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    I still have no idea who best pony is. Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy?
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    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    Gravity Falls
    You. Yeah, I'm watching you like Pinkie Pie.

About Me

Well, I first got into MLP in July 2013... the 9th, I think it was? It was nearing the summer break at the time, so that time off was me living and breathing MLP, and moping over not being able to go to Equestria. Ah, those were the days...

And joining this community

how emotionally fragile I am, so please go easy on me if you have any issues with me.


I also occasionally post fics.


A short Equestria Girls story - Flash tries to go through the statue portal to see Twilight, but he may have slightly miscalculated.


Random idea I had just now - Twilight casts an obscure spell to try and fix Pinkie's broken puppet, but it has some unforeseen effects.


Plaything - Orchid Petal, a lonely young filly, discovers a creepy doll with mystic properties that could be just what she needs to spend more time with her friends.


Oh, and those lower down are my RP OCs. They're all WIP, but I still get away with entering them into RPs. Except for one time. I'm not naming names, but I received criticism that shattered me for a long time...

That's us!


Yes, yes, Riley. Excuse him, he likes meeting new people.


How about I perform a song? *clears throat*


*shoves Riley away*


Hey, stop that, Anala! *attempts to separate Anala from Riley* *gets beaten to a pulp* Urgh... she is quite the fighter... anyway, just shoot me a PM if you wanna chat or 1x1 RP...

My OCs:


Riley - The Goofball (who also has a crush on Anala) - "Why do you think I'm stupid? I'm just eccentric, okay? Huge difference."


Anala - The Fiery Jock - "Any problem can be solved with a flaming plank of wood with spikes attached!"

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