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  1. I know this question has been answered a million times on other places, but I want to know what you guys think. Since we know only know of two royal sisters: Celestia and Luna, is Prince Blueblood Luna's son? Or is there another princess/prince we haven't heard of?
  2. Well, if we're all focusing on the Mane 6, then it's gotta be Pinkie Pie, because of her humor. My favorite minor character is Sweetie Belle, and my favorite background pony is Noteworthy also known as Blues, but nobody calls him that anymore.
  3. Become Donut Joe's best friend because I hate him. Wut?
  4. Typing, it's not as annoying as handwriting. I mess up A LOT in handwriting, while typing, I got used to typing and being on the computer, so basically, it's a breeze for me.
  5. Applejack, does Apple Bloom behave?
  6. Virginia, USA. It's good here, the weather is not too agonizing here and I heard it's pretty beautiful. We have a pretty red state bird too!