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  1. I didn't know you came on here :P

    1. F1r3w0rks


      yeah lol, joined because I had nothing else to do for a day. xD

  2. Past Analysis just keeps on giving me ideas for videos, doesn't he? Today, I'm going to touch upon a subject I think is pretty overlooked: Clone Characters in the MLP Equestria Girls movies. Yes, the Star Wars bit is totally necessary.
  3. Well, it's been awhile since I set foot here :P

  4. Happy birthday! You're only 17 once, so have fun.

    1. Geek0zoid


      I'll be sure to enjoy it :)

  5. Happy birthday

    1. Geek0zoid


      Thanks, man!

  6. Happy birthday today! I hope you have a nice day today! =)

  7. Happy birthday buddy! ^__^ Hope you have a wonderful one. :D

    1. Geek0zoid


      Thank you very much :D

  8. Bringing back a series I nearly decided to can, I'm gonna give you guys three points of interest of MLP Season 5 Episode 14, Canterlot Boutique, the first in a trilogy of Rarity-focused episodes. This can only go so well...
  9. This is so adorable :3
    1. Bojo


      Hahaha! That vid is awesome!

  10. Exactly why it's important to be a bit tongue-and-cheek about this. It's a kid's show about horses. It's, like, the definition of stuff that you don't take seriously.
  11. An argument that I've heard going on in and out of the MLP analysis community, especially ever since Tommy Oliver and Drowning in Horseshoes left a few months ago, is "Should analysis be more about opinions or more about entertainment." What a fascinating argument! Let's throw my two cents in... and your pitchforks.
  12. The Binding of Issac was one game I thought I wouldn't be able to get into. Now, it's one of my favorite games ever, not just in the indie game department either.
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