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  1. How can anyone pass a tower of eclairs?
  2. I have a big part of a project due in 2 hours and I'm still on the forums this is not what I planned

    1. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      Only one thing to do then, grab your bottle of hard liquor and drink until the project does itself... always works D:

    2. Egghead


      Yup, basically how I get through the school year >_<


    3. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      Well xD it was a joke from my side, I have almsot stopped drinking overall. Alcohol is some nasty stuff if you're not careful with it.

  3. Princess Candybutt is best princess, also best singer Cadance needs more love!
  4. Egghead

    Movies/TV Trekkie Bronies, Assemble!

    Original Series all the way for me I also like Next Gen. and the new movies. Elements for TOS Magic - Captain James T. Kirk Loyalty - Spock (Since Spock would do anything for Kirk I think he's the most obvious choice here) Honesty - McCoy (Like Applejack in the newer seasons Bones can be brutally honest and sarcastic, which makes him the best character all around ) Generosity - Sulu Laughter - Scotty Kindness - Uhuru Bonus: Spike - Chekov (am I the only one who can totally see this?)
  5. In my mind Fluttershy's family were very mean to her and just plain jerks, this is why Shy is so, shy, of everypony. Also why she prefers the company of animals, they can't treat her badly like other ponies can. I'm really hoping in S5 we get to see more pony parents/family because non of them have gotten the screen time they deserve.
  6. And another guest ^U^ Your avatar happens to be one of my absolute fave pieces of fanart! :D

  7. You...have the same birthdate as me...HOW?? :o

  9. I don't know anyone who isn't a Brony who knows Hey Ocean! And their such an amazing band with great sound. They really need more recognition Steady is one of my all time favorite songs and if you haven't listened to it you're missing out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwFY-vHu5fQ
  10. Well in the G1 all Meghan had to to do was literally open a can of rainbow to defeat Tirek while Twilight and the rest of the mane 6 actually have to work together to defeat him.
  11. I think it was some sort of adrenaline fuelled anger that gave her the strength to actually control the magic, like when people can suddenly lift up cars if someone is in danger. Also the spells she was using were all things she's done before, magic blasts, magic shield, etc.
  12. Egghead

    Music Favorite female singer?

    Me too!! She is perfection
  13. I'm betting Twily will turn the whole thing into a mega library, while keeping the throne room like it is. And I fully agree that Spike NEEDS his own room by now. Isn't he tired of sleeping in a dog bed?
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