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  1. I'm one of those peoples that can have a completely varying opinion of music based on my mood, but there are a few genres that have notably pushed my buttons.. Progressive House: I like this genre, I'll admit it. But it is, without a doubt, one of the most repetitive and generic genres I know, and there isn't a whole lot of innovation going on to prevent it from completely drying up. Same boring build-up, same boring chord progression, etc. Big Room (Electro) House: I hate the very fact that this even exists! Big artists like Krewella and Knife Party are starting to use these to create their songs, and I can't figure out why. It's boring, not very complex and has the dullest climaxes known to EDM. Brostep: Never really saw the link between this and Dubstep. Generally just comprised of loud, non-fluid sounds stuck together in a not-so-clean fashion. The only way I could appreciate this genre is if there is some Oxymoron in it; contrasting beauty and ugly.
  2. As nice as it sounds the Wii U getting a price cut, this simply wasn't good enough. They timed it very wrong, as the Vita already beat it to the cut and beat it by $50. New bundles for the console would be good, but yet again the Vita is beating it on that as well (especially that Killzone Mercenary bundle, which looks very enticing). The Wii U shouldn't be competing with the Vita though; it should be competing with PS4 and Xbox One. They seriously need to just decide to either get a lot more bigger games onto the console, or confirm the death of it and make a new, more powerful home console 2-3 years later. They can't rely on just 3DS sales for an entire console generation, especially if they have the Wii U pulling it down.
  3. Ah, I remember playing Daxter when I first got my PSP. It's a pretty good game, and it has an awesome little bug fighting mini-game. The Walking Dead is also a very good game, one of the best story-driven games I've played in a while. And I can show empathy on the 4GB memory part; I've only had a 4GB for nearly a year now LOL, but thankfully now that they've cut the prices I'll be getting a 32GB next week, which will be getting filled up a bit with Killzone Mercenary
  4. As if I haven't spoken about it enough on this forums (or at least it feels like that), I'm currently taking part in the Killzone Mercenary open BETA for PS Vita. I've been really excited for this game after it got announced, and now that it is only a couple of weeks away from release, the open BETA has finally arrived and I am enjoying it! Gonna pre-order the game soon (bit late but hey, I want that exclusive LMG)
  5. I've only heard a few of their tracks (and those being their more noticed tracks), but I definitely love their stuff! I need to start getting into them more, I feel. Got any recommendations? Anyways, "Canned Heat" is the one I'm most associated with, and it just makes me feel so happy whenever my ears are graced with its funky, soulful sounds. It sounds just as good now as it ever has in my opinion, and dang, I really need to buy it soon! Same with "Virtual Insanity", one my mother tends to play.
  6. SPOILER AHEAD SIREN! *Wee-woo wee-woo wee-woo* Not like it wasn't obvious, but I'm just warning y'all in case you sue me or something. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Borderlands 2 Pirate DLC thing-y (can't remember exact name)
  7. Insan3lik3 - Rescue Me (feat. Jonny Rose) = 7.5/10 Daft Punk - Digital Love = 9/10 Savant - Witchcraft = 7/10 Direct - Delusion = 8/10 Direct - Essence = 10/10 Overall, I'd say this is a nice little 8.5/10. Four of them are rather calm songs, especially "Essence", but the one that isn't (Witchcraft) doesn't really mix well in with the others. "Rescue Me" marked the recognition of Nu Disco as a separate genre on Monstercat, so it's obviously a big moment for the label. The vocals were surprisingly good, and the electronic bass dominated the track easily. But as nice as it sounded, it lacked that funk factor that Televisor (Monstercat's Nu Disco pioneer) was known for, and the track was rather slow-paced. But it wasn't a real disappointment. "Digital Love" has that really happy feeling that just makes you smile. One of Daft Punk's finest in my opinion. "Witchcraft" is hard to describe, but it doesn't really go well at all with the other tracks, since it is pretty loud throughout. "Delusion" is a Dubstep track from Direct, although it doesn't feel as good as Direct's other tracks, most likely because it doesn't have that floating feeling he usually puts into his music, plus there's vocals that can get in the way of the music. But I swear, "Essence" is one of my favourite tracks of all-time. It's also another Dubstep, but it follows more in the old roots of the genre and is just relentlessly satisfying to listen to; got addicted to it at one point.
  8. As long as you don't go overboard with it (*cough* Will.i.am *cough*), then I don't see that much wrong with it. Taking essentially a whole song or a significant section of a song -- especially without explicit permission -- is a problem though. Thankfully, some artists manage to take care of this and sue the perpetrator for any damages, but for those who aren't so lucky, it could hurt their producing. These people can be completely reliant on their music for income, and if some narcissistic "big-shot" comes along and takes it behind their back, they might not be able to maintain their income anymore, forcing them to stop producing and take on another job.
  9. - Gay/Faggot. Seriously, how did a word used to describe homosexuals and (previously) happiness come around to being used as an insult? And even more, why do people use it? Could they not think of other proper words to use as insults? And Faggot is just inexcusable. - Beastiality. It's such a horrible-sounding word, and has a definition to match. - Bollocks. British slang for testicles, or another way of saying "nonsense". Never really liked using this for the latter, and especially not the prior! It's a surprisingly popular term, which makes it all the worse :/ But there is a commonly disliked word, that being "affect". I quite like that word, but that's probably because I know how to use it and not mistake where it should go and put "effect" instead.
  10. Every Xbox game I owned as a kid, most notably JSRF and Blinx the Time Sweeper. Don't own an Xbox anymore But a more recent one would be Killzone: Mercenary. I've got a single complaint about it: WTF are they doing with the BETA? They started the closed one earlier this month, then they announced that people who got the code from PS Home and those who have PS+ will get it next week, then finally the open BETA happens on the 28th. There's no point in having an open BETA that close to release! Coupled with the fact that the PS Home codes were announced VERY late, and that the closed BETA was sent to random people rather than those who clearly wanted in more, and you've got bad planning right there.
  11. Ah, now that's one of Skream's best Dubstep tracks right there! But in regards to the snare, while it is pretty powerful, it kinda reverbs a bit too much IMO. Nonetheless, it's a good snare for a brilliant piece of music
  12. - I hate it when people generalise any type of EDM music as Dubstep, especially if it shares little-to-no attributes with it. - Rouge's "Exogenesis" is fucking disgusting. - Neurofunk/hop is a really under-appreciated scene that should be getting much more attention. - SimGretina is best Brony producer. - Let's Be Friends' first EP is the best EDM EP ever. - Avicii's "Levels" is rather overrated. - Eminem is the epitome of rap. - I prefer Skream's Disco tracks over his Dubstep tracks. - "Make It Bun Dem" has the best snare I've ever heard. - David Guetta's older tracks were his best.
  13. As I am a loyal Vita owner, I don't really have a whole load of games to be excited for. But there are two games coming out that I am ecstatic about (any fellow Vita owners should be as well). The first one is Killzone: Mercenary, the first KZ game to not be developed by Guerilla. It's a twin-stick FPS that has a lot of promise and is set to deliver on that. Running on a modified version of Killzone 3's engine and stuck at 30fps, this could be the the Vita's calling and maybe even the best handheld shooter ever! The multiplayer looks really fun, with lots of customisation options for your loadouts and 3 intense game modes (one being the series staple "Warzone"), and the singleplayer is a selection of lengthy missions where the only objective is to kill for money, which can be used to buy new weapons and armour for use in singleplayer AND in multiplayer. I'm really looking forward to this one, and it comes out just before my birthday The other is Tearaway, Media Molecule's second IP after the famous LittleBigPlanet franchise. It's a platformer with lots of charm, with everything in the world being made out of paper, and has a cool little story to boot. It will make use of ALL that Vita has to offer, like the rear touchpad, the camera, the gyroscope, you get the gist. And overall, it just looks like a great bit of fun that any Vita owner should seriously consider picking up
  14. I would absolutely love it if they did make a standalone Zombie game! It's the only part of CoD I still like and had a relatively good time with playing with my friends, without all the rage in between. But as pessimistic as I'm about to sound, I doubt we'll see it coming anytime soon. Activision pretty much uses the Zombie maps to tie-in with the Multiplayer maps so that they can get away with overcharging for DLC (which is a dick move, but it's either you pay or you get nothing). It's only when that way of distributing their DLC becomes much less profitable that they'll take the stab at a Zombie-only game. Another factor that could affect this is that Zombie maps are a LOT harder to make than Multiplayer maps. They have to be designed to a T essentially, and a lot of new assets tend to go into future Zombie maps to avoid maps from feeling the same, like new textures, guns, power-ups, or even new game mechanics. I'm pretty sure Activision are doing fine just releasing one map every few months. But besides that, I do really hope people finally take a stand against Activision and speak with their money. It'll be difficult because, let's face it, most CoD players buy the next installment regardless of similarity. But you never know, they could end up flopping next-gen.
  15. I tend to start bobbing my head when listening to House/Electro music. And if it contains vocals, I might start to sing along, but I generally only do this with songs I'm more familiar with. When it comes to DnB and the likes, I'll mimic the drum pattern and/or pretend to play a drum. My favourite type of drum patterns have to be the ones from old DnB (known as Jungle). Glitch Hop, Moombahcore and similar music, I'll tend to go along with the higher frequencies, jerking my body a bit or wailing my arms LOL. Disco, I try to follow the bassline and pretend to be letting the funk out with a bass guitar. And for Rock, I'll do a little air guitar riff