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  1. Makmak

    Quotes Portfolio

    [11:44:55 PM] Cake: u have a bf [11:45:01 PM] Makusu2: OMIGOD cAKE [11:45:04 PM] Makusu2: THEY'RE NOT ONLINE [11:45:10 PM] Makusu2: WE CAN'T CONFIRM ANYTHING [11:45:21 PM] Cake: Yes we can [11:45:31 PM] Makusu2: Fine [11:45:39 PM] Makusu2: Lightwing, would you like to be my boyfriend? [11:48:44 PM] Cake: "Hmm, only if Cake has a threesome with us xddd <3" [11:49:04 PM] Makusu2: perf [11:50:44 PM] Cake: post that in quotes portf if you're fab
  2. Makmak

    Ask Frostgage

  3. Makmak

    Ask Frostgage

  4. I would just like to confirm; I'm still dating you, Lightwing, right?
  5. Makmak

    Staff Tentacle difficulties in FIM section!

    Congratulations, Wheatley! You deserve this
  6. Makmak

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  7. Attractiveness 8/10 Intelligence: 9/10 Kindness: 9/10 Humility: 0/10 Edit: If you count my habit of not considering that other people not get that I'm kidding, my kindness is 7/10. If you don't count that, it's 10/10
  8. Makmak

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I don't love Kiwoy anymore
  9. I'm technically also MLP Forums official scapegoat, appointed by Artemis. By this point, I'm basically like the leader here.
  10. Lightwing is bae section staff
  11. Makmak

    Ask Dawn stoof

    Will you marry me?
  12. Makmak

    A "wait for approval from moderator" button

    I'm famous now. I shall forever have left my mark on Poniverse history.
  13. Makmak


    All I'm saying is that people have different interests, and some people love to share them and be open about them. If we could accept each other, and love everyone for who they are rather than what they like, the world would be a much friendlier place. Food for thought.
  14. Makmak


    In our group chat, you talk about computers all the time, and not all of us are into that stuff. Isn't that the same thing?