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  1. Hey randy, do you want me to get you some food? Yeahhhhhhh. What do you want? Mcdonaldssss
  2. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO SERIOUS! Willem yells across the temple slowly (but seriously, mind you) advancing towards the serious intruder who called himself serious sam. About halfway there Willem reaches into his backpack (while fumbling about) and pulls out the coffee cannon, he filled the tank with his favorite seriously steamy beverage, and seriously loaded the cream launcher attachment. Willem seriously draws on Serious Sam, ready to fire
  3. I gotta go to sleep, night guys!

  4. Willem took a look down at his filthy mud covered hands and seriously gazed out of his hiding spot at the intruder in his serious temple just a minute ago he had been seriously chatting with his serious friend evil nightmares, but he had to take a serious dump. What are you doing here? Said willem walking out of the serious brush, serious gun drawn on the serious intruder.
  5. If a mod is reading this it's an inside joke so seriously don't be a hater while I figure out how to invite to a private RP, (filling in space for minimum text limit, how's the weather been? Nice huh, yeah I think so too.) fjords nemhoynemoynhemoy dhchhdhcjxjcjchc
  6. Despite being bi and atheist and going against everything the CEO stands for, Chic-fil-a makes a damn good spicy chicken sandwich, and have you ever tried the waffle fries!? you beat me to it. I posted before I went too page two
  7. I'm still singing Welcome to The Black Parade.

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      that song is great

  8. Do you ever friend someone who status updates a lot, look at your notifications, and just know you done diddly fucked up

    1. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      I'm friends with Sir Flutterhooves but latey he hasn't updated for reason

    2. Jamesblorg39welsh


      Me too, it's wierd

  9. Steven updates his status so much that I saw a notification after just checking it, and yelled GODAMNIT STEVEN! Wish I could be online that much

  10. Y'all are weird spicy nacho is where it's at
  11. I missed my morning cup of coffee, so my friend got me some when he went to dunkin donuts, He out two godamn espresso shots in it, dick

  12. Well now, I haven't see you since, how long has it been?

    1. Jamesblorg39welsh


      Oh god, like what, 3-4 months. School sucks cause I can't keep up with all the people here. That's why I can't wait for summer.

    2. Geek0zoid
  13. Feels awesome to be back! What's going on with you guys?

  14. Hi there muffin lover it seems you messed up the spoiler buttons, (don't worry I've been here a year and I still can't get them down) nice to meet you. Just a warning as I do with many new members you'll be barraged with dumb conversations in your pm, so prepare yourself