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  1. Please talk to me.

  2. I am grown up and I am training to be a counsellor. Just waiting for September to come round so I can start training again. It's very interesting.
  3. Tumblr is my mothership. I follow a variety of blogs and I think that's what I like about it- variety. I don't really blog much of my own stuff but I love reblogging stuff I like or agree with and finding some neat stuff.
  4. Vay

    Mega Thread What is your sexuality ?

    Sexual attraction is not the same as sex drive. You can be devoid of feeling sexual attraction to the idea of sex with a partner, but still enjoy masturbation. I think you should give this a read- http://www.asexuality.org/home/overview.html Someone can have a sex drive and still be asexual because being asexual has nothing to do with how often you masturbate or get horny, and everything to do with your lack of attraction to sex with a partner. In the same way gay men have no attraction to sex with a female partner.
  5. Gunnerkrigg Court is the greatest webcomic ever and yet so unheard of. Makes me sad as I do put it on par with my favourite published novels and graphic novels. It really is a great piece of work.
  6. 5"3 and none of your business. I hate to break the bad news but those with fast metabolisms now, they will probably slow down in your twenties so practice good eating habits. Also muscle weighs more than fat and the BMI system sucks due to this. Pay attention to body fat percentage if you can get something that records it.
  7. Vay

    Mega Thread What is your sexuality ?

    You are confusing asexuality with celibacy. Celibate people abstain from sex while most of them still do have sexual attraction. Asexual people just have little sexual attraction to people. They can still have sexual urges (not all do though) and masturbate but they just don't feel any need to have sex with another person or feel any urge to. Masturbation does not need to be done because of attraction but because of the mere feeling of pleasure from it. Not everyone masturbates for the same reason. And I probably don't exist to you if you feel this way, I have almost nonexistent sex
  8. If I was going to peg you as a type I would have said INFJ for you. I tend to go along brilliantly with them too which always helps! INFPs and INFJs work together. Icarus is an INFJ too.
  9. I'm brave and I am a coward. I am intelligent and I am stupid. It is possible to be two different things in different situations. I do not believe anyone is wholly intelligent or wholly good. There are too many details and grey areas to personality to define people by a few simple traits. Even the people who think themselves clever are stupid a lot of the time. But on the other hand the people who are down on themselves have good moments too. It depends on perspective.
  10. Heeeeeeeey. Sorry I've been crap at replying to your PM. I am rather lazy!

    1. Hawk Moth

      Hawk Moth

      That's okay. Forget the PM. It's just a bunch of sad stuff, and if you reply to it, I'll feel like I have to justify all my arguments which is not a good habit. Before long, every PM I send will be sad, and I'll feel weird NOT venting to you.


      Let's just talk about fun things, and I'll only ask that we end every PM/comment with something positive. For instance, while the old site was nice, it was small, and wasn't a good place for me to show off my writing.

    2. Hawk Moth

      Hawk Moth

      Also, it really went downhill for me after Destinae and his cousin left. Then Gabu left, and Pass came on less and less. Also this chick named Vay would never respond to my PM's lololol


      It's just my depression and OCD that blow things out of proportion. It still dogs my brain.


      Anyway, I may start watching GoT soon. The closet hipster in me keeps telling me not to watch it because everyone else does though xD


      I do think it would inspire my own fiction h...

  11. *hug* Awesome AJ pic by the way. Ponies with hats are awesome.

  12. I'm an INFP. I am very Fi and Ne driven. If you're talking about the chart I think you are though Luna is not an INFP. She is most likely INTP. Applejack is also not ESTJ, she is ESFJ because she practically scream Fe at me.
  13. Espeon. Every since I first played Pokemon Silver, Espeon has been a must have party member for me. He kicks ass and I love psychic types generally. Vaporeon and Umbreon are close runner ups though.
  14. I cry a lot in private but never in public. I cry at stupid things like songs and film and characters I like having a rough time. I am very emotional about little things. Oddly when big things happen I don't tend to cry as much.
  15. I am a spotted skunk. Stupidly bold sometimes, witty, introverted, defensive, and proud. I don't smell though thankfully. But spotted skunks are adorable.
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