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  1. Been gone for so long...

  2. Well, it's a matter of opinion; it's similar to asking "Why is Rainbow Dash the favorite out of the Mane 6?" There is no definite answer as everyone has their own favorite character from the show.
  3. exam week is over ftw. my 2nd semester will be so much easier..

  4. you have a account on Coaster-net? ._. I have an acc there, but I haven't logged in for over a year. I'm mainly on Nolimits-Exchange

  5. I still have RCT3 to this day; I don't touch it as much as I used to, though. I plan on NoLimits 2 when it gets released soon. If any of you want to design more realistic rides in a software, it will be a good treat.
  6. I am left handed penmenship wise;for everything else, it doesn't matter which hand I use even though I use my left hand for majority of the stuff I do.
  7. Probably no change at all, or very little, if you get what I mean: Their roles would change, but their personalities wouldn't. Plus, the back story of Luna being jealous of Celestia would probably still occur. So, I don't really see a change except Luna taking the 'motherly & guidance' role.
  8. If TS gets a "upgrade," then you might as well clone her, lol. But, in all seriousness, I don't think she'll get an extra horn, wings, and so on. The Alicorn controversy is enough for now, and apparently most people don't really support the "transformation into a Alicorn." A superior race to Alicorns would only be put down, and most likely be criticised negatively.
  9. First to get married would most probably be Rarity, and I guess Twilight wouldn't be too far behind, that's if she ever finds someone in her local town. First to get prego would be Pinkie, considering how hyper and excited she is all the time, I don't see it being any different. Biggest family would go to AJ. There really is no need for an explaination after seeing how big the Apple family is.
  10. I have a feeling that if he did have a cutie mark, it would have to be crystals or something along that nature; maybe a gradient of a red & light grey crystal?
  11. Dammit. Some of my laptop keys won't work correctly and now I have to get them replaced -_-

  12. There are too many favorite quotes to list but this one is too funny to forget it so easily xD: "Look out! Here comes Tom!" Gets me everytime, lmao.
  13. Most likely it's going to be the same like it always have, except there'll probably be more quests, further exploration throughout Equestria (Manehattan or Las Pegasus episode, anyone?).
  14. Yeah, I know how that feels. Not getting any feedback on something you created can get quite irritating at times so you can know how to improve. And I do agree with you about being recognized; then again, this community is quite large, so more stuff seems to be overlooked and doesn't normally earn some amount of recognition (constructive criticism comes to mind). That's how I feel when I write up a fanfiction, or some type of story in general. The only issue is, sometimes, it gets difficult to expand on the idea and go more in depth with it; and even when you go along with a story, you end up thinking of new ideas for it. Nope. You are not the only one who listens to songs on repeat, because I tend to do that pretty much every day xD And @@Batbrony, That is a good suggestion, although I barely have any friends that proofreads stories often, mainly because they aren't the best person for asking for advice on grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. As for reading high-quality stories, I tend to read those quite often. There's a well made fanfiction that I sometimes read just for enjoyment, and the first time I read it was back in 2008, I think. And thanks everyone who gave out advice, i'll try to think of something for my stories soon Also, if for some reason any one of you seem interested in what story I lost motivation of, just shoot me a PM. I won't mind.
  15. Alright, so i'm looking for advice, and some motivation to start making some stories again. For starters, I do have a Fanfiction and Fimfiction account, although I barely go on Fanfiction since it has turned into quite a ghost town since the last time I visited the site, which was late last year; and I tend to go on Fimfiction just for reading other peoples' works for now. I have not made a story based on MLP, but I did make some stories back in 2010-late 2011, and at the time being I enjoyed making stories & chapters, and still do on occasions (if i'm motivated enough). I have tried to finish a story back in August 2012, but I only managed to finish 2 chapters before I lost motivation, and had no interest in updating it for a while. So, some of you may be wondering why would I would be asking for advice if I have no motivation to story making at the time being. Well, to answer that, I was looking through some of my junk files on my laptop and I found a few of the story chapters i've first made; along a few 'character background' files for a story I decided to start on because I had nothing to do at the time and some of my friends on Skype suggested that I should try to create a story for fun. After reading some of those files, I somewhat missed creating new stories and finishing chapters to a ongoing story. I guess some of my motivation came back, although i'm not entirely sure if I would even be bothered to create another chapter or story or not, even though I would love to have that feeling again. Well, to end this, I would like to know from any story writer or a former story writer, how would you guys go about gaining motivation to finishing up a story? This has been a problem for me ever since I started making my first multi-chapter story, and along with being a Junior in HS, this won't help much. I will appreciate the advice given.