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  1. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness Agravain, Allendune, and Jack continued their hurried pace through the forest as they began to hear a rustling in the leaves above them. It was then they broke into a sprint, there was no need, or time, for a confrontation at this moment. In their rush to escape the forest, they hadn't noticed the absence of Blitz. @@Drago Ryder, An ominous figure stood alone in a grotto of the forest, a very powerful dark aura pulsating through the forest, the origin of which coming from the individual. The being's back was turned to B
  2. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, As the group traveled deeper and deeper into the woods, the presence finally revealed itself to Agravain. This was, as Agravain feared, a dark presence. He then began noticing many other presences in the vicinity, also dark, though not nearly as powerful. "Everyone, keep your guard up. We aren't alone in this forest..." He, Allendune, and Jack promptly drew their weapons and began moving at a heightened pace.
  3. @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, All right folks, I'm back, dreadfully sorry for the two week absence, and I'm afraid it may happen again next week, though that will be my last vacation for a long while.
  4. @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Dreadfully sorry everyone, this has been a bad week for me, my depression seems to be worsening and I've been quite busy. Next week I will have no internet access, and the week after it will be very limited. I do apologize for this.
  5. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, As Agravain, Allendune, and Jack entered the forest, Agravain sensed an odd presence. It was too soon to tell if it was malicious, only with time would it reveal itself. "Alright folks, there is a very specific way to get to where we're going. This forest has many protective magics setup by the Elves and Agravain, stick behind us so as not to get lost or worse."
  6. @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Sorry for the inactivity everyone, I've been very busy the past few days, as well as being sick, so I haven't really been up to posting.
  7. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Allendune noticed that the group hadn't been following them. "Come on, people," he yelled to them, motioning towards the forest. "The base is this way." Jack and Agravain stopped, waiting for the rest of the group to start heading in their direction. They still had to navigate through this forest and make it to the next by nightfall, and it was almost noon.
  8. I've gotta go with BBBFF, it's not the lyrics that are what's great, it's the tempo, the harmony, it's just an all around great tune in my opinion.
  9. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, "The Humans have no choice but to play on the defensive, they don't know what they're dealing with yet, they don't know how strong our forces are, they don't know where we're stationed. They don't know enough to attack yet. Unless they have some form of magical communication, word hasn't even left this town yet," Allendune replied to her. Agravain spoke up now, his voice soft, but it was able to be picked up by those listening. "I didn't sense any arcane connections in this town, and no birds were sent out, so t
  10. Going to see Warcraft tonight! I hope that the critics were just being harsh...

  11. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, (From now on I will wait until everyone I tag posts or for two days before I post again.) Allendune looked towards Shana. "We plan to attack and take control of smaller, less defended towns first. They're easy to capture and will allow us to gain ground, resources, and troops. At the same time, the Humans will lose these. Take control of the farming towns, the Humans have to surrender. Besides, there's always a way to surprise your enemies," he said. "Now then, everyone, let's get a move on. We've a lot of gr
  12. He likes Batman, and his profile picture is awesome!
  13. Jellal Fernandes

    General Do you wear a watch?

    I wear a watch every time I go out, I feel oddly naked without one now that I'm used to it.
  14. Jellal Fernandes

    General Unpopular Opinions

    NOTE: This is not somewhere to argue, this is simply somewhere to post opinions that would generally be considered unpopular. Now that that's out of the way, post your unpopular opinion about (mostly) anything! Keep things that could be viewed as disrespectful out of here though, meaning don't say things about, say, religion or certain individuals. I'll start with some examples... I don't like Deadpool (the character, the movie was alright), the Joker, or Harley Quinn. Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor, and David Tennant is my least favorite (that I've seen, I've only seen fr
  15. I hate insomnia so much.

    1. DND


      same smh

    2. The Wife of Hawks

      The Wife of Hawks

      It can be really difficult :/

  16. I can't remember the last time I was this bored...

    1. Kyoshi


      I have plenty of those days. Boredom can be the worst thign ever. :c Perhaps going on a walk can clear your mind? That is what I tend to do if I feel so very bored and stuck.

    2. Varrack


      YouTube is the ultimate boredom killer ;) for me at least

  17. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Agravain stared at the female neko as he stood up, noticing the blood. He decided he wouldn't say anything yet, perhaps she would let the group know herself. If she didn't want it to be known, and it didn't harm the group, there was no reason to make it known. He then looked towards the dark elf. He wasn't sure what to make of her, he'd never seen one before. He then looked at the knight and his horse. Something was off about the two, he could sense it, though he didn't know what. He then looked towards the other
  18. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Agravain was soon able to rise to his feet, though a bit shaky at first. He looked around to see a few people joining, not many though. It was about what he expected. Allendune spoke up. "Individuals gifted with magic and those who possess fighting abilities above average are to come with me," he said.
  19. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, "A democracy? There hasn't existed a democracy since the ancients, I'm surprised you're even asking about what form of government there would be. However, our plan is to convene a moot between the Elven and Dragonborn high councils to elect whom they believe to be a suitable leader for humanity to prevent any wars and to rebuild what is destroyed. However, after that, it is up to the people what they want. After all, is that not the point of a revolution? To benefit the people?" Allendune rhetorically asked the g
  20. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Child Of Darkness, "Know, this, friend, if you should turn on us, you will have not only every mage, Elf, and Dragonborn against you, but my friends and I as well," he said in a very gruff manner. "Now that that is out of the way, I am Allendune, at your service," he said in a much kinder tone with a bow. "Pleased to make your acquaintance. What, my fine lady, might your name be?" @@Yoshikupo, "This, my friend, is dragon bloom, it can restore magic power to mages and magical creatures, though it's extremely potent to those who do not need it or do not possess magic. Though it loo
  21. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Jack quickly ran up to Banner and retrieved Agravain from her. He quickly reached into his coinpurse and pulled out the tiny box that was his briefcase. The box expanded to it's previous size, and Jack started rummaging through it before pulling out an herb and feeding it to Agravain. Agravain slowly started to gain his composure, though still very weak. Allendune looked at Shana and said to her "Do you have any idea how powerful a Paladin is? Who knows if we would have received another chance to take him down.
  22. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, The stream of lightning caught the Paladin off guard, and the fact that it wasn't magic based caused him serious injury. He collapsed to the ground in agony before passing out. Jack and Allendune took this time to start removing the Paladin's chestplate. Upon doing so, Allendune raised his glaive and pierced it through the Paladin's heart, swiftly ending his life. "I must say, I foresaw us dying by his blade. What an odd series of events that was that granted us such an upper hand, I mean, it's a fairly sunny day
  23. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Agravain, Jack, and Allendune rushed towards the downed knights. Allendune stabbed one through the heart with his glaive, Agravain did so with his sword, and at the tip of Jack's staff emerged a spike, which he impaled through a knight's heart as well. Then a dire wolf lifted one up with its mouth, shook him around, snapping his neck, and then took him back to the group who started feasting on the dead knight. Finally, one of the Elven knights came along and stabbed the final knight through the heart with his swor
  24. @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshikupo, @@Acnologia, @@Child Of Darkness, @@Drago Ryder, Don't forget to follow both this and the main RP, as well as to check the private chat. Also, while Agravain may seem OP, 1) he is worthless against Paladins and 2) is nothing compared to many of the enemies we will be facing.
  25. Jellal Fernandes

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Acnologia, "Well, sir, do you know of King Fenrir? He and his Holy Paladins were going to launch a war on the Dragonborn, then they were going to set their sights on Vilum. My allies and I created a resistance comprised of members of every race, including powerful mages, and members of both the Dragonborn and Elven high councils. Fenrir wishes to wipe out all that could possibly oppose him. We decided to make the first move in this war, catch him off guard, and end this with as few casualties as possible. First, however, the resistance needs to gain a foothold here in Idalum. Also, betwe
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