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  1. Just a minor update. I tried to make a stained glass, inspired by the vectors by GenjiLim on DA. RD and Icarus from Riding the Storm fanfiction/webcomic.
  2. Hello everyone! As always: sorry about my english >_< I just wanted to inform you that the fanfiction Riding the Storm, kindly translated by vale and ALittlePawning, has become a webcomic thanks to the efforts of the artist MartinHello! We started a periodical publication on this blog. I hope you'll enjoy it!
  3. Thanks, I like to do random/stupid stuff sometimes XD There are also Gmoody, Azzu-nyan, vale and Freedan. You're not alone for sure XD
  4. Thank you! I like to recolor, it's just a shame that I do not really know how to draw. I need a "model" to follow almost every time D: However, I'm glad you appreciate them Thanks I'm good only with vectors but I like to be pixel-precise XD I never did request, except for some friends, but there is always a first time, no?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm the author of the fiction and I take this opportunity to say that there is now a cover image and the text of the story has been changed to improve reading. There is also a gallery with some drawings! I hope you like them
  6. Hello everyone! I apologize for my English. If you've read my presentation you will know that I'm Italian and I'm doing my best to improve my English language. However, I'll take this opportunity to post some works I did in one year or so. Most of them are just mods/recolor (the original authors are well informed about them, don't worry!). I hope you enjoy! Art I made for my fic Riding the Storm. Art for my fic "Mutamenti" (Changes) Art for my fic "Sidro Proibito" (Prohibited Cider) Random stuff on my ponysona XD Other stuff:
  7. yay un connazionale Sure! Thank you! If u want to read in Italian, you can take a look at my signature here! Thanks for the welcome!
  8. Bello vedere altra gente dall'Italia qui :33

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    2. Lantheros



      - Megaman X is the best game ever made.


      - Rainbow Dash is best pony, and I'm not just saying that because she's cool.


      - I actually liked Equestria Girls.


      - Rock and Metal are the best genres ever.

      ^mi piacciono ma ho altri prediletti

      - I <3 lifting

      ^non mi sono mai formalizzato a riguardo XD

      - I'm agnostic with some partiality toward Buddhism.

      ^sono agnostico simpatizzante Tao

    3. Galen
    4. Galen


      OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ANCHE TU CONOSCI MEGAMAN X?????? <3<3<3<3 E' troppo raro incontrare un'altro fan ormai che la serie è praticamente morta :_D Peccato veramente che giochi come quelli non esistono più :/ Almeno ci sono gli emulatori. Il Tao è anche molto bello. Per quanto riguardano le religioni, non posso dire che le culture ebraiche mi attraggono ma il Tao e il Buddismo offrono veramente molta libert

  9. Thanks everyone! It's vale's fault :V He translated the sentence for me, so I'm innocent! XD Thank you for your kindness!
  10. Greetings, everypony! My name's Lantheros, I'm 27 y.o. and I'm writing from the upper part of the Italian boot. I'm also an author: this is the fiction I've recently written; vale, one of the translators, surely have talked about it to you. I'm actually trying to move from Italian brony forums towards english ones, thus helping me exploring a part of the fandom which I couldn't explore yet. I can understand English and my English is good enough to be comprehensible... but, right now, this very presentation is being translated by vale. Why? Because, in the introduction, I'd like to make a good impression XD I'll take this opportunity to improve my English!