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  1. I know I'm not here often, but I'd still like to spread the word for someone in the Twitter community I'm in. Hope this goes out to anyone who has the wish and ability to help and support her... Thank you! http://fernandonanuk.tumblr.com/post/85335686505/please-help-art-auction-benefit-for-bindi

  2. Blessed Birthday to you in advance! ;) God Bless! :D

    1. Sterling Crimson
    2. MaestroNep9997


      You're welcome! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day too. ^_^

    3. Sterling Crimson
  3. Oh?... Perhaps Liszt hasn't come across your mind yet... Here's Liszt's Dante sonata, just for an easy reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeqfQCnMusE Beethoven does have quite a lot of power too though... Same goes for most other composers heralding from the German school of music.
  4. As a musical classicist myself, I enjoy classical music a lot(, perhaps to the extent that it could be considered second nature to me). I especially love the music of Mozart and other Classical Era masters, like Joseph and Michael Haydn, Beethoven, Clementi and Salieri, just to name a few. I also love opera a lot, especially those by Mozart and the so-called 'bel canto' composers. (More of Rossini and Bellini though. Haven't listened to much Donizetti yet though. And since 'bel canto' is more of a technique used in singing, there's technically no such thing as a 'bel canto' composer or opera,
  5. Favourite female singers? Maria Callas Diana Damrau Natalie Dessay Dorothea Röschmann Because... Opera... And they have relatively good vocal technique and lovely voices...
  6. Personally, I don't believe in any superstitions. However, I do have a little of OCD... When walking up stairs, my right foot has to reach the top first, and when walking down stairs, my left foot has to reach the bottom first. When having meals, I tend to leave the best (most favourite dishes) for the last. Order is also pretty important, I guess... (Can't think of others at the moment. ) When I was younger, I used to have a compulsion to 'take my glasses off' before showering even though I had already taken them off. Yup, that's the weird me.
  7. Usually we just have dinner as a family, but we do go out together quite frequently, once in every week or two perhaps... And we do have a pleasant time... Well, at least most of the time.
  8. I guess I might be unable to be on here regularly... School's getting pretty busy... >.<

    1. RrVPfX9cPtw59FpC


      MLP Forums>School.

      Just kidding, but that's too bad! How is school?

    2. MaestroNep9997


      Oh, sorry. Just seen your post. :P

      Yeah, it's been good, but still rather busy... :/

      But there're only 2 more months till the end of my exams this year, so I've just got to hang on for a little while more. ;P

    3. MaestroNep9997


      I meant reply instead of post, btw. :P 9_6

  9. At first, I thought Fluffle Puff was just Fluttershy with overgrown pink hair because of the similar colour scheme (eyes, hair colour and such), but then, as I watched more of the animations and comics, it somewhat became much cuter in my opinion. And hilarious too... And it's really interesting to see Fluffle Puff playing around with Chrysalis.
  10. It'll definitely be one by Mozart for me, since I'm a Mozartian here. But out of all his beautiful compositions, I feel that his Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra in C major, K. 299 is one of the most beautiful (and well-known) of his compositions. The second movement is exceptionally beautiful, in my opinion. And what's even more surprising, was that the flute and harp were two of Mozart's most hated instruments (probably because of the tuning), and yet he wrote some of the finest and most beautiful music for them. Now, presenting to you, Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp
  11. Probable things I might be doing: 1) Sleeping/Taking a nap. 2) In school studying. 3) Playing the piano. 4) Taking a shower. 5) Hanging out with friends/classmates. 6) Having an outing, with my family perhaps... 7) Sketching, but I might be doing it in front of my computer, so... 8) Composing, but sometimes I use some computer programs for help. And just a note, this list is not exhaustive.
  12. Two main programs I enjoy using: 1) MuseScore: A free music scorewriter software. Easy to use and comparable (in terms of functionality) with famous programs like Finale and Sibelius. I usually use it for composing, apart from pen-and-paper. And trust me, it's really good, if you're looking for a free music notation software. 2) TweetDeck: Just for the usual Twitter stuff, though it does derp around a lot. Yeah, just gonna list these few. There might be some others though, I guess...
  13. Being a semi-closet brony, I'm actually fine with closet bronies. They'd probably have some personal reasons as to why they won't want others to know about it. And they're still fans of the show, so there's not really much reason to consider them outside the brony fandom. And it's alright if someone finds out I'm a brony. I just won't go around telling everyone publicly that I'm one, that's all.
  14. Based on what I perceive myself to be... (And what I personally am, probably...) ~60% Fluttershy... Because I'm a shy and socially awkward introvert, usually outspoken or hiding behind people in a group despite being relatively friendly, I guess... I find birds and small little animals cute too... :3 ~30% Twilight... Because I'm really involved with studies and academic work, but I am not well-read at all. ~10% Derpy... Because... Derp. And yes, I'm sort of a klutz. ;P And I think I've just found out that I'm an INFJ using the MBTI personality test, a ~50%S ~35%C person based on th
  15. Definitely classical music, coming from a musical classicist like me. I love the music of Mozart and quite a number of composers. I especially love opera. <3 But I can't seem to appreciate much modern/20th-21st century music though. Not really suited for my music taste...
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