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  1. oops, i haven't been on in ages. hiya.

  2. Rarity is the oldest at 24. Applejack is 24. Fluttershy is 23. Pinkie and Twilight are both 22. Rainbow Dash is the youngest at 21. Rarity would definitely be the oldest. For Applejack, she was a G1 pony, G1 was introduced in 1982, the difference in that and now is 28 years, G4 came out 4 years ago, subtract that from 28 and you get 24. It's said that Pinkie is a year younger than Fluttershy, so there's that. I see Twilight as being the same age as Pinkie for some reason. In Pinkie Pride, there were 21 candles on Dashie's cake, so I'm going to take a wild guess and say that she is 21.
  3. Uh, you say she's a mule oc but what you have there is a blank flank pony. Canon mules have knobby knees and a different looking tail, like this: Melanie's a good name for a mule oc. If I come off as being rude, sorry!
  4. Am I too late to the party to join with Ribbon Ruffle? (Link in signature)
  5. They'd all support some sort of monarchy. They probably don't care much about human politics. But if they did: Twilight- Independent Rarity- Republican Fluttershy- Green Party Pinkie: Rhinoceros Party Dashie: Neutral Applejack: Republican
  6. Lyra would probably like orchestra music and some pop, too, maybe a bit of indie. Daring Do would probably like tribal music and punk pop. Out of the Mane 6? Twi would probably be a big fan of piano music, and sort of soft, gloomy music to listen to while she reads (like Deaf Club). Pinkie would like pop, definitely, and maybe pop-punk. Flutters, I think, would like indie. Applejack would like country (duh), maybe blues, but Dashie's probably gotten her into pop-punk too. Dashie would like pop-punk, but hanging out with Rarity has probably made opera and classical grow on her. Rarity would like classical and opera for when she's feeling particularly fancy, but will switch it up to more upbeat-sounding songs when she's at work. I bet Celestia headbangs to metal, though.
  7. I'm terrified of spiders, I'm afraid of failure, and I also have a fear of closets.
  8. I think around three days or so is my record. I used to stay up a lot when I was younger.
  9. PSYCHO PASS! ANOTHER! DARKER THAN BLACK! Both are amazing-tastic animes that fit your criteria of being both awesome and somewhat dark. Ep 1 of Psycho Pass: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16r8ff_psycho-pass-episode-1-crime-coefficient_creation Ep 1 of Another: http://www.crunchyroll.com/another/episode-1-rough-sketch-589572 Ep 1 of Darker than Black: http://animewaffles.tv/MP4-Darker-than-Black-Episode-1-English-Dubbed-7399
  10. I don't trust people, and I'm a closed up person in general. I don't like to lie, so I tend to answer honestly. My honest opinion is usually a rude one, and people are very easily offended. I have a hard time making friends. An extraordinarily hard time. Most people find me annoying, but even if someone doesn't find me annoying, I never tell them anything personal. That bugs people, because they've practically told me their life story and I won't tell them anything. See, I have this awkward tendency to not tell anyone anything about myself unless they ask. People never ask, so I just assume that they don't care and stay quiet. TLDR; I'm somewhat annoying and way too honest and closed up and I have a really hard time making friends.
  11. Banned because moonwalking is not a good reason
  12. In order to be a member of mlpforums, you should be 13 years or older. If you're under the age of 13, there is a reason why it says 13 YEARS or OLDER. Now, if you don't want to see inappropriate things, is suggest filtering them out. A lot of websites have an option for that. People have already stated that they don't clop to the show itself, but to inappropriate fan art (aka R34). If someone asks a clopper if they clop, this clopper will probably say that they do. If you ask, you're going to get an answer. I mean, if you're gonna get offended by the answer, why ask the question? No one is shoving anything in anyone's face.
  13. Oh geez. I'm not a clopper, I will never be a clopper, but that doesn't mean that I find everyone who clops to be disgusting. I do, however, find people who dislike others for what they do in private to be disgusting. They aren't doing it in front of you, they aren't going out and screwing actual horses, so what's the problem? It's their free time. You can't just tell people not to do something because you find it gross.