tight around the chest area, but that might just be me. My chest is kinda large compared to the rest of my body size. I'm top heavy. Most of the shirts I have ever gotten at Hot Topic are bigger than their respective size labels make you think they are.
  11. Medium is actually pretty tight on me (mostly on my chest). I dont think a small would fit on me too well, and anything above medium is far too large.
  12. I've been listening to this song for 2 days now.
  13. He bought an Extra Large, even though hes smaller than me. I bought a Medium. Part of the "Dress" part of the shirt, as you say it, is actually his tank top underneath though.
  14. I got me one of those shirts too. Same one. Blam! My friend also got a Vinyl Scratch one. Another Blam! They were both $20. I wash mine almost every day because I like to wear it all the time.
  15. I think the movie didnt have enough Batman. Too much Bruce Wayne. I enjoy how they got a lot of Bane's character correct. Trained by Ras Al Ghul, broke Batman's back, etc. I was also confused with how Bruce got back into Gotham while it was on lockdown, but I guess they had to do SOMETHING. Also, I know its the end of the trilogy, but I dont think Batman should have "Died" (I know he didnt really die, but still.)