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About Me

Hey there, I'm Victoria Caroline Manoja, but you can call me Vi for short!


I love to sew, meet new people, the colors purple and magenta, talking with friends, being read/reading stories, and nearly anything having to do with the water!

Swimming, sailing, surfing, skiing, you name it, I'll try it and probably love it too!


I recently discovered a love for spicy food, Team Fortress 2, and Pokemon.

"Yes, I am a game. Yes, I do play girls."



I have a ton of big plans to go see the world, so I can't wait to get started and then write to you guys!


Anyway, that's me in a shellnut, so I'm off! Karpy is probably looking for me!





The entity that is myself, recognized by my own being to be freethinking and conscious, has established at some prior point in time a yearning driven by expectations of my future and spatial tracking the goal of ascertaining said entity as one that due to continued periods of strenuous toil has achieved a state of existence that, when weighed against the assumed existence of other possible beings who equally recognize themselves and are likewise recognized be others such as themselves who also have the required resources, temporal opportunity, spatial happenstance, and means to achieve a similar and like state, is effortlessly distinguished as the umpteenth greatest most individual of existence, being, and mind.

Furthermore, the stipulation dictates that such as this greatness must be derived in a pattern to represent itself at a spatial and temporal degree that legitimately constitutes the observation that any and all possible entities in a domain that replicates the same personal, hypothetical, and theoretical opinions and facts of the domain that is our own, either present in the plain recognized universally as belonging to the current inhabitants that exist as consciously thinking individuals or in another alternative existence that has achieved the appropriate capacity to replicate such results, that no other possible or impossible entity of life or inanimate being could, even given an infinite reservoir of time and/or resources, has the capacity to likewise achieve, thus by securing the state of the entity that is my freethinking, aware self as one equal to none yet greater than all for an eternity of the record that is documented.