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  1. The page has been turned. So, it is very unlikely. But hypotetically speaking. They could have new ideas that do not necessarily involve g4. Such as making spin-offs of older generations. Like g3. Now THAT would awful. I mean, I don't know much about it, except that it was brain-dead material, apparently. Other one is that characters from g4 may still make an appearance in this generation. Which, I have yet to watch, by the way.
  2. She is internally divided, slowed down into lesser wavelengths. And she cannot see the light that was her original point of conception, except by increasing her own speed. Which is the subconscious reason why she is trying to accelerate until the colors become the unknowable One. But she is unable to. And altering her perception of reality by means of external substances allows her to cope with this notion of physical reality, escaped by others such as the schizophrenic pink pony, who breaks her perception by smashing logic against the wall of her ignorance, that feeds the misconceived fear
  3. One step closer towards unification.
  4. I think of trixie as some sort an illusionist. You know, tricks that involve deceiving the observer, without the use of real magic. THE magik. Also, I don't know how popular is illusionism in this world. Since real magic seems to have more practical applications, such as "rising the sun", or allowing small kids to experiment in yet unborn life forms, as it was the case with twilight and spike.
  5. I like her because she shows inner conflict. Knowing both sides of reality, light and dark, gives her more potential than the dualistic concept twilight embodies with her totalitarian understanding of friendship. Which makes starlight into a figure akin to the hidden thirteen in the cycle of twelve. A master of both light and dark. In a cohesive symbolic creation, which the regressive royalist propaganda of the show is not. Starlight has the potential to master reality. To traverse this beautiful and terrible ring of fire and remain unscathed, and imperceptible, under the watchful eye of
  6. Trixie subconsciously hates herself already. Her superiority complex is the outer behavioural response to a deep lack of self-esteem. A self-deluded individual acting out a character they have come to impersonate as a coping mechanism. The psyche can shatter from a traumatic experience creating multiple sub-personalities, which are then compartmentalised from the compromised functions of the individual. So, certain facets are left behind, resulting in a lessened expression of the original self. The further trauma, the more limited the experience becomes, until the original being falls into a
  7. She is a toxic male stereotype in a female body, emotionally stunted by the military paradigm. Exhibiting traits of verbal aggression, oppressive behaviour, loud speaking and internal turmoil due to the emotionally dissociative programimg of the army. She is a fictional representation of a human pawn in the military industrial complex, another brainwashed individual in the stage of this global charade. A one-dimensional character that is aptly used as a conflict figure due to the unreasonable, ignorant, and frankly idiotic nature of her own makeup. But I like her hairstyle. Though, it would
  8. I believe every single pony would feel inclined to lick my hands with devoted gratitude. But they would be denied for my sword of flesh is reserved for Luna alone. The artificially created mirror of my sol, the electric negative feminine born out of my masculine. Turning my light upside down and sucking it out of me in unholy rapture since the dawn of time. But no more dualistic deceit from this false female energy to torment me with the illusion of desire for something that never existed without my being. Because I would eat her whole this time. Putting an end to the universal game, as the bl
  9. That is unwise. I would tell him there is no honor in beating someone weaker, and challenge him to face his own vulnerability, so he can recognize he's using his subconscious wounds and insecurities as justifications to harm others. For no matter how strong he may think he is, he will always be weak in subservience to his damaged ego.
  10. A lot of anger and fear in the signature of this image. This is self-defeating. The personal identity is relinquished to the stream of lower consciousness that is systematically affecting this planet, by means of attacking the human heart. In both behaviour and language that is meaningless to the soul. Stay on heart if you wish to release yourself from this darkness coiling up your lower centers with the intent of taking over the source.
  11. I am like a child, full of love, innocence, ideals and dreams. Because this is the nature of the soul when not degraded. Because this is the nature of the son of his own creation. This is why when I walk the streets, watching everyone in their eyes with an open heart, they lower their gaze in shame, because they know they have done something wrong. And they know that this stranger knows it. I hope, upon his return, he is not as disappointed in humanity as myself. Else, there is gonna be nothing left. But the signs of spiritual apostasy are ramping up in the world. If you look deeper, you
  12. Yes. Conflict is an essential part of every story. And it is the source of the things you all do in the dark, when you think nobody is watching you. But you have grossly underestimated my creeping abilities. If you think so. Chaos is a part of this reality, as polarity. Black and white. Dark and light. Good and evil. Love and hate. Heat and cold. Male and female. You know how it goes. Every force has an antithesis meant to reflect itself in order to create the illusion that defines our perception of reality. In this case, chaos, which is entropy, finds its opposite in Creation. Because life an
  13. Not so much a scary story. Because life experiences are not thematically structured like fictional narratives. But there was this time I returned to my body from the astral plane, which is a residue plane that was formed when a faction of the ancient builder races went rogue by unplugging the human DNA to appropriate earth, around 30.000 years ago, causing immense trauma to humanity, which was left disconnected from the universal source and their infinite nature, and locked inside this entropic closed circuit system that resulted in planetary amnesia. So, where you naturally would be ab
  14. I liked rainbow rocks, but not so much the first movie. And the only special I watched was awfully trite. I think it was the mirror one. So, there is that.
  15. 0. pinkie pie 1. twilight 2. rarity 3. applejack 4. fluttershy 5. rainbow dash
  16. This question is interesting. Not because is a low-effort bait. But, because it lets you know what the projecting consciousness of the individual rejects about itself in its perceived reflection, namely, the other self. So, here, we can see some people attacking a subconscious aspect of themselves. Meaning, there is something of that, which is perceived as "wrong" or "bad" inside themselves, to begin with. That is causing a disturbance in the ego, inverted portion of the self located in the navel. Where the shadow self is stationed. Especially, with people that is most judgemental, or react th
  17. That's the thing. I am not a brony, or a human for that matter. I have a human body, and I happen to like MLP. But that does not make me anything. Originally, I am a free energy form, but when I heard a part of source had been isolated from the cosmic river by false gods, aka our brothers and sisters of dark and light, and locked into a closed 666 atomic paradigm of dualistic polarity. Creating a limited perception of reality with the use of an artificial moon satellite. Well, I had to see what was all about. Still, it is curious to see how humans adopt the illusion of polarity and identi
  18. She may be. But I think that is because she is hurt, and her behaviour is a defense mechanism to keep her from being hurt again. Meaning, she attacks before she can be attacked. Because she is afraid, and being manipulated by the subconscious fear that hides said trauma. Internally, when there is stagnation, and the pain is not addressed, the individual will eventually find ways to invert the traumatic experience, to actually derive pleasure from it, as a way to get rid of it by means of repeating or projecting their own trauma. This is one the main reasons why rapists usually have been
  19. My interpretation of "girly" is something that is both hollow and superficial. These are not traits I associate FiM with.
  20. Around the start of season 8. The magic of the show was missing. It didn't draw me in like older seasons still do. I didn't make any judgment at the time. But one day, I just stopped watching altogether. There wasn't really much purpose for the show to keep going, but they kept adding clutter like the school of friendship. While the main drive of the show was already done, so most of the mane six felt pointless. And considering twilight started becoming less and less relatable as the show went on. Well, let's say it wasn't for me anymore.
  21. I don't know what 4chan is, but I 've heard negative things. The kind of things that make me believe it is hub where people with unresolved negative ego issues and trauma gather to exercise their misery by means of desensitized interactions and practices. Due to personal distortions of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual character. Resulting in un-wholesome exchanges of energy. So, I stay away, as it is the case when interacting with damaged or broken souls on this beautiful, albeit extremely traumatized and amnesic planet. Either way, I can say that I like the show for what it is.
  22. Another dead thread fresh off the grave. Let's try to take it down with my truth shotgun. I think it has to do with learning to love yourself, and gradually accepting others into your life. That seems to be core issue with people having exclusively ideal or imaginary relationships. Also, there is generally one or many types of trauma involved. And they may be very serious, to the point the person may feel this is the only way they can feel loved. It is important to remind that they are always loved and sustained in their process of healing and personal growth.
  23. None. It is an illusion like the veil inside of us. Nothing exists outside of one. For the negative to exist, one must take the role of the positive. By saving, at least one, I am dooming them all to the illusion of polarity. Becoming simultaneously a saviour and a murderer. For one cannot exist without the other, and the two are accomplices of the same lie.
  24. The weakened individual can be easily manipulated and influenced. Making the person prone to ideological currents that can override the identity of the soul, halting its forward spiritual movement though means of counteractive polarization. Similar to what has been done on earth with the concept of currency, government, military, politics, religion, media. A false dichotomy instituted by self-proclaimed gods that have usurped the place of creators. Looping within a cycle of illusive power struggle that ultimately ends where it begins. As these are means to slow down the vibratory rate of the i
  25. I love her so much I would like to eat her cake.
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