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  1. !Giggidy...Giggidy! *Taking 6 Red Orbs on Beads and poking NightmareMoon with them*

  2. Upon a small hillside and under a tree within the starry dust sky, an colt pulls out a large blanket. Plus, a big jug of cherry soda from his saddle-bag & placing a basket of vegetables+sandwich's and prepare's to signal a tall pony of a alicorn with dark magic, which is an evil mare.
  3. Can I ask, NightmareMoon on a Picnic Date~ if she is not bringing and food that squirms+ putting a tube near one of my ears & slurping up some of my dreams.
  4. Oh, after Nightmare Night of the 31st- Miss Mare of the Moon/ will have a ready body for alot of cuddling & rubbing Pieces of Candy, from last year
  5. An carriage stop at the route of the fortress mansion and young mares are peeking to veiw the manor. One gal is nervious. DaliQuh: Um, this is going to be a nice manor? The carriage began to move & student mares start to convo with each other. Many different ponies talk about their locations.
  6. Name: DaliQuh Age: 23 Gender: Mare Specie: Unicorn OC Data(Link): Coat(Color): Clay Red Mane(Color): Pink & Vanilla Cutiemark: Hypnotic Lens Location: Humpalot Likes: Wind Chimes DisLikes: Fog Horns History: Was once, a daughter of peasent family that always done labor- and collective in the herd of Pearl Fortress Position: Mage Strength: Potion Making Weakness: Lust of Testoserones Patrol(Team): Pearl Squad Against: Colt Law of mares doing alot of chores
  7. The moment of karma, is not gonna make the New Moon bring good dreams... An Eclipse shall cover the sky over all towns & there's a message. "Dear Twilight, All the Colts of Equestria~ belong's to MEHHH. MWUHAHAHAH" NightmareMoon *spent one night with the wicked darkness alicorn mare & it was alright- she does like evil magic of whips*
  8. Would you help- luna. Make a list of the royal traveling to towns & rub her stomache+ drink apple cider that is hard. There will be exitment with the princess of sleeping
  9. Veiw the image, and post your opinion... Upon every night, would you go under the blankets- with the Mare of the Moon & her ability too... Read your mind and dreams?
  10. I would troll, all citizens of ponyville~ why just one fellow neighbor/ or. Send letters to the princess's [by spike]. Here is what, I shall do... "There's a Full Moon covering the Sun! NIGHTMAREMOON has Returned!?! Save yourselves....."
  11. Princess Celestia x The Closet that will make it NightTime FOREVER in NightMare Night Eve