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  1. Maybe it's just a hobby. It is her cutie mark though... hm. I'm guessing she does perform, just not with Octavia. Maybe she performs alone, or with some other group. She might also just perform at smaller events. Maybe she's a teacher, and doesn't perform at all. Lots of possibilities.
  2. Well... I came back to the forums. Maybe I'll stay. /:

    1. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      Oh boy, good luck.

  3. Equestria Girls was okay, but really most people never liked it much. If this turns out to be true, then I'm going to be really surprised. The first movie flopped, and making an actual MLP:FIM movie with ponies in it would be more profitable. I don't want it to be true, but I don't own it, so I won't be mad if it is true. I think most people are more mature now after the events of Twilicorn, and the first Equestria Girls movie, so I don't think there will be much drama.
  4. I really need to come on the forums more often. I have the time, but I never feel like coming on. :P

  5. and the others that haven't gotten their's yet in other episodes. Bats! was more of an episode centered around both Fluttershy and AJ, and Pinkie Apple Pie was about the Apple Family and Pinkie Pie. Can't really call that their episodes. This definitely has to do with the last episode, possibly the rainbow power thing, and the box though, no doubt. This is a pattern, and we'll see the others get their's in other episodes.
  6. I never was a huge fan of Derpy, but I was still pretty happy to see her back. I knew she wasn't going anywhere, and those were just rumors. I do think some people overreact though. Some people get to upset over Derpy not being in a episode, so its good they can't really say anything about Derpy not being in season four anymore.
  7. This. was. AMAZING. This felt like a season one or two episode. The other episodes haven't felt as right, but this, this was great. I don't care if it was cliché or predictable; they executed it amazingly. I want to see more of this type of episode. Seeing Derpy like that again was great (and I'm not even a huge fan of her) Soarin was great, and I'm extremely happy to see Fluttershy acting normal and just being herself; I never enjoyed Flutterhulk or Flutterbat. Just a good old slice of life episode. <3 Glad to see Rainbow found her key too. Corey Powell, you did not disappoint. I hope she
  8. I'm sorry, but Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps are too adorable together.
  9. I'm not surprised at all; I'd be more surprised if they cancelled/ended it, honestly. The show is insanely popular, and Hasbro just wouldn't get rid of it like that. I'm still happy/excited to see it confirmed though. It took forever until season four was confirmed. I'd rather just focus on season four right now until I think about season five though. We're only 9 episodes in, after all. I hope they can keep the show fresh. I'd rather it end instead of seeing it end up like Spongebob. I have faith in them though, so I welcome another season.
  10. This season is definitely better than season three, but I don't think it passes season one or two, at least not yet. Of course, this is all subjective. It is a bit early on to really say, but I've been pretty disappointed with some of the episodes in season four. Bats! was absolutely terrible, and Power Ponies wasn't much better off. Rarity takes Manehatten was okay, but it just didn't manage to wow me or anything. Daring Don't was about the same. I loved the other episodes this season so far though. It just doesn't have that same charm to it. This season is more catered to bronies with a
  11. The shadow pony at the end of Castle Mane-ia was just a gag. Josh Haber said it himself in an interview. As for everything else I don't think its leading up to something big. The rainbow spool of thread was probably Rarity's key, so that has to do with the box, and the Equestria Games is its own story arc as well. The unconfirmation of the Apple and Pie family being related isn't a story arc, because why would they make a story arc out of that? How could they, anyway? They're probably going to leave that unanswered just like they've left other things unanswered in the past. Fluttershy's fang w
  12. Well, other than the cliché ending, and not finding out whether Pinkie Pie is related to the Apples or not (I still say she is haha; its not really a bad thing not knowing, but still) this was a great episode. It was hilarious, and it was interesting to see the Apple family arguing. I wish Pinkie Pie wasn't so random this season though. At least this episode finally breaks the streak of bad episodes, for me anyway. I wonder what that thing was at the end that took that photo.. this episode raises a lot of questions.
  13. I predicted the episode would be about this back in July, and I'm glad to see that this is what its about. I hope they are related honestly, because I think it'd be interesting. They share a lot of similarties so it makes sense. I just hope this episode isn't cliché, but it probabaly is.
  14. I heard about it over a year ago. I'm always an optimist when it comes to these things. I believe that its possible, and its not that bad of an idea. They could learn a lot about Mars and other things while they're there. I don't think they could destroy Mars like people have destroyed Earth because only 4 people will be inhabiting it (at first anyway, they're going to send people in groups of four every two years I believe) Things like pollution and other problems on Earth, humans wouldn't really pose a threat for Mars, at least not now. Personally, I think its amazing, and even more so that
  15. There are lots of things I wouldn't mind being. I think being a psychologist would be interesting, as I find people having different personalites and everything interesting. Being an archaeologist would be the coolest thing ever, since its interesting to find things from long ago (funnily enough I hate history) I can do really crazy sounding voices and I love cartoons so being a voice actress would be pretty cool (too bad I'm way too shy to ever do that) Even being a travel agent or translator would be great because I love travel and I think foreign languages are interesting. As a kid I wanted
  16. It was nice I suppose. I've never been to NYC so I can't really say anything about the similarities or anything. I just have a hard time beliving that ponies built those buildings. I mean sure, unicorns could've used magic, but they'd still have to get and build the materials to make the buildings which doesn't really make any sense to me. Plus, you'd probably have to have really powerful magic. I guess you could say the same thing about Canterlot because of the huge castle and everything, but maybe I'm just thinking too deep about this.
  17. The only opinion of mine that has changed is my opinion on Princess Twilight. They've been handling it okay, and it isn't as bad as I thought it was at the end of S3. My opinion on S3 hasn't changed, and I still think its the worst season. S4 is only one step above S3 in my opinion. I don't think my opinion will change, at least for S3.
  18. Yes I would. I'm only 14, so I haven't gotten my dream job yet, I haven't met my best friend here on the forums in real life yet, and I haven't traveled or gone to a con like I've wanted to yet, but 2012 and 2013 have been the best years of my life. Sure, it'd be sad dying without completing my goals in life, but if I were to die anytime soon I wouldn't want to focus on what I haven't done yet; There would be nothing I could do, and I'd really just want to be thinking about how wonderful my short life was. So yeah, I would die happy for sure. My life has improved so much in the past two years,
  19. Rough Pathway

    I Have Hope.

    That was a great speech. I find it sad that a lot of people are negative about the new year. Even a few years ago in 2011 when I used to be depressed, I was still hopeful for the next year. That year turned out to be great. Life is what you make of it. For me, 2013 was a great year, and 2014 can only be better.
  20. Have a happy 2014. :) 2013 has been a great year. ^_^

  21. My first language is (American) English (I know, how boring, the most widely spoken language in the world). I'm in the process of trying to learn French though. I can hold a very very basic conversation in French, and I know a few French words such as sourire, le papillon, l'hiver, etc..
  22. This is already hilarious.
  23. I had to rewatch most of them since I've forgotten about what happened in them, but after rewatching I'd say Applejack. Applejack is actually my least favorite pony of the mane six (I still love her though :3) but her hot minute was so adorable. I had a huge smile on my face while rewatching it haha. Fluttershy's hot minute animation is really stiff and awkward so that takes away from her's a lot. Pinkie Pie's hot minute was good enough I suppose, but eh. Rarity's and Twilight's were okay, but nothing too amazing. Rainbow Dash's hot minute was the second best in my opinion, but again ehh. Appl
  24. I have several. This has been either the best year of my life or second best so far. This is going to be in order from the least recent to the most recent: I went ice skating for the first time in January. I had trouble at first, and I had to hold onto the rails. There were two kids (probably around age 8 or 9ish) standing in front of the rails so I had to go around them, and I fell right in front of them. I was extremely embarrassed, and I thought that they were probably secretly making fun of me. A little while later, one of the kids came up to me and said that I shouldn't worry, and th
  25. They definitely are a real thing. I don't think there is a community of anti-bronies if thats what you mean, though. I've sort of been on the bashing-people-because-you-hate-what-they-like/love end of the spectrum before (although not with MLP), so maybe I can explain why some people spend their time bashing us. A lot of people are insecure about themselves, so to make themselves feel better, they put others down. There are some bronies that are really annoying and obnoxious (most bronies aren't like that though) and try to force it down peoples throat, and/or bring it up when its irrevalent.
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