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  1. I may or may not have had a giganti crush on The Legend of Zelda's Midna from 2006 onward... But I think that's the only "serious" one I've ever had.
  2. I was introduced to the fandom through the FurAffinity Forums over two years ago. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I grew to really enjoy the fandom!
  3. Hey guys, Nathan here. Oh, I guess I also go by Soren, too. Anyways, I was out for dinner last night with Feld0 and a couple other people, and Feld0 made me Pinkie Pie Swear that I'd sign up for the forum, so here I am! Guess I should provide a little background though, huh? I've been around in this here fandom for over two years now, my first episode was Season One, Episode 20, "Green Isn't Your Color". Ever since then, I've always liked the show and it's creators. The characters and lore is awesome too, as well as the incredible amount of fan-created content. Um, let's see... Well, Luna is best pony, "It's About Time" is my favourite episode, and BronyCAN's Apricity is the best OC of ever, hands down. I haven't done too much in the fandom, due to my extensively busy schedule outside of the Internet, but I am working on something very, very important: The BronyCAN 2013 Charity Auction. I'm very excited to be working for the con, and can't wait 'till August so that we can show you what we've got! We've all got a lot of work to do. And that, MLPForums, is why I was at dinner with Feld0. Anyways, pleasure to meet y'all, you should see me around a bit as soon as I find my bearings! Nathan "Drake" Rogers, A.K.A. SorenThePegasus BronyCAN Charity Auction Coordinator, 2013