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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday! :D

  2. I would love to pre-read your fic, i'm normally a proofreader but this fic looks like a goodun'.
  3. what's on my mind? same as always, your MAC and IP.

    1. Missklang


      Merry Christmas! It's been desided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  4. It has to be Granny Smith. but we all still know that Fluttershy is the best pony.
  5. ZENos


    Well at least you know your limits; I know several script fillies that think they're unstoppable. Am guessing by now you have used the ‘net user’ command via CMD? That’s how I started out, just messing around on the CMD writing a few .bat files to annoy my parents. But after a lot of testing, reading and obsessively drinking Monster I now have the know-how to annoy not just my parents but anyone in the world. I can find people to the floor number they’re on, I can tell admins of websites and servers there passwords and disable people from connecting to the internet. All-in-all very fun. So I salute you script filly, for all the random holes you run through on your network. Well if you’re going to try for Dawnguard I wish you all the best of luck, but I must warn you that the amount of fiddling you will have to do will be phenomenal. Unlike Oblivion, Skyrim uses a rather different file structure, you may have problems with linking the assembly from Skyrim to the assembly from Dawnguard. I used to be an adventurer like you, but then my Skyrim took a nul to the dec.
  6. Hi, this is just a Thread for ponies who have too much time on their hoofs so they learn a controversial skill. BLANKBLANKBLANK Even if you just want to know something, just give me a shout and i will probably get back to you. I will not tell you how to hack, so don't ask me to. But i will give you advice with your technique.
  7. BLANK i heard about mlp from some of my friends so i looked it up and before i know it i have every episode out to date and have spent over $100 on merch and now I’m here so... hi! I am thinking about making a game, but to make a good one i will need a team of, An artist A co programmer A story designer And some ppl to help with stuff when it arises It would be very nice if you could help thanks