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About Me


Welcome to my profile! Cinnamon Lightning here, or Lil'Cinnamon or maybe just Cinna or Cinny. No one really views it, but.... Hey, go ahead and view a couple pictures of me! Right here -->

v Credit goes to @Ruhisu for the top 2 pictures) v


(Credit for picture above 2 images goes to @Emerald Star)

Welcome to my profile! I guess. -shrug-

I am a friendly pony, and I hope that I don't annoy anyone, but I'm always up for making new friends!

I might as well say some things about me...

I'm a stallion unicorn, with the cutie mark of a wooden pole with 3 big polymer insulators that hold 3 phase 115 kilovolt electric current in 3 heavy-duty copper wires, with an extra moderate-duty ground wire on top, with a natural electric arc in the background, symbolizing my talent in electricity.

I am always a curious pony, always asking questions, and I have a few main hobbies and interests.

1) Power Lines, electricity

2) Streetlights, traffic lights, lighting in general

3) Electrical systems, in buildings or homes.

4) Toilets, plumbing, and water systems in general and sanitary systems.

And on one of my walks I randomly found an insulator on the ground, I kind of wonder why it's there, it wasn't there the day before, and nothing with the power lines changes, so hmmm...


Here is one of my awesome good friends, @Emerald Star!!! She is awesome, cute, and awesome at art! Here is a picture of her booping my nose hehe.


Here is my big sister, Sapphire Lightning! She is awesome and wonderful, and she is great! She deserves to be here too! Here is a picture of her:


(Credit goes to @Bogrick Grey Mane for the art)

Here is a good friend of mine, TWISTED CYCLONE! (RainbowDash72) She is adorable, cute, has the BEST accent, and is very awesome! She is worthy enough to be on my profile! Here she is:



Here is another friend, and she is awesome great and one of my best friends! She is @Zeal Crown and she deserves to be here! Here is a picture:



In ponies, my favorites go...

1) Apple Bloom.

1.6) Sweetie Belle.

2) Twilight Sparkle.

3) Rainbow Dash

After that I don't really know any order, they are all awesome after that. xD