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  1. Demirari

    Private U.N.D.E.R

    Gentle Secret leaps for it, landing near the exit panting. That was certainly one of the most difficult courses she had ever encountered. Wincing, Gentle Secret slowly got up, minding the burnt from one of the laser-beams that had gotten uncomfortably close. Turning around, Gentle Secret watched as her teammate tried to pass the course. "You can do it!" Gentle Secret shouted encouragingly before she turned her attention to the exit. Peaking slightly up, Gentle Secret immediately ducked down as a hail of bullets rained down from the last turret that was not preoccupied. This will be stupid.
  2. Three TURRETS and one TURRET equating to QUADTURRET. I'm sorry. Three turrets facing the bridge and the open field and one facing the minefield.
  3. Explosions are good. The first poor pony to make it onto a mine earns an achievement.
  4. Demirari

    Private U.N.D.E.R

    @@Akari of Duskshire, Gentle Secret took deep breaths as the first beams approached her. They were relatively slow, unlike the further ones near the exit, these probably served as a warm-up. Tensing herself, Gentle Secret sprung forward like an ambush predator, ducking down the first one before taking a decent leap over two rapid lasers. Landing onto the white material, Gentle Secret felt the force of her jump dissipate before she continued forward once more. Slowly and slowly, Gentle Secret felt the boost of energy run across her body. It was magic time. This time at running speed,
  5. Demirari

    Private U.N.D.E.R

    Gentle Secret started running forward towards the tunnel entrance as the turrets' collective attention were turned away. Jumping into the entrance, Gentle Secret took a few seconds to collect herself as a turret pinged away at the steps. Turning her attention away from the entrance, Gentle Secret focused on the array of lasers that were waiting patiently for her first step. There were at least one-hundred individual moving lasers scattered across the long corridor. A single block of steel appeared in front of her before quickly being sliced into minuscule pieces, as if to prove the lasers
  6. Believe in yourself. Though you have have to remember that the material dampens any force caused by falling, thus you can't really build energy or momentum to get up there.
  7. Ahem! BOOOOOOOOO! Yay! I'll see if I can post today.
  8. @, It is accurate. There are no turrets on the sides... otherwise that'll be too difficult.
  9. The tunnel is underneath the the water. Imagine it like the Channel Tunnel. There's a hidden portal that teleports you to the tunnel far below.
  10. Yes there is. It is a large drop and there are water down there where, periodically, large pillars of water will shoot up.
  11. There are three turrets facing the party as they run across the open area to the tunnel or the two bridges. If you choose the bridges, the turrets will be able to fire at you as you run across. If you choose the tunnel, all you have to face are the mobile lasers that can chop you up easily. However, no matter what route, you have to run across the minefield. When you are running across the minefield, a single turret is able to shoot at you.
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