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  1. "The hell are you looking at?" A friend walking in on me looking up MLP art. Smoking Ponies, specifically.
  2. I was baptized in fire when I was introduced to pony Fan Fiction. My first, the first story about ponies made from fans that I read, and the base of my ability to weight my enjoyment of other fan fics in the future, was Cupcakes. I have a bad time reading/watching/listening to/being involved with horror related anything. It aggravates my already bad case of chronic nightmares, and Cupcakes destroyed me, especially because I find Pinkie Pie absolutely adorable. My second was My Little Dashie, which destroyed me for different reasons...
  3. By the bloody hand of the First Born Son do I hate my name. It's Zachary, but I shorten it to Zak (no, I didn't spell that wrong). There is, at minimum, one Zak for every twenty'r so houses in my town. If you stand in a crowded mall and say, at normal volume, the name Zak in this town, about eight people will respond to it on instinct. It's so annoying!
  4. LunaUmbra

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Just saw Braveheart again. Now I have a faint Scottish accent when I talk. Thanks a lot, Mel, you brilliant bastard...
  5. So I was flipping through some Avenue Q videos toady and came up with an idea. For those who are curious, Avenue Q was a Broadway production that had some amazingly dirty and funny songs and was all around an awesome musical. More accurate information may be found here: http://www.avenueq.com/ Anyway, I was thinking, what if they took all the audio from these plays and turned it into an animated movie? Now this will never happen, for multiple reasons, but just entertain the idea of possibility in your head. So, if this was to become a thing, would you watch/buy it? Thoughts and comments ca
  6. Southern accents. Of those, Cajun is the most interesting to listen to.
  7. "Just do it." I can think of, and experienced, a lot of ways this type of advice can go horribly, horribly wrong.
  8. Wow. I'm pretty impressed. Kudos, and on a side note, would love to see more of your art.
  9. Cherry. Because everyone, their grandmother, their grandmother's cat, and their grandmother's cat's chew toy likes cherry lollipops.
  10. Coming down from a lonely, light headed Hearts and Hooves Day.... Not feeling great.

  11. My first pony dream was a little surreal. I was lying on my couch staring at the TV, whenuna was just suddenly lying on my back. We sat there and talked for a while about life and what was on the TV. Then it was just an hour of silence. The weirdest part was that every time she shifted I actually felt it. After a while she said our times up and I woke up. Strangest experience of my life. Btw, I have other weird pony dreams if anyone wants to hear them.
  12. A day to be as cheesy, corny, and romantic as possible for someone you care about. Not because of the day, but because you care about that person enough to act that way for them. That's how I see it.
  13. Ever get tired of people who overreact to the same thing every time?

    1. Rockymoo


      Yes. I just dealt with one this morning.

  14. LunaUmbra


    Let's see, where to start. From sports: Jeans, because I always wore jeans to rugby practice. Monkey Boy because I ate bananas at every game. From life: Wolf Boy because I'm pretty hairy. Wolfman Jack for the same reason. Mondo because I looked like a guy named Mondo. Mr. Black because I always wore a black T-shirt when I... uh... worked my corner. That's about it that I can talk about on here.
  15. It's Luna. What, did you expect something more?
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