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  1. Sir Xarthas VI

    Hello All ^^

    Welcome to MLPForums, @Sharni! This is great place to meet people with similar interests, and even to get more merchandise (such as your beloved figurines). Now, get out there and have fun!
  2. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @reader8363 @Driz @Krashface @Techno Universal @Sir Warith After walking for about 30 minutes, the group nears a cave in the nearby mountains. "This cave leads to the other side of the mountains, as is the quickest way to get through, as long as you don't get lost. Just stick close to me, and you'll be fine." Clyssora says as her horn starts to glow. She takes a few steps into the cave, and then stops. She sniffs the air, and she feels something in the air "Titans have been through here. I can smell them." Continuing through the cave, eventually there's a split. Four different ways to go.
  3. Sir Xarthas VI

    Health Anyone Workout?

    Its fine as long as you keep up on your diet as well. I have tons of Potassium in my diet, so my knees never give me problems.
  4. Hollywood Undead - Mother Murder Then you will find that your shallow role Is but a symptom of thoughts inside Don't say you must play that role to define yourself
  5. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    Clyssora turns an ear slightly to hear Techno better. "I really am sorry that your magic is blocked, Techno, but the Titans leader is my primary objective. We can deal with this 'machine' once we've dealt with the Titans." she says with a slightly irritated tone.
  6. Sir Xarthas VI

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    "For Equestria!"
  7. Sir Xarthas VI

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not gitting gud.
  8. Sir Xarthas VI

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for getting seasick.
  9. Sir Xarthas VI

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not selling me anything.
  10. Because of me watching Anime whenever I'm not playing dark souls I can understand the spoken language of Japanese, but cannot read or write it, nor can I speak it. I just know whats being said.
  11. I'm sure there are female cloppers. Not as many as male cloppers, but I'm sure they're out there. The worlds a big place.
  12. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @reader8363 @Techno Universal @Driz @Krashface @Sir Warith Clyssora looks to the group, feeling uncertain about this whole thing. It was primarily her fault that the Titans were turning against the ponies, she should be the only one to go. But, it is the Princesses orders, and even Clyssora can't go against them. "Now that we know a bit about each other, I will show you our route to the Titans' territory." she says as a holographic map appears in front of her, showing Pony, Neutral, and Titan territories. "As you can see, this will be quite the journey. We will have to travel nearly 200 k
  13. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @Krashface Clyssora giggles. "And to think that's my power when it's almost completely drained. Let's try that again, but this time I'm using my swords." she says as she unsheathes one of her swords. Rockshield holds up his shield once more, bracing for the impact, as Clyssora moves into a fighting stance. She gives pause for a moment, readying herself. Focusing on a single point on his shield, she swings her blade with such speed that it seems to disappear, before reappearing, stuck in the massive stone shield. "Hmm. I guess the shield isn't too bad, after all. That was one of my most p
  14. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @Sir Warith @Techno Universal @Krashface Clyssora looks to Sonar Vigilance with an amused look on her face "The welcoming is a bit late. I've been awake for 200 years. And as for strategies, we'll save that for the journey." she says. She gives a small wink to Sonar, then turns to Techno Universal "You created ponies 4,000 years ago? I am over 90,000 years old. Were the ponies killed off, and you re-created them?" she asks, with a curious look. Opening her saddle-bag, she takes out a small flask with a glowing yellow liquid inside. She pops the top and drinks the whole thing, and drops the f
  15. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @Techno Universal @reader8363 @Sir Warith @Driz @Krashface Feeling the presence of the whole group, Clyssora opens her eyes and stands at full height, being slightly taller than everypony else. "Seeing as everypony is here, why don't we take a moment to introduce ourselves. So at least we know who we're traveling with. I'll start." she says as she glances at everyone in the group. "My name is Clyssora, but I'm generally known as Royal Champion. I am approximately 90,000 years old, and originate from what is now called Canterlot. I have not been 'alive' for 90,000 years though, as I was in
  16. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @Techno Universal Clyssora is slightly surprised by the sudden 'appearance' of another ponies' voice in her head. "Even in my time, I was never that powerful... And Titans are blocking your powers? I didn't think they were that advanced... Maybe they're planning world domination? I don't see why else they would bother you. Or maybe they're blocking certain kinds of magic, and yours just coincidentally gets blocked as well? Seems odd, though. Didn't think anypony knew of you, except for me... At least not in this time period." She looks towards the top of the mountain with distaste in her eye
  17. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @Techno Universal Clyssora closes her eyes and starts to meditate, but feels eyes on her only minutes later. She decides to ignore it for now, thinking it's someone else in the group. As she meditates, she focuses on her magic, trying to strengthen it through willpower, which works, but is extremely slow. Focusing her minds eye on the direction of the eyes, she accidentally steals a little magic from Techno Universal. Turning her minds eye away, she acts as if nothing happened. "Maybe he didn't notice..." she thinks to herself.
  18. That movie... was actually pretty good. I thought it was pretty accurate, too. That's pretty much how we'd end up. Electrolytes are always the answer!
  19. Sir Xarthas VI

    Private The Inevitable War

    @reader8363 @Driz @Krashface @Techno Universal @Sir Warith Some backstory before the start. If you'd like more detail, say so in the OOC thread, or message me. The Inevitable War: Diplomatic relations between Ponies and Titans have been on the decline ever since the Titan-Slayer Clyssora was awoken from her magic slumber. Even though she vowed to never kill another Titan (at least for the foreseeable future), they do not know her true intentions, nor the intentions of the Ponies' leaders. There have been attempts to negotiate terms in which neither race attacked, and have been somewhat su
  20. Sir Xarthas VI

    Health Anyone Workout?

    I do a mix of Cardio and Strength throughout the week. I live in a relatively hilly area, so I usually run up and down the hills with weights on my ankles, wrists, and a backpack with weights in it. The ankle weights are usually about 10 lbs each, the wrist weights 8lbs, and the backpack (total) weighs 100lbs. Together, it effectively doubles my weight. But I've been using these weights for a while... I need get more. Maybe do 20lbs for ankles, 16lbs for wrists, 200lbs for the backpack? Would be increasing my weight by 260% if I did that... Sounds kinda dangerous... YOLO. Note: I go running a
  21. You're in! Yeah, I'll come up with something for that purpose. You're in! More details will be given when I start the thread for the actual RP. @reader8363 @Driz @Krashface @Techno Universal @Sir Warith We have all five slots filled, so I'll start writing the RP's major backstory and open the thread for the RP. Expect it to be up within 48 hours.
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