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  1. Ouch! So you wanna have a pie fight? Then YOU HAVE IT! BRING IT ON! YEEEAAAHHH!
  2. I'm talking about Adobe Flash CS5.5. The problem is the audio. When I'm making the animation and listening to the audio I put, It sounds great! But when I export the animation into a .flw the audio sounds horrible!!! Most of the people says that is because of .mp3 . But the audio I put is in .wav What do I have to do to fix this problem?
  3. This happend to me and is kinda funny: I was at the school and the teacher was about to play a movie (It was about a little kid in the Second war ). But before the movie started, the teacher said: "I dont want to spoiler you...but the kid dies at the end..." WHAT THE .........!!?!?!
  4. I have so many wondefull things to finish...all I just need is more time.

  5. Right now Im at the university and I'm still going with a pin of fluttershy and rarity. I dont have any problem to say that Im a brony. I feel kinda embarrassed when Im going to buy some toys.....They always ask me if it is for a gift....I just say yes, I dont want to gave them the hole explication of why Im buying that for me.
  6. First: I didnt add the options of WIND and EARTH magic since, well, earth ponys and pegasus are the one that controls those elements. Lets say that you born as a unicorn. What kind of magic would you like to learn and practice? I would like to learn a little of Light and Dark magic
  7. Fighting is magic, ponyvania, League of equestria.......and more... All of them are amazing games that I cant wait to play them! But there is a little problem....... THOSE AWSEOME GAMES ARE NOT FINISHED!! So many BETAS! so many DEMOS! I want to play the complete game! I KNOW THAT TO MAKE A GOOD GAME YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR TIME AND IS NOT EASY TO PROGRAM AND ETC ETC. BUT I CANT WAIT TO PLAY ONE OF THOSE COMPLETE! ALSO SEASON 4!!!
  8. Spend it to create MY OWN WORLD (Or clousdale) OR AN AMAZING THEATER with all decorations like Disney. But first I will go to explore the hole world, then do what ever I want and finally make that land full of magic! YAY!
  9. I love Kirby! is one of my favorite charecters! Mmm... I like the Tornado power cus' you can use it and kill everyone without any problem. Then, fly power (Well Idk the name is when he get bird wings) Also I LOVE! the angel power and the ghost!
  10. My very own first videogame was SSB for Nintendo 64! Oh god I love it! Then I played Donkey kong 64 , diddy kong race, star fox 64, super mario64! And when I was 8 I started to play Argentum
  11. Im playing Cave Story SSBB RaiderZ Runner2 Grand Theft 5 MLP for Android Candy crush I love playing videogames! I play them since I was 5 years old!!!
  12. I love the SSBB Soundtrack. I like if u are going to another place, It makes you fell the adventure and all the musics are wonderfull in the moment of battle
  13. I think if all the bronys go to Equestria like ponys they will do this: FIRST!: they will sceam all over the place saying:OH MY GODOH MY GODOH MY GODOH MY GODOH MY GOD!!!. And then fall unconscious. SECOND!: They will explore all the place over and over again Third!: They will go lloking for the main six and then the royal guards they will come and take the bronys to the prision After that: They will live in Equestria like Heaven!
  14. OH GOD!! I STILL REMEMBER WHEN I WAS 5 YEARS OLD! My very first game was Super smas brothers for the nintendo64!! Im a FAN and a LOVER of SSB!!!! I cant wait to get Super smash ponies! ♥
  15. The best dream of every brony is to be a real pony and live in Equestria. And most everypony have they own OC. But I was wondering... Why did you choose to be a Pegasus/Unicorn/earth? I choose to be a pegasus since my most wonderfull dream is to fly WITH WINGS! For me, been a pegasus is the best thing because you can go any place with any problem, you can go to Clousdale, you can control the weather, you can be at the wonderbolts acadamy! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS! Other bronys want to be a unicorn to cast any spell they want. And Earth ponys.......Well.. I dont know... they are just a bit more stronger but I dont know what they have on special....