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  1. Hello it is nice to meet you i see we like the same element and as you can see my name is Winter Freeze and welcome

  2. Yah, I used a base. I made the pic a while ago so I was horrible at drawing mlp. My "rainbow dash is awesomest pony" pic was not using a base as it is a picture I made months later. Also, I used my iPad without a stylus so it had to be completely hand-traced, that explaining the imperfect lines... Also my slightly shaky hand...
  3. (( sorry about the advanced thing... I didn't find anything else at the time.... Sure you can join! For me, you don't even need permission, just the character(s) your using. And then just start role playing after. Er... I need something to say..... Um.. When your rife with devastation there's a simple explanation your a toy makers creation trapped inside a. Crystal ball. And whichever way he tilts it know that we must be resilient we won't let them break our spirits as we sing our silly song. When I was a little filly, a galloping blaze overtook my city so they shipped me so they shipped me off to the orphanage, said ditch those roots with you wanna fit in. So I dug 1000 holes and cut a rug with orphan foals now memories are blurred and there faces are obscured, but I still know the words to this song. When you've bungled all your bangles and your loved ones have been mangled listen to the jingle jangle of my jipsy tambourine so these chorda are hypnotysint and the whole worlds harmonizing so please children stop your crying and just sing along with me.
  4. Snow wandered the grounds of ponyvile, not seeing any pony in sight. Just then she heard voices coming from twilight's library. *there must be ponies there! I better help them out, they might need it.* snow trotted on toward twilight's house, watching as four ponies started walking out, one with a chest. She stared at them a while, wondering if she was just seeing things, or if there really was other ponies there! "Hey! Guys! Wait for me!" Snow reached the house and saw the ponies staring at her. She walked toward the red one of them. *wow! Four if them... It looks there the on,y ponies left. I have to tell THEM the truth about me.... They better not get me very angry, though.. I'd have to tell them. To run then. Wow! Are they as hungry as I am? I sure hope not, 'cause I don't see a morsel in sight!* "You must be the only ponies left here! My name is snow shimmers, have you seen my friend Redfire? I havnt seen her taken by um, discord was it? And was just wondering if you've seen her. She's too fast to have been taken! I know she's out here somewhere... But my friend wave dapple was taken and I miss her so much.. Can I join you ponies? I'm sure you could use an extra hoof.."
  5. "Huh? I havnt seen you before, or maybe I have, who knows" Snow shimmers looked behind her at her recently earned cutie mark. She never truthfully told any pony how she got it and made the lie about her realization of pure intrest with the snow and ability to create many things using it. Was it time to tell the truth? Or have everypony living in a lie. Snow was tangled in many thoughts and ideas. "Umm... Do you want to do something? Like sing? No, I just heard you doing that, or humming at least. Maybe we should talk about are interests, becoming friends! Uhhhhh...... What do you like to do?" *ugh, snow shimmers, don't make a fool of yourself! If you want to make a new friend, you should approach them differently! You can't just blabb on obout random things, oo! Is that a GOLDEN apple over there? Never Mind that, you have to be strait, calm, not bouncing of the walls like a filly pinkie pie! But seriously, that apple is completely golden, I've never seen anything like it! Ugh, and you won't see any friends if you talk in your head like this forever!* "I was simply wondering what you would like to do, that's all"
  6. Um, tried this once, picture didn't upload. Tryin' this twice, hope to death that it works! I guess I'll really just have to wait, then see. Okay! It worked! I is happys! Um okay do this is an oc of mine named wave dapple. She is princess of the sea, and Justin a mere filly! How nice to become a princess so fast... Well, then I hope you are liking my anger with this place and my iPad right now, because I'm now going to smash my face in the keyboard rgtdthiyteserfttfgkhfytijyrdfgjdgrjdtrurdutdrtu DONE.
  7. This is just a little doodle I made on my ipad. Her mane is a little more scruffy than the usual neat pony-tailed mane. I hope you guys like it! Oops, I accidentlly forgot the picture part of the picture. Silly me. Silly, silly me. Well then I better post this, yay and done! Grrrrrrrr!! Not. Working. Not. Working. My. Head. Is. Going. To. Explode. Right. Now. I. Really. Hope. Things. Work. Out. Now. I. Am. Hating. Thissssssssssssssss!!
  8. Um, tried this once, picture didn't upload. Tryin' this three times! hope to death that it works! I guess I'll see... Again, yay? So this is a picture of rainbow dash I made in my spare time. Hope you like it! Okay, didn't work. What am I going to do? Try again! Yippie for me! Pretty sure this is going to work. Only one way to find out though.
  9. Snow woke up in the strange world of blocks. "Where-where am I?" She asked to herself. One of the other ponies told her its a place called minecraft. Snow saw some of the pony punching wood in the forests. Ouch, that must hurt, she thought, but she decided to do it herself. She learned how to make materials and soon made a wooden pickaxe, shovel, and sword, a house, of wood with a bed, a cobblestone pickaxe and sword, a furnace, 6 coal, 2 iron ore, and a very small wheat farm, with a bucket. That looks good, snow thought. She really needed someone to work with, though. She sat on her bed. It was getting late, and she heard about the creepers and zombies that lurked in the dark. Snow shut her window, and went to sleep. Snow was tired from all the work. She saw other ponies way ahead of her. "Hey!" She screamed, "any pony want to help me over here! Preferably somepony who won't easily make me angry, can't say why, though! I really want to return to equestria! Please!" Snow looked around to see if any pony, any pony at all, could hear, or car to answer, her cries for some help.
  10. Snow shimmers is no ordinary pony, she has a dark side too. If she gets angry, her dark side will burst out! This is the story we will create about this mysterious mare. To get started, when she was a filly, a dark force called nemore engulfed her. Happily, after struggle, she regained control, giving her cutie mark, a snowflake, to represent the good she fights, so strongly to keep. Her evil form is called flaming darkness. No pony knows that she is flaming darkness, at least not yet. After the nemore got snow, many ponies have gone missing, and no pony knows or even has a clue why. Snow shimmers unicorn magic is not as powerfull As most unicorns. Perhaps your character has a dark side, I'd love to see it! Might be a cute disaster , or a cool bro, I don't know. This is my first time doing this so everything might not be perfect, but oh well. I'm unsure where this will go, I guess we'll find out! My rules for this will, simply be no kissing, cussing, spamming, or very unfriendly actions to a pony without their permission, and don't go too far off topic. Snow wandered the ground endlessly, searching for a crystal of magic in the deep woods of the ever free forest. She heard a roar behind her. A lions roar. "Aaaaaaa!" She screemed, beginning to gallop away. But the lion was too fast. It opened its mouth for another roar. "Kocadoodle-doo!" It screamed "wha?" Asked snow, lifting one of her hooves in confusion. "Kok-a-doodle-doo!." The lion screemed once more. It charged at her. Snow closed her and turned her head, a hoove around her face. Suddenly it was quiet. Snow opened her eyes to see her laying on a pile of hay at Sweet Apple Acres. "Few, it was just a dream" snow turned her head to see a rooster perched on a fence next to her. "Kok-a-doodle-doo" it said. Snow got up and decided to go over to ponyvile. "Maby there's somepony to talk to", she thought. Snow went to have breakfast with the apples, an apple muffin, with cider and a red delicious. "Thanks for the food!" Said snow on her way out. She took a moment to enjoy the view, the birds in the sky, the delicious apple orchard, the sweet smeeling grass, and trotted on towards ponyvile.
  11. Snow Shimmers/Flaming Darkness
  12. I really like how your oc looks. It's cool, cute, etc. I will be looking for a colored version on here! O.o XD I am an artist, too. And I like pie.
  13. Wow!thats really good! And cute too. It kind of fills me joy, looking at it. I'm going to have to try making something like that. XD
  14. I find this kind or funny And always be rarity, eh? She's not my favorite pony ever but has a great personality, so, I guess, if you can, always be rarity