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  1. I have a different theory instead. What if Pinkie Pie was actually just a being that reincarnated into different universes and was just recalling memories from her previous life? Theory: MLP, EQG and our world exists not only in different dimensions but in different times altogether. What if Pinkie Pie only appeared to have these abilities because she actually lived through it? let's say she lived in our world first. She would hear about the MLP series, watch it, think it's funny and go on with the rest of her life. She then dies (old age) and is reborn in the world of EQG, where she remembers her past life and how she would interact with MLP Twilight. Afterwards she too would eventually age and pass on. Finally, when she comes about the MLP universe she realizes she's being watched by the same audience in her previous previous life. It explains why she acts so kooky around the Mane 6, she knows she's on TV! She also knows what's gonna happen and that also explains why she's practically fearless throughout the series. She places items in hidden locations ahead of time for when she needs them in a scene, she invents the party cannon based on knowledge about historical artillery she read while in Canterlot high school, she pranks alongside Rainbow Dash because she knows the concept of trolling from our universe, etc. Remember, the scene where she goes up to Fluttershy and says, "Your auntie Pinkie Pie has it all taken care of." To which Fluttershy replies, "I'm a year older than you." Pinkie Pie actually believes she's older than Fluttershy not by physical age but by mental age. Remember, Pinkie Pie may act weird but if you think about it hard enough she's eccentric only because she's lived several lifetimes over the course of her existence. She's probably more all-knowing than powerful. Her abilities make her quite capable of knowing things that not even we could comprehend but in a stand off fight she wouldn't have much of an advantage.
  2. I agree, the Snips and Snails of EQG was very inaccurate to their personality. Many of the characters in the show remained the same but why is it that Snips and Snails go from being ignorant colts to arrogant bullies? I always saw the two as naive kiddos with good intentions, but never outright malicious. I just assumed that given their age boost, that somewhere they were bullied a lot by other kids. As a result, they reacted by becoming bullies themselves when they got older. That's just a guess though. The worst part is that this is never explained. Are we to assume that Snips and Snails were just plain evil in the human universe? Or did SS convince them somehow to do whatever she says? Might as well have called them Slap and Stick.
  3. No it wouldn't be the end per say, but I'd be more inclined to believe that Equestria would have a very tough time combating against any future villains. The mane 6 have been involved in all the major threats to ponykind, which makes them somewhat of a national elite police force. Threat comes in, they get called in to respond, threat is neutralized, job well done girls, go home/celebrate. They still are essential to the defense of Equestria though regardless. I honestly thought when I first heard of Sharknado that it was a big joke, that was until I actually saw it. I have never seen such a movie so bad that it's so good, it almost reached "The Room"'s level of silliness. Speaking of sharks, SS turning into a demon was the point where I felt the movie jumped the shark. I was willing to buy alot of things about this movie as it really was created more so as an obligation rather than an actual desire to further the story of MLP, but I kept thinking about funny it would be if other characters used the crown instead. If evil intentions turned you into a demon and good intentions a pony-human hybrid, what if you had a laid back approach? 10 bucks you would turn into the Jeff Lebowski, after all he is the Dude. Oh don't worry, I'm sure the kind fellers at 4Chan can provide that type of content. It is the infamous Rule 34.
  4. Good question, but that would mean Twilight would have been acting pretty out of character (out of her mind crazy) for her to run into a school full of her peers with a gun or any weapon of that sort. Not to mention I doubt Hasbro would allow that to be included for a movie that's rated E for everyone. For one thing, she probably doesn't even know about the concept of firearms since it's a piece of technology never introduced in Equestria, so how would she really know about it in the first place much less know how to fire one? More accurately it would have made more sense for her just to do what SS did to her, steal the crown back and switch it for a fake one. Since she didn't do that or voice reasons why it wasn't a great idea, your point does stand about her just taking the crown and leaving ASAP.
  5. @, True, but for Pinkie Pie to know that means that this legend has been circulating for some time. I doubt that her family member would only tell her and then never mention it again. Some ponies would have been curious enough to have sought it out, assuming that these rumors were passed onto a significant population of ponies (say 1 out of 100 ponies decide to follow up with this rumor). What happened to them? What if some of the ponies weren't unicorns like Pinkie. Did they try to kill their duplicate once they found out that the mirror actually works? Oh Celestia, the horror! As for the duplication replacement idea, yeah it seems farfetch that the duplicate would actively replace you. If you think about it though, say the mane 6 missed a single duplicate (isn't hard to consider since Pinkie has abilities that allows her to teleport to the weirdest locations such as fruit stands and loofah baskets). Said duplicate decides that Ponyville isn't for her and moves elsewhere in Equestria, where nopony knows her, in search of fun. Years later, if duplicate Pinkie dies wouldn't it be freaky to discover in the newspaper that elemental bearer Pinkie Pie is dead only to see her alive and still hanging around Ponyville? I'd probably be scared knowing a copy of myself, bearing the exact identity, existed and did things without my knowledge only to discover "I" apparently made friends or worse, enemies with ponies I don't even know. This episode was fun if you took it at face value, but it did scare me once I realized the implications as I got a drink of water 4 hours later. I watched the episode again to see if I was just reading too deep into it and it just frightened me even more.
  6. I thought this episode was quite scary. The story seemed solid but it just gave me huge cases of fridge horror. List of horrible implications: 1) This mirror pool could have been used multiple times before Pinkie Pie's attempt. It's not like it was incredibly difficult for Pinkie to find and the legend sounds like it's pretty common knowledge. How many times has this pool been used and are the duplicates still alive? Do the duplicates still live in Ponyville or other areas in Equestria? 2) The mirror pool makes immortality possible, in a cloning sense. Ponies and their duplicates can make copies of themselves in case one of them dies or gets incapacitated. Clone can then replace said pony and carry on without others really knowing about it. 3) Pinkie Pie herself. No, I'm not talking about the weird horse face one of her duplicates make. I'm referring to their behavior during paint watching. If Pinkie's duplicates are exactly like her, then it means that she has no sense of self-preservation. Her duplicates literally see each of them slowly get shot out of existence (due to Twilight's magic) and don't bat an eye to that, instead they continue getting distracted and die in what I would imagine a horrible death. Makes you really re-consider Pinkie's giggle at the ghosties scene and really wonder whether Pinkie laughs because she's courageous or that she's completely ignorant. 4) What would happen to Ponyville if all the Pinkies lapsed into depressive, sociopaths? *shudders* 5) With that much paint drying in an enclosed space, wouldn't all the ponies inside be inhaling paint fumes? I'd imagine all of them or at least Twilight, who is standing closest to the paint wall, would be suffering from dizziness, eye irritation, cardiovascular problems, headaches. I've got plenty more on my list, but these are the ones that freaked me out the most.
  7. It's less on the whole bluff and more on the reality of the threat and Twilight's logic. Threat: SS would smash the portal unless Twilight gave her the crown. Reality: Hammer would pass through the portal, probably smashing head first into one of the mane 5 on the other side. Ouch. Bluff: Twilight says her universe would be alright without her. The human universe needs her here to fight SS. Reality: Without her, the elements of harmony would be useless and any foreseeable threat would be met unchallenged, putting Equestria into further jeopardy. Twilight would have been smart enough to realize the futility of the threat first, considering she is the nerdy girl. It's like a rolling derp derp moment. Twilight should have just interrupted with a renegade action, throwing a buttload of muffins at her face! That would have made more sense and it would have been more entertaining. Following your train of thought, The bigger question would be how SS procured a sledge hammer in the first place? I don't think those are common tools you would find in a high school of all places and we saw nothing of construction or renovation going on in the school. That and how she managed to acquire it that fast between the time of Twilight winning the crown and chasing Snip & Snail to the school entrance.
  8. It's been done before in a sense that the mane 6, Twilight included, have been corrupted by a main villain, ie Discord. The only change now is that Twilight is an alicorn, a powerful being with the title of princess. It doesn't change the fact that Twilight can be coerced, bribed, persuaded, and belittled. In many ways she can be corrupted, not that it would be easy. There are multiple ways she could turn to the dark side, it's just whether or not it would be sense to do this again. Discord had already broken her spirit before, turning her into a depressed, self-loathing gray pony. We've already seen Nightmare Moon being the overtly jealous, evil sorceress. What else could you do for a corrupted character?
  9. Well, if I were to think more big picture I would train Pinkie to be able to use her 4th wall abilities and amazing tracking skills to spawn amazing bakery items from cupcakes to thick, hearty breads so that she could personally jump all over the world to feed the hungry, solving world hunger problems. Then in the next phase I use the new found popularity and have her encourage more funding to future MLP episodes and spin-offs so that we could all enjoy and learn the magic of friendship. Then I'd convince to break the forth wall, create a portal to bring all her pony friends over, and find a secluded island in the pacific where we could create a little trading town where people could come party and create a sustainable economy by making it an amazing tourist attraction where people can come and enjoy Pinkie's parties and other events.
  10. It's the internetz, where everypony is free to state their opinions. This is a digital land where trolls exist, flame wars occur every five seconds and where people may take things way too seriously. I like Lauren Faust and I appreciate her works, but at the same time it doesn't hurt to have input from other creative sources. Do I like the newer episodes and movie? not really. Do I still enjoy them just as well? Yeah. One dude posts his opinion and suddenly we lose our crap. Neither one is in the wrong about this. To be honest I'm more concerned about his grammar. "I'm just going to say this, and I mean not offense..." - Adam Bolden I'm sure he meant no offense but yeah, try to at least double check your work before posting something. If you're aiming to burn someone on the internet might as well do it correctly. In fact you don't even need to sound apologetic about it.
  11. Lol, well don't keep us waiting for your reasons. Please inform us why you think Rarity would be paired with PB? I'd like to know, considering I never saw Prince Blueblood make another appearance save for the gala. Rarity wouldn't make a good shipping with Spike because unless there's more to expand on their relationship, Spike's infatuation with Rarity is only in the 'puppy love' stage, hence the physical metaphor of Spike being a dog and Rarity, a human. It's not a mature, passionate love that would make a good example meant for children (IE how someone meets their other, gets to know them, falls in love, and makes that real next step in commitment). If the writers could do it somehow by having Spike truly accept Rarity for all her strengths and flaws then I would say that love could definitely blossom for them. Otherwise, just pair him up with another pony his age whether it's one of the CMC or even a new character. That way there's more to expand on his character development, going from having to get over his crush, to finding somepony else, to learning to know what real love is, etc. There's potential but it just seems that Hasbro or the show's director doesn't want Spike to grow up, at least not that quickly.
  12. Good luck, I hope you get better then. Just make sure your friends are careful about overdoing it, though given by the sounds of it, looks like they've already went too far. Best thing for a cold is bed rest and drinking lots of lukewarm fluids.
  13. Keep in mind a character may appear overpowered if the writers do a bad job of portraying that character. Twilight is very powerful in comparison to other ponies in the MLP universe. That doesn't mean that she is too over powered, it just means that the writers will have to approach her character in a different way in order to show conflict. Remember, regardless of what she has now she is still a pony that suffers from OCD, social awkwardness, fear of rejection/loss, and general anxiety. Trust me, she's got plenty of flaws as well as strengths to her character to make her interesting. If you want to put it into perspective, Celestia, Luna, Discord and possibly fully grown adult dragons are stronger than Twilight in both magic power and finesse. Without her friends, Twilight would lose in a one on one, all out magic battle against any of those mentioned above. One final thing to take note, it seems that if you can injure the horn of a unicorn you could destroy their ability to cast magic. I'm just basing this on the episode of Gabby Gums where Sweetie Belle flicks Rarity's horn in order to cease her magic levitation. It is a possible approach to temporary de-powering her though.
  14. Yeah, I'm guessing there's other factors though to consider. Twilight isn't consistent when it comes to the use of magic, sometimes she's very competent with her spell casting and other times she screws up casting them. Which core are you referring to? I thought the crown was an amplifier and the spell attack from SS the spark. The idea is also banking a lot on Twilight being so natural in magic, which I'm fine with but she has to go through this entire ordeal without any added help save for her human friends, all of which who have no idea on magic. I dunno, it just sounds like Twilight is becoming like a Mary Sue at this point considering she's able to accomplish so much without much to start out with. That and making friends with the human mane 6 and convincing them to help her win the crown within a the span of a day. At this point I'm willing to buy Twilight's amazing magic aptitude over the fact she had to become such close friends that quickly that they would go through all that trouble to help her. Then again everything in this movie is very rushed. On Sunset Shimmer's character, theres too little information on her character apart from the typical alpha bully in the school. No exact reasoning behind her motivations to steal the crown thus far or use the idea of human teenaged army plan. If she ran through the portal as a last minute getaway, I could understand her shoddy planning but it wasn't. She actually planned to go to the other universe from the very beginning. So yeah she could have murdered Twilight or just steal the crown and run away (she had ample opportunity to just switch and teleport out) as far as we know. It's a kids movie though so at least the murder option is out. Assuming Celestia is not omniscient, her flaws would be that she's too soft and kind hearted. In effect she's like a parent, she loves her ponies and wants the best of them but sometimes overlooks somepony's inherent flaws. That also means any potential evil ponies would be able to take advantage of her kindness and exploit that to the max. I'm guessing that's why her judgement was off when Twilight accused fake Cadance of being evil. She just couldn't fathom the thought. However, I just feel that for someone who has the collected knowledge of at least a thousand years, she would at least have the sense to provide adequate security in the castle. Hasn't she experienced attempted assassinations throughout her long life? How come there aren't any counter measures against magic users? Just for somepony who is very experienced, she has a very naive way of handling things. Spike didn't really do much in the movie except be a butt monkey and provide one assist to the game of keep away in the climax. I was kind of mad that he wasn't shown to be more capable than he usually was. Also speaking of characters, why are Snips and Snails working for Sunset? This is never explained. I get that they admired Trixie and wanted to emulate her in some form but the movie makes the two to be outright mean spirited. These two are the ones that should be naive and just child-like in character instead of following SS, taking creepy pictures (I cringed when they did this in the movie) and trashing the dance floor. Supposedly Sunset finding the portal is explained in the MLP comics. I never read it though. I agree that this is a pretty big plothole since it really never was explained in the movie. You could just take it step further and use the portal itself as a plothole. Celestia herself says she has no idea what is on the other side of the portal, which makes it weird to me that she would even allow it to exist, unprotected and unsealed. I mean we could discuss possibilities but again with no explanation any of us could just say she created it, found it, got curious and tested a magic spell, etc. and it wouldn't mean anything because that would beg the question of the existence of other portals. Is it possible she could open up portals to, I dunno, say Ren and Stimpy universe? Monster high? Ben 10? Given that Celestia seemed bored during the conversation with Twilight and how Luna could not discern between an obvious cut and paste photo of Twilight, I'm inclined to say that the two sisters hate their life. I'd take it a step further and say that both Celestia and Luna didn't appear in the climax to stop SS because they were hoping she would blow up the school so they could spare themselves the trouble of running it. Ah well, unless there's a spin off (retconned please), we will never find out.
  15. I'm guessing that teleportation attempt was Twilight having understood the basics of that spell in order for her to be able to cast it and subconsciously rely on her past knowledge to pull through. That, or it was a one in a million fluke. Reason stands is that so far from what we've seen in the shows is that magic manipulation requires a lot studying and practice. Unicorns have their respective private magic schools and universities, Pegasi have their flight camps and academies plus weather training to manipulate clouds, and Earth Ponies have.... school. Given what we know so far, Also keep in mind that while Twilight is a genius/hardworking unicorn, she still has to study the respective spells before she can cast them accurately (examples such as cloud walking spell, giving Rarity artificial wings, etc). So certain spells would be required to learn in order to produce the right effect. That leads me to believe that without other gestures or spells words, the horn requires subtle magic manipulation which requires some sort of memory training. Twilight does have the knowledge of casting spells as a unicorn, but not as a human being. It's like asking Harry Potter to cast magic holding wand between his teeth. I'm sure eventually he'll be able to cast it, but it still takes practice and training that Twilight never received as a human. Otherwise if we went with your reasoning, Twilight would have been able to cast spells as a human regardless of having the crown (amplifier) in the first place because she would have everything (Core, Spark, Knowledge) no matter how 'weak' her core would have been. We don't see that happening though even when she tries initially (couldn't open door with magic). Unless you want to believe that she not only absorbed the blast from SS's magic attack, but also managed to convert it to raw magic for her to use and cast a shield spell within an instant. This is also a lot of explanation for a plot hole. Yeah I can accept that. Celestia does mention that she cannot use the elements herself anymore. Whether or not she is simply lying or telling the truth, for all intents and purposes she cannot utilize the elements. However, she was betting so much on a maybe coming from Twilight in that she had to make 5 other friends who happen to possess the same qualities (genetic and personality) linking them to their respective element and being able to overcome all obstacles to defeat NM. Either the sun princess had amazing foresight or she made one heck of a gamble. I guess she's very hoofdarn lucky then. I think at this point, the whole explanation is coming from a lot of assumptions, which is good but again doesn't change the fact that since the movie or episodes didn't explain it, it still makes it a significant plot hole. I'm sure we could build enough speculative lore but I think we'd be trying to explain this issue until the next nightmare moon festival. On to another thing, doesn't anypony find it weird that Celestia didn't bother covering up the portal or at least putting preventive counter measures so ponies simply don't do exactly what SS did? That was kind of weird to me. Also the fact that Celestia doesn't decide to fix this problem by simply placing the portal where it isn't easily accessible? huh...