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  1. 1Fluttershy

    Enlighten me

    *facehoof* People are way too defensive over Derpy...he was just asking why there's so much hype for her.
  2. 1Fluttershy

    Enlighten me

    There was already a lot of (undeserved) hype even before that. Derpy, Vinyl Scratch, Luna (before Luna Eclipsed), Lyra...this fandom just seems to like overhyping characters. Personally, I think a character should actually do something that makes them stand out to justify lots of hype, rather than becoming popular because of their design.
  3. 1Fluttershy

    Overrated/Underrated Characters?

    No, I had it right the first time.
  4. 1Fluttershy

    Overrated/Underrated Characters?

    Overrated: Derpy Hooves (and every other background pony), Rarity, Luna, Big Macintosh, Trixie, and Chrysalis. Underrated: N/A
  5. 1Fluttershy

    Movies/TV Favorite anime theme song

    Sorairo Days (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OP) and Resonance (1st Soul Eater OP) Both of which have already been posted in this thread.
  6. 1Fluttershy

    My Little Message to "Bronies" Who Hate

    Most people that say they "want to kill" a character don't actually mean it, and just use it because it's an easier way to express how much they dislike a certain character. While that might be a bit extreme to say, there still isn't really anything wrong with it since hating a character is still just an opinion. That being said, a person isn't any less of a brony if they don't adhere to what the show stands for.
  7. 1Fluttershy

    My Little Message to "Bronies" Who Hate

    I agree with the general idea you're getting at (that each character has something about them to like), but there's some parts of your post that I disagree with... Just because you dislike a character doesn't mean you're not a brony. A brony is a fan of MLP:FiM outside the target demographic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so it's not really a big deal if someone dislikes a character.
  8. 1Fluttershy

    Best Episode to Introduce the Show?

    I know it was done on purpose, but not everyone will appreciate an episode like that if it's their first time seeing the show. My suggestions are based on how much I know about the person i'm recommending the show to, so I don't really have any specific episodes i'd recommend to others.
  9. 1Fluttershy

    Best Episode to Introduce the Show?

    It's a lot less serious than the rest of the episodes in the show, and the ending was just a way to keep the show from having too many TS episodes. Besides, the ending being serious doesn't mean much if most of the episode isn't.
  10. 1Fluttershy

    Best Episode to Introduce the Show?

    It depends on the person you're trying to convert. A lot of bronies recommend Lesson Zero, but not everyone will like an episode like that...it could give some the impression that the show can't be taken seriously.
  11. 1Fluttershy

    Movies/TV Worst TV show you've seen?

    I'll just say everything that's already been mentioned in this thread...and Fanboy and Chum Chum. I sometimes feel like that's the only show people think ever went downhill...
  12. 1Fluttershy

    My Little Pony confessions and secrets

    I disagree about there being nothing to like about Rainbow Dash. • She stood up for Fluttershy in The Cutie Mark Chronicles (the sonic rainboom she performed was later revealed to be the cause of the rest of the mane 6 getting their cutie marks) • She saved Rarity's life in Sonic Rainboom. • Just like Fluttershy's squeaks, some people find it cute when Rainbow Dash's voice cracks. • She is arrogant and competitive, but she's also ambitious which is a good quality to have. • Selfish...meh. Personally, I think Rarity is the most selfish of the mane 6, but to each their own. See this thread if you'd like to know what else there is to like about Rainbow Dash. You don't have to like RD (and i'm not really trying to debate, just bringing up a few reasons that I think justify liking Rainbow Dash), but there are definitely legitimate reasons to like her and the rest of the mane 6. Well...
  13. 1Fluttershy

    Being Rainbow Dash for a Month

    1. "Fluttershy" is my username. 2. I'm shy. 3. I try to be nice to others. I just need to become one with nature so I can take my true form: Yeah, I think that's about right.
  14. 1Fluttershy

    Which of the mane 6 has the best mane?

    Tail, not mane.
  15. 1Fluttershy

    Which of the mane 6 has the best mane?

    My answer: