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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I think you've got the right idea catagorizing it as a temperature (wave control) spell. It inflating is moreso an animation choice to exaggerate that it is being warmed up in my opinion.
  3. Okay, first of all it's lame to bail out and say "it because of the previous generations". In the world of MLP cutie marks appear when you realize yourself your special talent. Your cutie mark doesn't tell you your talent, or what you should do with your future. A cutie mark is just a picture zapped on your flank to display to the world your special talent. It's up to the pony to find their talent, get their cutie mark, look at the mark and think "yeah that makes sense," then they'll go on doing what they love doing. On the note how, and why only ponies get cutie marks. Twilight in "Call of the Cutie" temporarily gave Apple Bloom some cutie marks. We've seen the moments when the mane six got their cutie marks, which showed that a flash of light appears on their flank and then the cutie mark appears. From this we can conclude that cutie marks appear with magic that is triggered from realizing one's purpose in life is. Ponies themselves exhibit magic so we can assume that this magical mark is just another form of magic that ponies possess which explains why not-so magical creatures don't have them. Other beings with magic such as Changelings just didn't evolve/were created with cutie marks. I say created because possible some god created the world of Equestria, or maybe not.
  4. This idea is very much plausible; a strong arguemnt for the "gems are more like tools" side. If gems don't have any inherent magic it kind of kicks Blue's theory unless the land itself fuels the gems with magic. I understand you metaphors (though in reality an room with a bunch of mirrors won't infinitely relect light but magic may be different).
  5. The underrepresentation of stallions is very well answered in this video by Digibrony. I suggest you watch it as I didn't see any flaws in his logic. It goes over how Ponyville stallions would mostly be doing field work, that they are quite present during holidays (when they wouldn't be working), points out stallions in nearly every location in Equestria, and quite a lot more.
  6. If I'm understand this correctly does this mean if a pony's magical power diminish if they do not eat. If they were put on some weird diet that didn't allow the minerals to be consumed would they not have their magical abilities? I very much like your idea regarding Spike and carbs. I find it quite plausible.
  7. We've seen two big examples when crystals have been used as a medium for magic: when Celestia with dark magic made a crystal project an image of the past (and more), and when Twilight, also with dark magic, made a hidden staircase appear. But do crystals on their own possess magical power? The previous feat at least indicates that crystals are very responsive to magic which could be because they contain traces of magic within themselves. This could explain why Rarity uses magic to find gems but a similar spell to find other objects hasn't been shown. Chrysalis mentioned to the imprisoned Twilight she was in the caves under Canterlot, once home to greedy unicorns in search for the gems the cave obtained. The Alicorn amulet's source of power appears to be a gem. The greedy unicorns possibly wanted these gems under Canterlot for their magical power. The Elements of Harmony also are studded with gems but this may just be the physical form they decided to take on. The crystals that make up the Crystal Empire have shown to be a very strong medium for magic, the crystal heart itself being a prime example. The crystals that make up the ground beneath could be what gives the crystal ponies their shining coats thus explaining why there aren't crystal ponies elsewhere. In conclusion gems are highly reactive to magic, possibly due to traces of magic already within. They're a lot more than dragon chow, that's for sure. What are your thoughts? Do you think gems have more magical power than I credit, or do you think they're just a bunch of shiny rocks?
  8. If I be boring about it, their world would end similarly to how our world would end. Since Equestria is described as a magical place we can fantasize different things. Discord is the spirit of chaos. We can assume other spirits exist but who created them; who created the world of Equestria. Perhaps a god, a creator which formed their world and puts spirits on that world to help it. If you know anything about the lore about the creation of the world in Lord Of The Rings in my head the creation of Equestria is quite similar. If we think there is a god we can assume their world would never end unless somepony tried to end it.
  9. 37% Applejack because I act dependable but can be stubborn too, and have a hard time accepting help from others. 38% Rarity because I'm generally an artsy person. 25% Pinkie Pie / Pinkemena because I can most of my joy from the joy I bring to others. I also have an insane side . I also hate telling lies and pretty generous but I don't feel like those tack on to a specific character. The mane six are all pretty generous and honest.
  10. It's Discord. His fun loving attitude combine with the fact he always seems in control makes him a very enjoyable villan. Also I like how your posts rhyme. Reminds me of Discord's riddle; I'm starting to read them in his voice.
  11. If we look at it from an outside perspective it's often because it kills the plot. If she steps in the conflict ends. If she always stop DT from being a jerk the CMC would have been bothered by her vert little if at all. In Ponyville Confidential if she intervened the CMC could print namby-pamby stories and the conflict would be dead. Some situations such as at the start of the "Return of Harmony" and the remark at Granny Smith in "Family Appreciation Day" it could just be unneccessary in the eyes of the writers. If we don't consider real life you make a very good point that Cheerilee never intervening.
  12. I don't know anything specifically relating to digital drawing but I started out by watching Mark Crilley. He draws in an anime kind of style but has some more general art tip videos. Two tips of my own is to use guidelines (like make objects out of geometric shapes ex. head is a circle that extends to a jaw, chest is a rectangle) and to draw often (with reference if it helps you; it helped me). I hope I've mentioned something useful. Good luck with your drawing. If you really like drawing don't give up. Also this page is useful if you want to know colour theory (which colours go best with which). If you're up for it this is a much more extensive look into colour theory.
  13. Well since Twilight united the Elements of Harmony we'd assume Nightmare Moon would plunge Equestria into eternal night. Discord would eventually come around a probably take over. Chrysalis would probably not come to Equestria since not a lot of love when everpony lives in a state of unrest. The Crystal Empire and Sombra would eventually return and we'd see an epic battle between Discord against Sombra or more realisticly Sombra getting whooped. Essential unless Celestia could find a new bearer of the Element of Magic Equestria would be doomed.
  14. If we use a real life comparison such as if Europeans never existed then a lot would change. If unicorns never existed all their discoveries and inventions would be lost. If it were only the pegasi and earth pony tribes existed during a Hearth's Warming Eve the two tribe leader could be stuck forever in a cave forever since it was Clover the Clever, a unicorn, who freed them. Also before Celestia and Luna unicorns cycled the sun and moon which wouldn't happen without them. Since Equestria is weird it seems this doesn't effect much since all the plants didn't start dying when Nightmare Moon casted eternal night, so maybe the cycling of the sun and moon isn't too important. Threats though such as Nightmare Moon and Discord can still be defeated since the elements of harmony should be able to be used without unicorns. tl;dr A lot would probably change since removing anypony from existence could have major consequences.