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  1. Grace managed to somehow lose track of the battle very soon after she joined it. There were many of the monsters - too many for Grace to be able to pay too much attention beyond just a few feet around her. At most, she managed to note the very general progress of a couple of people near her in-between roasting, freezing, and slashing anything that got too close - Allan was surrounded by a small swarm, while Alexander and Marcon seemed to be holding their own. There were so many of the monsters that, after a while, Grace wondered if they would ever stop coming. Thus, when Alexander wiped out almost all of the beasts with just one spell, she was so shocked by the sudden lack of enemies that Grace simply stared in numb disbelief as Alexander's limp form was taken by some girl, and only dimly heard her say she was taking him to the Third District. It took Sam asking her and everybody else if they were alright for her to finally snap out of it. "Yeah, I'm fine. I got a couple of minor scratches, but other than that they barely even touched me." As she said this, she casted a couple of minor cure spells on herself in order to get rid of those minor scratches before they could get infected. When Allan collapsed next to Sam due to his leg, though, she took a moment to stop and walk over to him. "Sorry, I don't know how to heal anything worse than a few minor bruises or scratches, so I can't help much. However, I have a feeling that the girl who just took Alexander might know somebody who does, so we'll get you fixed up when we find her." Grabbing his arm, Grace managed to pull Allan off of the ground. "Until then, we can at least help you walk there."
  2. Akari. I'm going to need to remember that. She has a hell of a lot of potential for one so young, Grace thought to herself as everybody began to introduce themselves. Alexander seems to be a rather...odd character, what with his talk of some goddess, but it appears that he too has some power. Then there's the newcomer, the only one I don't have a name for yet; I have no idea how strong he is, but he sure as hell has a dedication towards protecting children at least. And then there's Sam... Grace mentally groaned and facepalmed herself when she thought of Sam. Well, that was just embarrassing, getting him confused with Bairre. There's nothing I can do about it now, though, so I'll just have to suck it up and hopefully save face. At this point, she finally realized that Sam had asked her who she was. Placing her arms behind her in a way that represented authority, she thought for a second on how to respond to him. "My name is Grace, although my full designation is Grace Braid, Major General, serial number 784569, leader of the 4th division of the Throne's Army in Tador, my home nation, located on the world Icesh." She then turned her head over towards the newcomer(who finally introduced himself as Allan), and was about to tell him to slow down when a scream and an influx of bright light came from the plaza. Damn! What the hell is happening now?!, she thought as she blinked her eyes rapidly from the sudden light. "I have to agree with Allan; we need to see what's happening now," she said when she managed to finally get her bearings again as she rushed past everybody. When she arrived in the plaza, she had to stop for a moment to take everything in. There was some man, roughly her age, standing in the middle of a growing ring of the dark beasts, with bright light emanating off of him. Most of the beasts seemed to be the weak shadow kind, from what Grace could see, but she knew better than to think this would be an easy battle; with how many there were now, they could swarm the man and make the battle take a decidedly deadly turn fast. Damn! This isn't good. I gotta think fast, or else he's a goner. Taking her free hand, she pointed it towards a particularly large clump of the shadows before firing off a rather large fireball at them. While half of them managed to sink into the ground in time, the other half weren't so lucky and were melted before they could do any damage. "Heads up, backup is here!" Grace shouted towards the man as she sliced a shadow that had gotten too close to her in half. ------------------------------------ "WHERE IN THE #$@%^&' HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!", Cid shouted after Marcon had walked in to the Second District, well outside of hearing range of Cid. He growled as he looked at the place where Marcon slammed his fist, thinking I'm going to need to find that bastard sometime and make him pay for a new $#%&@^' counter. Still, he's a lot stronger than I thought he would have been, if he's able to smash this wood so easily. Brooding for a second at his smashed counter, Cid then grabbed what looked like an old-style camera with the inscription "Cid Cannon" from behind the counter and headed off towards the entrance to the Third District. I s'ppose now is as good a time as any to tell Squall about that Alexander kid and his Keyblade.
  3. I'm probably -Tau/10 in terms of how famous I am on these forums. I really don't have any claim to fame here, especially outside of the RP section. EDIT: I mean, it probably doesn't help that I've changed my name from Skyman over to my current name, so
  4. It might be a tad bit early, but I've found that in the RP's that I follow, RP's that I have been in, and the rare few DnD campaigns I have had the pleasure to actually be in, getting feedback about the experience right from the start is extremely useful and can very much so help out the one running everything to adjust. Thus, I wanted to try and get at least some sort of feedback from you guys so that I can see right now if there's anything that would just be rubbing you guys the wrong way, so that I could adjust or change that in some way to make the experience better for everybody. Alternatively, any positive feedback(like the one you just gave me) would help me in knowing what is going well so far and thus what should NOT be changed. Now, for your question... I honestly can't say much. It's a spoiler, after all, and a fairly major one, relatively speaking(since that would be saying how the plot for this entire world is going to end up being), so my lips are sealed. Don't worry, though, as you guys will be finding out soon enough hopefully.
  5. This post seems to be more like a rant against humanity and how humans suck instead of a fair comparison between the two systems. To put my opinion on the subject, though, I don't think we have anywhere near enough of a view of pony economics to see how well it would run, due to its nature of being a children's cartoon. Things like Rarity being able to find rare gems in the ground could actually devalue those very gems if used too much. Using gold as currency is also not a fool-proof system, as there are SIGNIFICANT negatives to using gold or having a gold standard. It has its benefits, yes, but the costs can very much so outweigh the benefits. So yeah. We don't have enough details about the pony economy, and what details we do have could actually point to a potentially precarious economy.
  6. @@Cranium Tyranus, Don't worry. I have a post drafted up and to be posted soon. I'm simply having somebody go over it right now to make sure that it at least avoids any obvious grammatical/spelling errors. I must say, though, you people nearly broke me. I was wondering when SOMEBODY was going to finally use the thread, and was going to make a post here right after making my post in the thread just to kick off some discussion. I mean, I'm still going to make a post, but still. I get to say that you guys didn't break me at least . @@LeJAKoJAK, @@MagicalStarRain, @, @, @, @@Cranium Tyranus, So yeah, why don't we get some meaningful conversation going on here? What part of the RP have you guys enjoyed the most so far? Is it character interaction, pacing, etc, just name something that you like so far from what you've seen.
  7. "Well, Marcon, the first thing I can confirm is what Huey and 'em told ya: if you're here, that means your world is gone. Kaput. Erased. Whatever #!$%^&' word you want to use, the meaning remains the same: you no longer have a world to get back to, and are quite possibly the only survivor from your world." "Now, to fill in a couple of blanks for ya: Traverse Town here is a pretty young world, from what I know. It only came into existence when the Heartless got here and started *#&@$%' everything up. It seems to exist so that those lucky bastards who survive their world's destruction aren't stuck shitting their pants in the Realm of Darkness." Cid then leaned over his counter and got up close enough to Marcon's face that he could smell Cid's breath. "Now, if you want to hear anything else, I suggest you drop any sort of $%#&*@' attitude that you have. I'm not going to help some punk who thinks he can give me any sort of shit and get away with it. Got it?" --------------------------------------------- 'I'm not a little kid'? Why would Bairre say that? Just what the hell has gotten in to him lately?, Grace pondered as she lagged behind the rest of the group. Everybody seemed to be sprinting compared to her, especially the one who was originally chasing after the armored black monster, who despite his injuries was running faster than anybody. Well, I guess I won't be needed. By the time Grace reached the alleyway that everybody was at, the kidnapped child was no longer in sight. Instead, the original chaser and the tall man were fighting the creature up close, although neither were really having much success. The teenage girl managed to change things up, hitting it with a bolt of lightning from her weapon that nearly, but not quite, killed it. Before it could get away or cause more harm, though, Grace hit it with an ice blast that managed to finish it off. So it looks like the kid is gone. Even though there was only one of those things here, I think it's pretty obvious that the kid is one of them now. Walking over to where the original chaser was, Grace put her hand on his shoulder and said to him "I'm sorry, but we didn't make it in time to save him." "That was a nice shot, but I can tell you're new to this," Grace asked the teenage girl as she walked towards her. "What's your name, if you don't mind me asking?"
  8. God damn it. I lost an entire post earlier. Stupid random browser closure -_-.

  9. This proves otherwise. The season starting in June is the final season, at least as of right now, because Comedy Central has stated they are NOT renewing the series. Thus, after the final episode of season 7 runs on September 4th, it is done for, potentially for good this time. It's disheartening, as the show is still good, but there's not much we can do about it besides bang down Comedy Central's door with torches and pitchforks.
  10. Another Keyblade wielder, eh?, Cid thought to himself as he watched Alex walk away. Seems like those things are gettin' handed out like #$^&@!' candy these days. First that silver-haired kid, and now this Alex guy. I s'ppose I should tell Squall about this, when I get the chance. Going to the back of his store, he began to arrange a few boxes in the back of the garage - boxes filled to the brim with the bracelets, belts, and other such accessories he sold to his customers. This would take him a few minutes, and by the end he was beginning to break out into a sweat when somebody came calling his name. @@Cranium Tyranus, "Bastard could do with a little patience...", Cid grumbled to himself as he walked back to the front, where he found some brown-haired, goateed man waiting. "So you need to speak to me, eh? Well, spit it out then, since you seem to be in some sort of hurry. Might as well introduce yourself while you're at it." -------------------------------------------------- @, @, @@MagicalStarRain, @@LeJAKoJAK, "Sam? Bairre, is that really the best fake name you can come up with? Now, stop screwing with me for once and answer me: do you know of anybody else that made it here? Or are you also alo-" Grace didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, as she heard somebody yell, followed by a unnaturally strong gust of wind passing right by her. She barely had time to give a bewildered look towards where the shouting came from - not even enough time to draw her sword - before one of those armored dark beasts ran in front of her, carrying a small child. Following behind it was some man - a rather clumsy one, at that - who was wielding what appeared to be a similar weapon to what she had summoned up once before. JUST WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS PLACE?! , she thought, drawing her sword just as she noticed that there were two MORE wielders of those weird weapons - a teenage girl at the top of the stairs, and a ridiculously tall man a short ways in front of her - probably the one who used that wind spell. First, I get sucked into some dark portal thing and dumped off at this place while in the middle of a battle two days ago. Then, I manage to find Bairre, although he insists on pulling his "I'm somebody else" crap at the worst possible time, and now there's three people wielding weapons that look like the one I summoned one time, one of whom is chasing after a child that's getting kidnappe- She stopped her train of thought for a second. ...Oh dear Mitaya, I should probably go help get that child back. "C'mon, Bairre. It looks like that man needs some help," she said, beginning to drag 'Bairre' behind her as the teenage girl ran ahead of her. "Maybe we might even get an explanation for this mess from him..."
  11. Closing the hotel door behind her, Grace walked out into the fresh air of Traverse Town and breathed deeply. This place is nothing like home, but I suppose there's always something nice about breathing some new air. She stretched her arms over hear head and groaned. A nearby noise caused her eyes to shoot open. Drawing her sword, she saw that the cause of the disturbance was only a entering the hotel from the rear entrance. Grace gulped and sheathed her sword. Maaaaaaaaybe I should relax a little bit before I make mince meat out of some innocent bystander. Taking one last calming breath, Grace headed down the closest staircase and towards the large open courtyard, until she passed by somebody...familiar looking next to the stairs. He had brown, spiky hair, and that short-sleeved gray jacket that she was always telling him looked far too civilian for a soldier, and his face was ringing 40 different, unique set of bells. "Bairre...?" she whispered to herself as the man passed her by. She let one second, then two seconds pass before sheturned around and shouted, "Bairre! Is that you?!" Grace embraced him. "Oh, thank Mitaya I found at least one person that I know in this place."
  12. Kingdom Hearts: Alt Mix Two days. It's been two whole days since everything fell apart and I found myself here. Such were Grace's thoughts, waking up once again in her bed in some hotel in the Second District. The hotel, which was rather small with only two rooms, was empty and unlocked when Grace found it, and the full supply of food, water, and the lack of any Shadows attacking her made it the perfect HQ to use in this new place. Of course, there wasn't a whole lot of good that an HQ could do for just one person, at least compared to what good it could do for a whole group instead. Walking over to the mirror and sink in her room, she washed her face off to try and wake up, before looking in the mirror at herself and losing herself in a train of thought. I haven't heard of anybody else making it here safely that I know of. For all I know, I'm the only one who landed at this place. Or the only one who's still alive... NO! I can't think that. It could be possible, but there's no way that I'm the only survivor out of millions. ...Right? Backing away from the mirror and flopping herself back down on the bed, she sighed deeply. Well, in any case, it looks as if for now I'm alone here.While these supplies will last me a good long while, living out the rest of my days as a scared child trying to hide from the boogeyman is not exactly an appealing prospect. Still... She sat up on her bed, and for probably the 50th time in the past few days flicked her wrist, praying for something to appear. Of course nothing did, just like the other 49 times. She didn't truly expect anything to happen, of course, but that didn't make her any less disappointed. Would be nice to have that weapon again. Would mean something is going my way for once. Stifling another of her sighs, she stood up and, after grabbing her sword from the bed stand and securing it to her waist, walked to and straight out of the hotel door. Imaginary powerful blade or no, I need allies, and I need them badly if I truly want to survive. Maybe that one blond shopkeeper in the First District could help me out somehow...
  13. Blegh. Weddings are so boring. If it wasn't for the fact that it was my sister's wedding, I would have refused to go to the one I had today >_<

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  14. So apparently, when I'm bored I take Mary Sue tests now. I put Grace, one of my newer OC's to the test. For the first test results: Well then. Now, for the second test: I guess I'm doing a good job, then. Or something. The test at times couldn't really apply to her, since the RP that she is in hasn't started quite yet, so. I wouldn't be too surprised if this stuff goes up a few points within a couple of months or so. EDIT: The second image total is 16, in case it's too small to be seen clearly.
  15. Sorry, but I can't accept your new application. You have already had two chances, and we've rejected you both times, so you gotta wait a while. Sorry man. :/ Also, an announcement I forgot to make a couple posts ago: The RP shall be beginning within the next 1-2 days. Either me or LE shall make a post telling you guys when the thread is up, and shall include a link for it there and in the first post. That is all.