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  1. Hey Peachy!! It's been a while since I saw you on the forums, but happy birthday!! :D

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy 20th, Peachy!

  4. OMG. The best episode yet. Anypony else catch that amazing Big Lebowski reference? <3333



      I know it's not about what your status update is about, but i'm here to wish you a happy birthday :)

  5. Call it what you want, but me and Kurt have something special that can't be labled.
  6. I also came here from 3DS forums. I'd follow Kurtiss to the darkest corners of the earth ♥
  7. Call me Twilight, cause I be chillin in the library!
  8. I've officially lost my boyfriend to BF3. /sigh

  9. Awesome avatar!

    1. Peachy Pie

      Peachy Pie

      Thanks to Gummy! ^__^

  10. I think I'm done tweaking my profile for a while now! Eet eez beautiful.

    1. Zoop


      Great avatar!

    2. Peachy Pie

      Peachy Pie

      Gummy made it for me! Isn't he the best? :D

  11. I'm officially a lefty, but probably about 70% ambidextrous.
  12. My avatar > everyone else's avatar (if it ever decides to upload :<)