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  1. Back in 2012, I'd say around July, (I'm registered on another forum of a game I use to play), there was a Global Moderator, who was a big fan of the show. He was a HUGE Rainbow Dash fan. When he told some people about the show, I didn't care if he liked it, but when I saw photos of the characters, I thought, "Aw, they're so adorable!" (I have a weakness for cute things). So I decided to watch the show, and I really liked it. It only took me a month to watch Season 1 and 2 to prepare for Season 3. When I watched Episode 1 of Season 1, and saw how socially awkward, and introverted Twilight wa
  2. Oh that's easy, it didn't take long to rescale it. It didn't take long, I just had to rescale some things, but it was rather simple. Enjoy, Miss Rarity
  3. How's this? Let me know if it's good or not. ^^ Oh, and another thing; *inhales breath* http://flutteryay.com/ Hopefully you guys like these signatures, I'll probably use my Twilight Sparkle signature soon when possible. ^^
  4. Twilight Sparkle has to be my all time favorite pony. Like Twilight, in Season 1 Episode 1, her response to hanging out with people totally resembles me. She doesn't like to be out a lot with friends, and prefers to focus more on hers studies, or reading for the enjoyment, (myself enjoys that, and painting, drawing, etc.,) Her encounters with her soon-to-be best friends is exactly my approach with making new friends. Like her, we're both not that good when it comes to greeting new people, we're very unsure how to greet someone, which makes it difficult. We both have the same personal
  5. I have it like this so far, I can always re-edit, but if you like it how it is, then I'll leave it at that. I'm still re-editing it, so far, this is how I have it, but I can always make it look better. ^^
  6. Thank you! ^^ I'm glad I met a Gorillaz fan on the forums!

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    2. Remi


      It's on the brink of making me vomit rainbows.

    3. AlicornSparkle


      haha. xD

      you can always use it if I don't use the avatar anymore.

    4. Remi


      Nah, I make my own.


      They're artsy. :3

  7. That avatar is the greatest thing I've ever seen. *cries tears of soy*

  8. Hi all! First off, I'm new, as you can see, Twilight Sparkle is my FAVORITE character of all time, (mostly because we both resemble one another :3). Anyway, I'm not sure if I posted this in the wrong area, but if I do, I hope a moderator can move it to the correct area! I am very much in the Photoshop area, I've done some experimenting with .gifs in signatures! Please tell me what you think! (If you see these, and think I stole them, I didn't! I swear, I can create my own images and I wouldn't steal anything). Let me know what you think! ^^ I've jus
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