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  1. I talk about it all the time. Mostly because it pisses my friends off, and I think it's hilarious. Neither of my parents are ok with it. I think my mom threw away a Rainbow Dash shirt I had.
  2. Yeah. I went back and watched some episodes during the super duper long off-season, and your right, Applejack's voice was really high in Season 1. Same with Applebloom (but I think that is more Michelle getting older than intentional characterization.)
  3. Yeah. At one point in the episode, she said something about the drapes having nothing to them and I was like, "Just like your character!" #epicburn XD I feel like this might happen again with other "villians" throughout this season. They might team up at the end of the season and form an Anti-Mane 6. That would be pretty BA.
  4. Back-stabbing time in TF2! Seriously though, why doesn't everyone "spy check".
  5. This was a great episode, with so much stuff to laugh at. I thought this episode covered what society, at least American society, is starting to become, we've pushed for equality so much, that we are starting to forget what makes us human.
  6. I've wanted to meet John for a while, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  7. Star Wars all the way, but you can't forget John De Lancie
  8. Yes it will be free. To sign up for the beta go to the games website. https://www.planetside2.com/ps2onps4 How long has it been since you've played it?
  9. I know this probably sounds terrible, but you do get used to it. The brony community is a weird place and of course that stuff will happen (as there is A LOT of My Little Pony R34). You just have to either ignore it or just accept it as a side product of teenage guys in a fandom.
  10. It was a very gradually change. It took me a few weeks for me to call myself a fan of the show. But as soon as I heard about Bronies, it was pretty instant. I was very late into this fandom (Summer of 2013), as I had hardly ever new this show existed prior to that point. Wow. Your really new. NIce man. I'm assuming the morally questionable stuff your talking about is the "clop." Am I right?
  11. With the release of the closed beta stage of the game coming up soon, I was wondering what you guys think about the game coming to the Playstation 4, and how it will compare to the PC version of the game. Also, what do want in the Playstation 4 version that isn't in the PC version. Beta Sign-up: https://www.planetside2.com/ps2onps4 I was also wondering if any of you guys wanted to play when it does come out. PSN: discorded_who
  12. The Ghost Nappa the from Dragonball Z Abridged: Knife Party - 'Fire Hive': Krewella - Alive (Cash Cash x Kalkutta Remix):
  13. Why is Master Rochi such a perve when he's like 90 year's old. And why was he willing to kill Goku just to prove a point? I also think Bulma's on her period. (In case you can't tell, I'm watching Dragonball.)