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  1. I'd be alright with it, as long as Hasbro doesn't make them extremely open about it. Passively, it would be a nice addition, but if they just pop out a flashy neon rainbow and pink homosexual-cutie mark wearing pony yelling "IM GAY", then that would be terrible. Forcing new (for the most part) ideas to the target audience, children, would definitely spark some controversy in parents. As long as they play it right, I'm down with it.
  2. I care about the brony fandom, because I can talk and discuss things with them that I can't to others without being criticized and hated on. It's like a second part of me, that exists only in the brony fandom. Plus, there's always new shit and drama going on. o/
  3. \o/ Minecraft \o/ I've been playing on a friend's whitelisted server recently, since I'm a Mod and whatnot. It's been quite, though there's a lot of people that can't follow simple rules, and it's really annoying having to track each of them down.
  4. I... I play Castle Crashers a lot... I'm sure you can guess which one's my favorite. Plus I like fire, born in Summer, Orange is my favorite color, and Ruby is my birthstone. \o/
  5. No. I'm with 4chan. Those teenager motherfuckers need to get lit aflame and stepped on by someone. I hope they drink battery acid and slit their throats, because they are quite literally the cancer of this world. They can bully others, but leave the goddamn animals out of this, especially a near-extinct one. The tortoise species are legally protected for a reason. I hope their parents are proud.
  6. I use near-perfect grammar most of the time, and seeing improper and childish typing, ESPECIALLY on YouTube, makes me want to drink battery acid and kick an orphan into low-orbit simultaneously.
  7. I'm trying to get every trophy for the PSVita version of Terraria and Jetpack Joyride, and I've been playing Minecraft and Castle Crashers recently.
  8. I like the new title card. Thanks ~Adorkable!

  9. It's a show that I watch and enjoy. A show that's led me into a community filled with fun personalities and conflicts alike. Bronies themselves are a whole 'nother story, but MLP has just been a show I like and watch. Not much inspiration or life-changing happened, since I'm not very active as a brony.
  10. My 8 year old cat died this morning in her sleep. If I seem out of character or sad, that's why.

  11. If I had 8 bucks a month, I'd throw it at Jagex, just so that I can play Runescape 2007. The new Runesacpe is... less fun.
  12. Ender Dragon's easy. Snowballs for the healing crystals and a pumpkin for the Endermen down below. Getting to the Ender Dragon is harder, due to the mass amount of diamond armor and tools, getting to the Nether, and then getting the Eyes of Ender just to reach the Stronghold and to activate the portal.