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  1. Cyangust

    "Lost in the Everfree" EP - Cyangust - First EP!

    Youtube link is fixed! Sorry, I derped.
  2. Hello everypony! I just released my first album "Lost in the Everfree". You can find it here: Or youtube video: If you like the music, feel free to drop a dollar on the album. I appreciate it Thanks!
  3. Accept me: Because we accepted you.
  4. Cyangust


  5. Hello everypony! Cyangust here! Im here to post a quick topic about our brony youtube channel that we started. It seems we need more people to make content. Please make an application on this doc. (use the key) Here is our channel, we are just getting started! We want to mainly do gaming videos, tutorials, and let's plays. However we also do a podcast when we are all free. We want to start doing react videos and we are also open any ideas you might have. Thanks a lot!
  6. Cyangust


    Entry! This looks really awesome. I hope I can win this because I am seriously lacking pony merch in my room. Only a Rainbow Dash soda can. :l
  7. Cyangust

    JayB & Giggly Maria - Rain (Glitch/Calm Remix)

    Thanks to Muzic Whooves above me, I got featured on EQD. Thanks to all who came and read this post! I feel extremely blessed to be able to get on one of the biggest brony news sites ever.
  8. I mainly produce glitch hop/glitch music and I do not see it on the genre list. Could this be added? I think glitch is a fairly popular genre and would benefit many music producers. Thanks in advance!
  9. This is my first remix! Please critic this... I know it doesnt have enough depth to it, however I want to get it out there to see everypony's reaction. Thanks is advance!
  10. Cyangust

    Gender Race

  11. Cyangust BETA 2 Launches!

    Watched the Poniverse BronyCon video and just couldn't wait for it! It looks awesome.
  12. Cyangust

    Brony youtube team?

    We are organising on the google docs doc. You need to post your application if you want to be a part of this. Except RainbowHash since it was your idea.
  13. Cyangust

    Brony youtube team?

    I think it would be cool if we could make our own "Bronies react" series, since season 4 is coming up. We could also react to news and fan-made videos.
  14. Cyangust

    Brony youtube team?

    Im in if this comes together. I say there should be a Google docs document and you sign your name if you want to be a part of it. I can make a doc if you want RainbowHash. EDIT: I also think that we need to get some info from everypony. ie: age, gender, recording equipment, comp specs. I hate to burst anyponie's bubble however if we want to create quality videos that people want to watch, then we need people with decent mics and good comps. (decent FPS while recording MC)
  15. Cyangust

    Best Episode to Introduce the Show?

    Just told my mom I am a brony and I feel good about it! I really want to know what episode I should show her for her first impression. Please help!