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  1. Back, I had some personal issues that was and is in need to deal with, but I'm returning with updates. A gift art for my other brother. Dragon Hybrid Paws closes in on his target on the city rooftops, now the real fun begins. === Found an old character in my archives that I wanted to redesign, this might end up as becoming a series of characters based off of martial art disciplines. An undefeated streak, a perfect athlete's body and a science genius, if you need a description about Dice Carloman, Flawless is the only word you need to know about her. === Karate is up next. A bodyguard to the business industrialist, Lexington Draco, Chang Lightning has been sent to the tournament to promote the Ryuken Dojo, a relentless Karate training camp were mercy is abandoned. === Capoeira joins the party. Pop star singer and dancer, the bubbly Gen Gen Silva enters the fray, bringing her mastery of Capoeira passed down from the Silva family, along with her high powered dance skills to mix it up a bit. === Fu-Jow-Pai(Tiger Claw System) A former soldier of the Chinese Special Ops, Tao Huang wishes to spend the peaceful days as a medicine specialist to help the financially poor in the big city. However, with his daughter suffering from a disease that a highly expensive medical operation can cure, Tao knows that the tournament prize money will be enough to save his daughter. I need to balance out the disciplines, I got a lot of strikers made, I need grapplers now.
  2. Mole-estia joke aside. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I am a little confused about what's hated or not in the fandom. We have Sad Pinkie(I know what the fandom calls her, I don't know why they call her by her full name in her psychotic state) who kidnaps and tortures other by chopping them alive and adding them into baked goods, and people flood the internet with so much fan art devoted to her. And Rainbow Dash who runs a secret, blood harvesting factory(Sorry if I got that wrong, I never read that fan fic, the only reference I got was from "Captain Hook, The Biker Gorilla,") and someone makes a song devoted to the fic. But a molesting Princess gets a misguided group who are devoted to wipe her off the internet... *Insert the Jackie Chan picture in Pony form here*
  3. Molestia? I really see no reason to hate, there's no point, she's a rather well designed fan character based off of the Princess. I think people should just calm down and take a deep breath and respect this fan character. Molestia is best underground princess.
  4. I'll go ahead and drop this pic here. A little quickie pic, joking around about the recent poll on EQD. Somepony's biding his time. One day, all the OCs will know the versatile merchant that is Mellow Trades. ... ... ... Maybe not... But possibly... ((A proverbial cookie for those who get the reference.))
  5. watching the videos that the OCs star in are always fun to watch, I can't really pick a favorite, but I'll go with saying what I like about the ones that come to mind. Fluffle Puff's child like hyperactivity is always fun and unexpected. Button's is a new one I enjoy, rather loud, but not a very obnoxious character, very tolerable and adorable. (And I will throw in Button's Mom in as well, because I always liked the maternal wise woman archetypes.) Thrackerzod(not sure if officially an OC...)from the Mentally Advanced Series because of it's misguided confidence of being a normal Pony. And Aurora from the same series, poor kid's just trying to display intelligence, heh heh. I saw the same poll at EQD as well, and I couldn't help but draw a quick pic with Mellow Trades, don't ask my why or how I the idea came to... Somepony's biding his time. A proverbial cookie for those who gets the reference.
  6. I'll probably look back on this fandom as I look back at the Pokemon fandom. This seems to have had the same reaction that the Pokemon fandom did when it showed up to america, it'll slow down, but the fans will keep it going.
  7. I do like her magenta eyes. I don't mind seeing the red eyes that people draw up, but the problem is a lot of people give a lot of hate to the cannon eyes. A lot of people even give me a lot of guff over my own work because I used her magenta eyes, some people just need to relax.
  8. I think of myself as moderate. I don't bring up liking the show unless if someone asks, but I watch the episodes and draw one or two pony based images and some commissions for the love of the series.
  9. Happy birthday, Orin! :)

  10. I do want to see Discord again, not as a full episode, but maybe a clip with him giving his own advice to deal with a situation of an episode. And I'm glad Rarity's getting more episodes, she's always a fun character to watch getting her hooves dirty.
  11. Next is up, some Guild Wars Action. The friends of Tyria out enjoying some fresh air after being stuck in Orr for weeks. The Charr Engineer, Nail, who prefers chef duties and making helpful household turrets over war and domination like other Charrs, is finally catching up on his subscription to Turrets Weekly, maybe they published his article he sent about his design for the turret that dispenses hand held pies. And the Asura Guardian, Geopaw, an odd Asura who perfers life outside the lab, is just happy that the latest volume of her favorite book series, The Lusty Asurian Maid, is finally out, so don't bother trying to talk to her until She's read it cover to cover. ---- The next update will be a while, I'm busy setting up a professional portfolio to add to my resume, I've been working on sending them out to indie games to start with, looking to land something and get some experience in a career. I have a few more summer pics to finish up while i'm working on concept images to promote, characters will be: Kage Nicole And Gaggyllak
  12. I think they are well designed, both the eyes and expressions are well made, keep up the great work.
  13. Here are some of my summer pics I have been working on for this season. Starting off some summertime pics for the season, hoping to get as much done as I can during the time. First off, here's pop star hopeful/accidental bounty hunter, Gen-Gen Silva enjoying herself on a beach shore. She follows the three Fs for summer: Friends, Fun and Food! Emphasis on the last one. I couldn't decide on her hair to be original color(above,) or color her hair to match the setting, so why not both? === Here comes Miogei. The Arcane Academy is out for the next three weeks for summer break, so the students and staff alike is visiting the island for some R&R. But if there's vacant sports gear, Miogei is anything but for relaxing. Try your hand against her at some Volleyball, She doesn't mind if it's 1 on 2 either, because 1 on 5 wasn't enough either... === Professor Flaoers joins the party. When you have the infamous mad scientist on your island, 89% satisfaction is not enough. Usually, this hermit would have never left her lab for a summer outing, but we here at Trade's Island had her at Banana Rum. I do have a few more, but some might find them a little NSFW.
  14. Posting some of my older works from a project I'm self studying for. DA Gallery: The Spellbound Project I am setting up pics and ideas for a fighting game concept, where all fighters are wizards who specialize in one of either six studies(Mind, Body, Soul, Shadow, Wave and Arcaneer.) The first arc of the series follows the newest edition of students of the Arcane Academy School Of Magic called Group 12. The main protagonist, Miogei, is the youngest to enter the Academy and is also known as a Prodigy to the Mind Arcana. However, she also carries and powerful, but deadly, artifact known as the Grimoire Cauchemerduex that Crime Lord E'Ral Dagoth wants. Meanwhile, the Kitewater Military are on the verge of owning the Arcane Academy for their own uses while Kitewater City is being haunted by an abomination that has been taking people away at night. Right now, here is the images for the fighter's roster, twelve total. This isn't a concrete plan to make a fighting game right now, but I have been studying and improving my work to one day make it a reality. Fighters of Group 12. The Arcane Prodigy: Miogei. Arcana: Mind. Balance Type. A Gypsy from the swampland, Shadowmare, Miogei joins to become a student of the Arcane Academy in hopes to lift the curse of the evil book she carries, The Grimoire Cauchemardeux. A fan of sports, Miogei uses both her mental will and knowledge of popular sports of Outhere to mimic movements and objects to gain victory in arcane combat. The Dynamic Rolla! Rygal Norton. Arcana: Body. Rushdown Momentum Type. The self-proclaimed leader of the inputs, Rygal hails from the Midmist District, fights are almost common in his residence and word of mouth says he's taken down all rivals in the district. Rygal was enrolled to the Academy to learn control and discipline in his actions, but his impatience and short temper might be a snare in that path. Hit fast in all directions at once, fast enough to be in three or more places at once, almost impossible to hit and the "Bad Guy" attitude just might be hiding that glass jaw he's born with too... The Iron Comrade: Andro Kind. Arcana: Body. Heavy Powerhouse Type. A resident from the arctic lands of Zerohs, Andro was accepted into the Arcane Academy after saving his town from an organized bandit raid. Although physically the strongest in the input group, Andro is a lover before a fighter and will kill with kindness(and Bear hugs) before leaving his opponents as a crater mark in the ground. A combination of a striker and grappler, Andro's Arcana helps him create shock waves to open the ground under his opponents, slowing then down enough to catch up and give them a nice hug. The Desert Eye: Rasheed Afsar. Arcana: Soul. Power Up Type. A shape changer from the Red Wall Desert. Like many Soul Arcanas of the Red Wall Desert, Rasheed has made a pact with the ancestral Tortoise, Halakamir, blessing him with strong offensive or defensive powers with each prayer to the Tortoise spirit. Rasheed has a balance of mid range offense and defense, however, He has the ability to increase either attack or defense powers for every prayer he finishes to Halakamir or even receiving enough charge for more powerful special attacks, as well as the ability to shift into his Sand Dragon form for a short time. ----- Fighters of Criminal Organization: Obelisk. The Master Crime Lord: E'Ral Dagoth. Arcana: Soul. Trapper Type. With connections in major cities in Outhere, E'Ral is untouchable by the law. His plans for the Grimoire Cauchemardeux is vague, but "Big things will happen for this world" if the book is in his possession. E'ral Spirit contract is with the ancient twins of thunder and lighting, giving him control of powerful spirit minions and ancestral storms. The Gentleman Armor: Arthur Van Buren. Arcana: Arcaneer. Rushdown Mix-Up Type. The final member of the Obelisk roster. Charm hides his deception, just as his armor hides his countless assassin grade weapons powered by magic and creativity. Wearing the suit of arcana armor that carries a variety of weapons and firearms. Hammer Guns, Rocket Boots, Scatter Shots and even an AI is just a few of many ways to defeat an opponent. The Unborn Glacier: Coldstone. Arcana: Mind. Grappler Type. Suspected to be a former Military soldier who dies decades ago from a Necromancer attack at the Arcane Academy. Now working under the hands of E'Ral, no one is sure of the construct's motives of his destructive use of power. Using the mind arcana, he is able to expand the ice from his body to generate defensive and offensive walls and weapons of ice, as well as creating blizzards at will. Be warned when trying to grapple with him, you might end up finding yourself encased in ice instead. The Mad Tangle: Alice. Arcana: Shadow. Stance Type. A strange child born from a disgraced tribe of Gypsies. Her clownish personality and hours of talking about nothing may not win her any awards anytime soon, but her skills as an illusionist has already earned her top spot in the Obelisk organization. Very speedy and hard to hit, Alice enjoys showing off her illusion and contortion tricks to throw off the opponent by creating off fighting stances, such as the tangled mess that is the "Tornado Scarecrow", the airborne styles of the "Skeleton Butterfly" and the ever vicious "See Saw." The Wandering Vengeance: Gemini. Arcana: Body. Momentum Beatdown Type. Born and raised in the Blood Pits Arena, This member of the criminal group, Obelisk, lives to prove her strength, only to one day find the demon father that created her and kill him for leaving her to die in the pits. Gemini is no-nonsense when it comes to arcane combat, She's never been the one to hold her punches. "Pussyfooting's for those who needs a fist through their skull." ----- Third Party Fighters. The Grand Leader: General Vorago. Arcana: Arcaneer. Semi-Grapler Type. A firm believer of peace through control, Vorago seeks to gain control of the Arcane Academy to convert all mages to work only as trained soldiers and not as they were trained for many years. With the nearing disasters ahead, Vorago's control may just come to past. Vorago's fighting style is a no-nonsense, disciplined combat style. Mixed with the addition of high end Arcaneer weaponry, Vorago will be a challenge for even the skilled mage. The Leaf Tailed Bandit: Tenten. Arcana: Shadow. Sniper Type(Joke Character.) The sharpest tool in this Imp's disposal will always be her silver tongue, and if words are out of the question, flailing around, throwing anything she can grab and hiding behind her opponent's back while stealing their stuff is always the next best thing. Being small and sleek, Tenten will have to rely on attacking fast and often, stealing or applying conditions under her opponent's noses and using whatever she pulls out of her Infinity Satchel. Although her arcana helps her greatly, it has the tendency to loose control is she's not careful... The Imperfect Homunculus: Gaggyllak. Arcana: Mind. Transformer Type. Once the Arch Mages find out where this thing hides and when it attacks, Kitewater City's curfew is not only mandatory, but a matter of life or death. Gaggyllak method of fighting is to use whatever trash that was collected against it's opponents, shaping it's body to create weapons and even going as far as taking a form of another mage. I will post my more recent works later, I am currently working on a portfolio to add to my resume, but more will be on the way. I just like to share these characters. Here are the images for the NPCs of the series. Group 15(Student Seniors.) From left to right. The Beryl Boys(Cid and Ren): Two best friends who are experts in the Shadow Arcana. Zahar relies on their espionage expertise to get information she wants. Brock Ulfr(below): A professional arcaneer smith, Zahar likes having him around so he can give her the latest information on technology before anyone else knows, plus Chupacabras make for comfortable foot rests. Mango Tanner(above): A Mer-Folk and expert of the Mind Arcana. A usual space cadet, Mango is always eager to be Zahar's "you go first" decoy. But just add water, and he can be an unstoppable force. Alejandra Domingo: A Mind Arcana expert and Zahar's go to librarian, any historic information Zahar wants, Alejandra is the go to for any and all info from the library or off the top of her head. Zahar Renepa VII: The leader of Group 15 and Little Miss Popular. Having enough charm towards the teachers, she's almost free to do whatever she wants in the Academy, plus having an over-indulging grandfather who's also the teacher of the Soul Arcana doesn't hurt either. But don't let her valley girl lifestyle fool you, A member of the Renepa House doesn't get where she is by batting her eyelashes. The Academy Teachers. Nova Lenmana Of Body: A Minotaur born from the mountain tribe of Storm Summit. Along with her Arcana mastery, Nova is known to be one of the best in wrestling style discipline. She takes her work seriously, even after she happily downs a whole keg of Dizzy Water. Akira St.Rose Of Mind: Residing in the capital city of Kitewater, Akira is rather an odd one, no one knows the reason for her sickly appearance, just don't say anything bad about her, she just might be standing behind you without warning. Sirius Le Mort Of Shadow: A narcissistic gentleman from K'zaa city, Sirius specializes more of the corruption arts of the shadow Arcana. Highly suspicious, he seems to have a fascination with younger females, a strange one at that. Kaizer Badname Of Wave(above): Formally a janitor of the Academy, Kaizer was relocated to be a substitute teacher after the last teacher went AWOL. Kaizer is the only expert of the dying Wave Arcana, mages who specialize in generating sound magic with vocals or musical instruments. Kaizer is the most laid back of the six and the least to be taken seriously. Zii Yaffa Of Arcaneer(below): Born in the Kitewater District, Her father being a Chupacabra might explain her obsession with Arcaneer creations. Zii knows that even if Arcaneers have the lowest connection to magic, they can be just as superior, and she'll remind you of it every time. Zahar Renepa V Of Soul: The "King Of Passion," Zahar is all about the Soul Arcana and the superiority of House Renepa, but nothing makes him happier than to see the youth of all Arcana, Although he has the tendency to spoil his granddaughter greatly, whether it's spoiling her with gift and personal magic training. Don't let him catch you in any wrong doings either, He'll have you run laps around the campus on your hands. The Arch Mages. Asuka Law: Born an immigrant from the Farwaters, Asuka suffered from severe Catacomb Blindness, leaving her vision completely in the dark, But with her natural traits and her mastery of the Wave Arcana, Asuka's vision is known to be better than any bat's. Asuka's weapon of choice is custom paddle called The Siren's Nail, swung like a sword, it can generate beautiful sounds that can be her opponent's demise. Amaranth Zelchova(above): Also the elder guardian of the Astral Forest and the most powerful Soul Mage, Amaranth's power is provided by the billions of souls, bugs and woodland critters alike, that has been given refuge by her throughout her 200+ year lifespan. She's titled herself to be the goodwill ambassador to the academy. Nicole Delphine: The Security Enforcer of the Academy. Proving time and again to be the strongest Mind Mage currently, Nicole prefers to use trickery tactics, while magic comes to her naturally, she gets a kick out of controlling the minds of the weak, whether it is provided by magic or her natural charm, one would never know. Iron Takoda: The leader of the Arch Mages, His mastery of the Body Arcana is said to border that of a legendary Arch Mage Supreme. Iron is a no nonsense individual who is said to be cruel and merciless to the students who would defy their teachers and otherwise try and cause a bad name to the academy.
  15. I don't have much pony art at the moment, but I'll share the latest ones I have. These two also has my OC, Mellow Trades, a Clydesdale who runs the best(if not, shadiest) mobile stores. The first one was stuck in my head while playing Anarchy Reigns, the dynamic pairing of the Vinyl Scratch and Mellow Trades ready to take on any Mutants and Cybrids in Altrotba, Marevallin to earn that paper. . === A contest entry for a DA group: "Come to Mellow Trades' House of Wonders, the store that has everything(not even exaggerating about it) you'll ever want or need."