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  1. Frost thought over the offer to accompany Midnight and Buzz to the bar. "Yeah I'll come." He said sporting a smile, he figured he got off on the wrong hoof this morning and this would probably be the best time to make up for it as well as her to know his fellow officers better. "Though I normally dont drink alcohol, I'm more into soda or tea." He added a tad bit embarrassed at the fact
  2. Frost organized his notes putting them in his bag, reaching the car he was meant to return to the office in, tossing his bag in the back before climbing in the driver seat. As he drove he heard a distant popping sound, very slightly rattling the car. Continuing down the road he passed a manhole without its cover and water covering the ground. "That must be it." He uttered to himself, slowing but not stopping, making his way back to the office.
  3. Frost managed to find a few witnesses, most of which saw or heard very little, but the stories were relatively the same: there was a scream from the pony who found the body, a couple witnesses relatively close by came to check they found the body. But sadly nopony saw or heard anything that could give a lead to the killer. He thanked them for their time and walked back to find the rest of his team, being informed by one of the guards that they had returned to the office and had left him keys to the car Buzz had used. He took the keys and trotted to the car, starting it up before making his way back to the office. "Not a very good first impression Frost." He muttered to himself as he drove down the street.
  4. Frost glanced back at buzz, returning the glare before moving his gaze back to Midnight. "Yes sir" he replied, he turned and trotted away to find the witnesses, if there were any. He stopped shortly after to look around "Where exactly would I find these witnesses?" he thought to himself trying to avoid having to ask somepiny for assistance on such a small matter.
  5. Frost opened his mouth to reply to Buzz but quickly shut it when he was cut off, he turned to see his boss, Detective Midnight. "I think I'll talk with the witnesses, I'm not to keen on bodies" he replied figuring it would be a bit easier for him to listen to some witnesses and gain some information that way. "Unless my partner would rather take that job" he said motioning to Buzz
  6. Frost had remained quiet for the most part during his time so far with his new team, apart from nodding every do often to show that he was listening and the information he was given was getting through. After the briefing he quickly went through a mental checklist of his gear, most of it being in a medium sized bag he carried around with him, making sure everything was present and accounted for. He continued his streak of silence during the car ride to the crime scene. Upon exiting the car he began to look around not really paying attention to where he was walking, hearing the scream from his partner quickly put his mind back into the right place trotting towards the voice. "Sorry! Sorry!" He replied, finally speaking, as he made his way to Buzz.
  7. Alright, I'll just write up a post then to get things going
  8. Sorry my phone got crushed I just got it fixed ;~; But I'm back on if I'm still in this thing
  9. Name: Frosty V Name OC and Link: Frost Typhoon (under reconstruction at the current time , any questions or concerns you can pm them to me!) How do you want your character to be introduced?: Normally. Just arriving at the station, trying to be early and leave a good impression. This is not his first ever but pobably the most gruesome, yet in technical terms he is still very much a Rookie. Anything extra to know about your character: He takes pride in his work, a bit stubborn but not over the top. Coupled with that he likes to speak his mind in group situations, to get his opinion heard out in on a discussion type attitude. What will your character be in this story?: Rookie. What you role in the RP be?: I plan on posting a lot so a relatively large role on the roleplay I would hope How long will you be staying in the roleplay?: As long as the RP runs!
  10. @@Rainbow Eclipse Frost looked up from his cards and noticed Riley, he waved. "Good morning Riley!" He said with a large smile on his face. After the stallions comment on his tuxedos absence he chuckled. "I'm glad you like it! I may have to put it on later into the practice actually, get used to its feel with the new tricks I'm trying to line up." He said still sporting his smile
  11. Frost slowly opened his eyes and stretched out his legs as he rose from where his small bed in his trailer, he had offered Thunder a place on the floor but had fallen asleep before he knew whether he had taken up on the offer or not. Frost quickly sprung out of bed. "Welllp better get to practice." He said kricking his neck and grappling his top hat. Neglecting his tuxedo, seeing no need in using it he trotted of towards backstage
  12. Frost looked over to Lucid with a smile "Well that is true, but I still prefer not to look at the sky, it seems bland to me now, almost scary, it was seen as beautiful once a night now that it's up 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it's become a curse." He said standing up from where he was sitting to give his legs and back a good stretch. "What time is it anyway? I can never remember." He asked his friend
  13. Frost leaned himself up against a tree next to his friend, his gaze followed that of Lucids into the sky, he quickly looked back down and scoffed. "I don't know how you can keep looking at that moon, I've seen it to much for my taste." He said in grumbling tone, Frost wanted to know why this happened, stop or reverse it, and make everything right again
  14. Mori turned his gaze when he heard Honey gasp, he quickly ran to the window and looked down at the horrid scene below. His eyes widen as he froze for a moment out if shock. Oh my God.... he thought trying to wrap his mind around the gravity of the situation. Without further hesitation he covered Honey's eyes thinking that he did not need to see anything else
  15. Mori got up and went to prepare the tea, after a minute or two he returned with the tea and a couple cups on a silver platter. He sat the tea in front of Honey and began to pour him a cup. "There you are." He said giving a slight smile. He wondered about the twins, and if something had in fact gone wrong