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  1. Field of Dreams Dangerous Lucky Star Jump Jump Feel Fine Find my way to you Memories Papi Another Night I believe it Castle in the sky Crying Soul Unchained Melody The Norwegian Explosion Turn on me Happy Cry Sound of my Dreams Kiss me Krieger des Lichts Can you hear the voice of Buddha Ravers Fantasy Pretty Rave Girl Castle in the Sky Hell Song Es tut wieder weh Look at me now Say HUH! Take me Crazy Baby Around the world Dum dadi doo Licky Licky Listen to the rain Hands up Forever Gamer Why My Heart goes Nana
  2. moral people does that mean I'm not allowed to - Masterbate - Kill innocent civilians in video games - Be open minded ( lets talk and see what the world would be like if the Nazis won? )
  3. I hate that part where Rainbow Dash says that she knew that she was going to win because she awesome WTF. I don't why shes apart of the mane six.
  4. I was a Christian (Russian Orthodox) which is Eastern Christianity I think. But at 15 I decided to be an atheist for no reason really just because I don't care and I don't believe in someone that is greater than is you. but I love the song God is a Girl and the Blood Gods < Warhammer 40k Chaos also i won't respond to flamers