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  1. Rainbow Eclipse

    Open Cutie Mark Crusade!

    @, "Oh. I do believe I have heard of that game somewhere. Perhaps we could try it out sometime?" said Riley. "I have quite an assortment of games for the Super Neightendo and GameColt. Ponio, Pokémane, Zeldock, Maretroid, Final Foaltasy..." He continued rattling off names.
  2. @, "We were both thirteen when we met," said Riley. "We're about the same age, except Anala is older than me by a few months. Now we're twenty." "See, it was the first day of a new school year," said Anala. "I saw a bully trying to take Riley's lunch money, and I recognised said bully as the one who had done that same thing to me before when I didn't have a cutie mark. I couldn't stand to see it happen to another pony." "I ran over and told the bully to leave Riley alone. The bully got all cocky until I showed him my flank and said, 'Don't mess with the pony with a bow and arrow fo
  3. I wish I could talk to someone about something bad I did when I was twelve, but I'm too ashamed to even say what it is...

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    2. Rainbow Eclipse

      Rainbow Eclipse

      I'll think about it.

    3. MozillaToast


      It's OK, we all do things we regret.

    4. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles Rainbow* I'll be here for you if you want buddy! =)

  4. @, Anala listened to Tempest's backstory. She winced at the mention of having his wing broken. "I started out in a more rural area for the first few years of my life, but then my parents split and my mom left. My dad had to move to Manehattan to get a cheaper living space for me, my sister, and my brother." "I thought that it was going to be the end of all those days I spent frolicking in the fields, but fortunately, there was one in Manehattan. The one we're in as we speak." "I lived in Manehattan all my life," said Riley. "I do make trips to Ponyville monthly, though."
  5. Do you know what Rule 63 is?

    1. Eloquence
    2. Rainbow Eclipse

      Rainbow Eclipse

      I was wondering about Male!lEloquence (I imagine R63s of pretty much everything). Would he be sort of chivalrous? It seems like a good equivalent to Fem!Eloquence's 'feminist' demeanour (or something along those lines).

    3. Eloquence


      I wouldn't say that, per se. I think he'd be kind to everypony, without paying a pony's gender any mind. I suppose there wouldn't be much difference at all aside from looks

  6. @, "That's what the spirit of Hearth's Warming will do to you," Riley told Tempest Shift with a smile. Anala smiled and shook her head at her friend's comment. She then turned to face Tempest. "So, Tempest Shift... where exactly did you say you were from?" she asked.
  7. @, "Hey, it's okay man. If you practice, you won't always be this hapless," she teased Tempest. It was kind of a mean joke, sure, but at least she had said it in a jokey manner as opposed to a blunt one. You could get away with saying anything if you said it in a jokey manner.
  8. Rainbow Eclipse

    Open Cutie Mark Crusade!

    @ ,@, @@Yoshi89, "Great idea, One Way!" said Riley. "Anypony here good at video games? We could play my Super Neighte- wait. It's back in Manehattan." Just then, a cardboard-coloured unicorn stallion walked by. "Hi! I'm Plot Device! I couldn't help but notice that you seem like you need the assistance of magic! Is that so?" he asked Riley. 'Well, that was convenient,' thought Riley. "Uh, yes please. Can you teleport me to Manehattan and back?" Plot Device lit his horn and the two stallions disappeared. ~~~Approximately half a minute later~~~ They reappeared, and Riley
  9. @, "Just be grateful that it was the blunt side that hit you," said Anala, looking down at Tempest. She picked up the bow and the arrow, pulled back, and shot the arrow at the target, landing it in the ring directly around the bullseye. "Ready to try again?" she asked.
  10. @, Giving the ten bits back to Tempest, Anala led him to the destination. "Do you know how to hold a bow and arrow?" she asked. "Since you're a Pegasus, you should be able to hold it with your front hooves while in mid-air." "I couldn't fly when Anala first taught me," said Riley. "So I sat on her back. She's plenty stronger than me, since she's an Earth Pony."
  11. @, Anala was curious about what crazy story would be told about how Riley came to meet Tempest Shift, but she decided to ask later. "Nice to meet you, Tempest Shift. Anala Elderberry," she introduced herself. "And yup, I teach archery." She grabbed her bow and an arrow, stood up on her hind legs, and shot, landing a bullseye. "Wanna try it?" she asked. "The normal price is ten Bits for an hour's session, but you can have a go for free as a Hearth's Warming's Eve present."
  12. @, Riley listened as Tempest gave his explanation. "Sounds pretty cool!" he said. "Oh, here we are!" They had arrived at the field on the outskirts of the city. There was an archery board, a bow, plenty of arrows, and a supply shed. A white mare with a dark grey braided mane and tail and a beret the same colour as her coat was sitting there, surveying the field and the sky. "Hey, Anala!" called Riley. Anala turned to the source of the voice. "Hey there, Rye," she greeted. "Who's this you have with you?"
  13. @, (OOC: BAM PLOT TWIST) "Yup! I'm reddy to go!" answered Riley, gesturing a hoof towards his red coat. And with that, the two stallions began heading down towards their destination, Riley leading the way. "By the way, what's that glowing thing in your bag?" he asked Tempest.
  14. Rainbow Eclipse

    Ask Soarin!

    @@TheScrewUpCrew, *points to restaurant*
  15. Rainbow Eclipse

    Ask Soarin!

    @@TheScrewUpCrew, ...There was a bug on it.
  16. @, "Now, if you don't mind," replied Riley, getting up, having finished his burger. "I've got as much slash little planned as you do." "And don't get yourself down," he said with an encouraging smile. "I was kind of a klutz when she first taught me, but now, I'm not bad at it."
  17. @, Riley thought about Tempest Shift's last question and put a hoof to his chin. "I think I'll go over to the field on the outskirts of the city and see Anala," he said. "I'm pretty sure she'll still be out here manning her archery business." "Wanna come with?" he asked.
  18. @, Riley smiled at his new friend, and tossed another generous donation into Clavier's hat. Just then, Bailey placed a rather tall hayburger in front of Riley, and a vegetable pie in front of Tempest with a helping of fries. "Thanks, Bailey!" said Riley, and paid for both meals.
  19. @@AmberDust, There's more than that, but I didn't bother looking.
  20. @@AmberDust, After being teleported into Tempest Shift's house, Riley chats with the aforementioned pony and are currently in The Frayed Saddle, waiting for their meals to arrive.
  21. @, "Yup!" said Riley. "Clavier is a regular player here. The donations go to the upkeep of the bar." "What's the song called?" he restated. "Uh... I'm pretty sure it's something to do with chestnuts." "Oh! You've just reminded me," said Bailey. He placed a bowl of chestnuts on the counter. "Complimentary to everypony," he said with a smile.
  22. @, @, Rainbow Dash listened to Rising and nodded. Better stay vigilant for when that happens. "Right behind ya, Thunder!" she then called to the other stallion. And with that, she sped up, soon catching up with Thunderlane and flying loops around the grey stallion.
  23. @, "Great!" said Riley. "This bar is a pretty regular hangout place for me and my buddies, so it'll be nice to have a new friend to the roster." The doors swung open as a lanky, black and white stallion ran in. "Am I late?" he asked to nopony in particular. He sat at the piano and began playing a Hearth's Warming Eve carol. "Sounds good as usual, Clavier!" called Riley, and tossed some Bits into the hat beside the pianist.
  24. Rainbow Eclipse

    Open Pony Reincarnation

    @, 'Oh, Storm Shine... if we're gonna be looking for new jobs in Equestria, then I wouldn't suggest keeping watch of the castle. Keeping watch of anything, really...' It's kind of a mean joke, sure, but it's not like I said it aloud. I pointed my hoof towards the jelly beans on the ground.
  25. @@PathfinderCS, "My rump to several times the size of my body," said Riley. "It was twice my height, and I was left dangling from between those two heights, so you can work from there to decide how wide it was." "I came to the conclusion that it's hard to 'keep moving forward' if I had an oversized rear end. Since I couldn't do much about it, I sent my dog Cookie out to get help. I asked him to go to a pony and ask them to go into the forest to get the antidote." "And that went pretty hectic..."
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