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  1. Past Analysis just keeps on giving me ideas for videos, doesn't he? Today, I'm going to touch upon a subject I think is pretty overlooked: Clone Characters in the MLP Equestria Girls movies. Yes, the Star Wars bit is totally necessary.
  2. Bringing back a series I nearly decided to can, I'm gonna give you guys three points of interest of MLP Season 5 Episode 14, Canterlot Boutique, the first in a trilogy of Rarity-focused episodes. This can only go so well...
  3. Exactly why it's important to be a bit tongue-and-cheek about this. It's a kid's show about horses. It's, like, the definition of stuff that you don't take seriously.
  4. An argument that I've heard going on in and out of the MLP analysis community, especially ever since Tommy Oliver and Drowning in Horseshoes left a few months ago, is "Should analysis be more about opinions or more about entertainment." What a fascinating argument! Let's throw my two cents in... and your pitchforks.
  5. The Binding of Issac was one game I thought I wouldn't be able to get into. Now, it's one of my favorite games ever, not just in the indie game department either.
  6. Geek0zoid

    Sonic Boom Cartoon Review

    Here's a little thing I've been putting off for awhile. I've finally made a review on the Sonic Boom cartoon series. Slice of Life was taking a long time, so I thought I'd fill in the empty holes in my schedule with this, a cartoon that makes the Sonic Boom spin-off... a little more bearable.
  7. Geek0zoid

    General Media Favorite Channel on YouTube?

    I recall hearing about you and watching a few of your podcasts. I'm a reviewer myself But I don't wanna deviate the conversation
  8. I'm sure lots of us have played the oh-so popular Nintendo crossover fighter, Super Smash Bros., in some way shape or form. And, I'd like to ask, if you have, which installment of the series is your favorite? My personal favorite is the newest release, Smash 4 for Wii U and 3DS. Which is your favorite (and if you say Super Smash Flash, I'll virtually smash you )
  9. Geek0zoid

    General Media Favorite Channel on YouTube?

    I like endless Jess as well X3 Ironically, I only knew about him AFTER he left the community. Also, hello there LZRD. I didn't expect you, of all people, to be here
  10. Geek0zoid

    What Do You Expect Out Of A Friendship?

    It's a give and take process. If you're kind to a friend, you deserve to receive kindness from them. If you don't, you probably don't need this person in your life.
  11. I'd tell Rarity to keep her fashion dodads to herself and we'd both be okay. I'm pretty sure neither of us would share many common interests. We'd have to do that Octavia and Vinyl thing; each of us has claim to half of the house; one would be centric to games, comics, and other nerdy tat, while Rarity's would be more beauty-based.
  12. A lot of Superhero ones tend to get cancelled or pulled. I remember when The Spectacular Spider-Man was a thing on WBKids, and I enjoyed watching that with my friend who was also a Spider-Man fan. We were both totally bummed out when WB got into a conflict with Disney over the rights to the franchise, a conflict that led to the show's untimely cancellation
  13. Geek0zoid

    Which villain would you date?

    Starlight would tell me all about how how great it is to be all the same, and I'd sit there and listen to her :3
  14. Geek0zoid

    Which Mane 6 gives the best advice?

    I think with the existence of episodes like Amending Fences coming out in recent memory, I think Twilight not only gives good advice to others, but to herself as well.
  15. Geek0zoid

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Blake of zoid That makes no sense.