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  1. I went further, still garbage. But yea, you are right, maybe it was too early - I'll review this when I finish, if I can get that motivation. But still, most of my points above still stand. Another thing: They kinda changed the gameplay regarding the "difficulty" I'd say... in Rescue/Explorers, you could deal tons of damage, easily 2 hit ko any pokemon, but while you were powerful, you could get anihilated easily too. In this new one... well... I guess they kinda wanted to make it more like those main pokemon games battles or something. It takes ages to kill anything, same thing for them,
  2. Holy banana, it's garbage. -The graphics are too saturated, I can't see anything -The mini-map is pretty rubbish, I keep getting lost -Your partner is a Naruto copy -japanese school anime cliché (And I hate anime) -I can already see that this game is aimed toward childrens -controls are rubbish -They still kept the dem 5 damage cap on the neutral attack (A) -You start with too many moves (I mean, my Charmander tried to learn Ember, but it wasn't worth it because I had a better fire type move) -The menu is confusing -The sprites are not really great either, but it's better than the
  3. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    363469 I'm the dude who got 666
  4. GhostPony750

    Gaming Pokemon XYZ Confirmed

    Nope, not getting it. I was so disappoint with ORAS that I won't buy anything new, unless it says the game is too hard in the review. Then I might get it. Also I haaaate new forms geez. Zygarde in himself was friggin epic in design, now they exaggerated the whole thing again -_-
  5. When I was a kid, I used to go to my neighbor's to play with their daughters, and I had the bad habit of eating their food. There was that particular bowl filled with Glosets (raisins covered in chocolate) on their table. And one time, they replaced the Glosets with raw coffee seeds. It was bitterrrrrr omg. I'll never drink coffee ever xD
  6. Asasdfvshdehsfandbwar PMD is masterpiece. I did a run through Emerald with a Grovyle named Dawn (name inspired by that scene with the sun rising) He was Hasty nature too. My favorite pokemon are actually the ones I use in my team ​ And yep, I found a random shiny Magnemite when trying to capture one in New Mauville. \o/ (Magneton is one of my favorite pkmn)
  7. GhostPony750

    Gaming Do you name your Pokemon?

    I name my pokemon if I am going to use them often, and I think a lot for my names. Rapidash: Spirit Seaking: Jabot Cradily: Depth Aerodactyl: Amber Shiny Magneton :3 : Pulse Claydol: Illusion (almost named him Clay-Doh) Sharpedo female: Shara Swellow: Lavalliere Manectric: Reik Grovyle: Dawn And so on...
  8. I'm an avid fan of the gameboy advance sonic games. I mean omg, they were the best games you could get on the gameboy advance back then. I recently bought Sonic Advance 2, and the nostalgia kicked in. What a perfect game.
  9. I always hated those cheap plastic bag costumes. In fact, I've always made the costumes myself using old clothes borrowed from everyone. Last year, for prom, I was checking for a rental tuxedo. While they were very dull design-wise, they were also very expensive for some polyester suits. $200 for a one night plastic bag - no thanks. So I opted for something more out-of-the-ordinary, something that I actually like; I bought some handmade 1800's inspired clothes, something that I could reuse for Halloween too. And they are not made in china! The vest and scarf was made in Canada, tailored an
  10. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    I want to stay a Changeling forever. 340574
  11. I'm trying to start a Super Smash Bros (Melee) / video game club at my college, but I still don't know if there's any yet, and it's hard to find people that plays the game. I have to keep my Bowser in shape.
  12. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    That awesome feel when you are the first 666 236,979
  13. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Silk brocade super fancy handmade waistcoat: $90 Cotton shirt: 110$ wat 225,742
  14. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    I actually bought this game two years ago, but I had a bug where the start menu was all greyed, I couldn't press anything, couldn't save. I finally got rid of it and can enjoy the game. 225625
  15. After finally killing a bug that kept me from saving, I'm finally playing Skyrim, two years after purchasing it.
  16. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    225619 I just started playing Skyrim, it's epic.
  17. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    hey! Someone pissed me off so bad I left for a few months. o_O 225,589
  18. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Hello, I have the 666th post here. 225,583
  19. I got a job, driving licenses, left "programs for the intelligent people" at school, now feels more human and relaxing. Yea, it was a nice year.
  20. I think polo shirts are the worst thing ever created by the humankind. Too dem overused, while looking horrifying, the society is pushing it down your throat, avoid them!1!!! But anyway, I'm being dramatic. My favorite clothing is the victorian style. It looks fancy, while being laid back and comfortable. It's a shame that everyone is stuck on the tie... it looks boring really. There are much more creative neckwears than this. Here's a sample, I'm going to wear this for my prom. You might like it, or hate it.
  21. I got quite lucky this year. I got a driving license and new headphones, and my sister gave me her bass guitar.
  22. Yep, INFJ are rare. I've met only one, and it was my french teacher. Probably my favorite individuals. I also have another friend on the internet who is INFJ. I can understand why everyone hate you, but I get along well. For me, I am INFP.
  23. My first language is french, being born in this french area at the east side of Canada, Quebec. While this language is wonderful, I had to learn english in order to communicate, but I still prefer french. (I actually won a writing contest) What I like: This language is rich, wonderful, and much less awkward to speak than english. By far the best language for books. What I dislike: Ermagherd dat grammar. It's soooo difficult, even after 16 years I still do mistakes, and I'm way above average. The difficulty make your its/it's rule look easy. o_O
  24. GhostPony750

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    While my family don't care at all about religion, actually they hate it, I love the values christianity shares. But I've been kept away from this all my life. Maybe when I'll be an adult I'll start to go to church and some stuff.
  25. As long as you have reasons that sticks to your personal feelings, go on. Some people just get tattoos for fun, and then regret it. If it's not your case, it's all right. Nice tribals also!
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