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  1. If you want something quick and simple, there's a pony creator. http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-v3-397808116 The shape is already here, you just need to pick colors, stuff, etc. That's the easiest way I know.
  2. Oh my, this was amazing! o_O I've never heard this song before. I love these 20 minute epics! Yep, of course! My favorite from them is Schism and 46&2. But I still haven't really explored this group.
  3. No, this test isn't good. While the questions are theoritically correct, how do you want to answer to "Are you responsible?"? This question is very, but very hard to answer without feeling like saying lies. So the test I provided, I think it can give more accurate results because there are less questions that have a positive and negative side. (It's better to do both ofc) And ofc, the characters are developped by tons of different writers, so some of them can fit in many types. It's not very stable, it just gives an idea. Well, it makes sense. But I'd encourage everyone to do both tes
  4. Do this: http://www.16personalities.com/ And use this chart: And here you go.
  5. @@Fantasma Phantasm, I know Sting and The Police, but I lost interest of them after some times. And the two others you named I have no idea. o_O I guess I'll selesct a few songs and pm them to you. Strangely, I'm pretty 100% sure you'll love it.
  6. Modern music tries to make the most money out of their products, so they aim for what the majority of the population like: repetitive riffs and they follow a formula to make the songs. What I listen is something that completly breaks those rules, trying to make good and different music. Since video-game music doesn't follow this pop-formula, since they don't sell this music but try to share emotions through a soundtrack for better gaming experience, I thought that maybe you'd like my style. It's not modern music, the best comes from the late 60's up to middle 70's, when some artists got bored
  7. OMG my favorite game!!! (nostalgia) Yes, every songs from Rescue Team and Explorers are simply fantastic. I guess you dislike the mainstream music, since these are the products that you hear everywhere, while they bury the great stuff out of reach. When I was young, I didn't listen to any pop songs like everyone else, I would set my PMD Blue Rescue Team inside of the Great Canyon and listen to this for hours. But I finally managed to find my music style, prog rock. This style is more complex than any other styles, and video game music is quite semblable sometimes to that style because it
  8. We were forced last year to do bodybuilding, and I hated it. Maybe it's because I don't have enough energy due to my stomach problems, but it's very boring. Here's some specs: -60 push-ups -140 situps -I can lift 240lbs more than 25 times with my legs, I didn't bother doing more. And I sit infront of the computer all day long...
  9. Yea, I myself believes that most of the "diseases" are only personality traits that differs from the majority. I was labeled retarded when I was young because I was daydreaming and worked slowly. But everything is fine, it's only my personality. I lost a job because a manager thought I was retarded...
  10. Slipknot? Uhmm... I remember I like a song from them, but I don't remember which. For the mainstream metal, or screaming and stuff, I'm not a fan really. I like Trapped Under Ice from Metallica, and a few of their smoother songs, and I really love Iron Maiden, mostly Phantom of the Opera. I'm more into progressive rock, so sometimes I tend to enjoy prog metal groups. Tool is great, my favorites being Schism and 42&6. And a very unknown band, called Citizen Cain, make some metal songs too. So yea, it's very limited.
  11. Well, that's indeed a diffcult question. But I guess I'd take split, at least the other guy would get money. But there is another thing... this isn't the real situation, so of course, most of the people who answered something might pick the opposite.
  12. Well, someday most of the people will realize the laws and rules weren't written by the hand of god, but by simple corrupted humans in power. So of course it has flaws, that's why the government is so messed up! There are some people that likes to live by the rules, it's all fine. But some of them also forces everyone to do so, which is the problem. My definition of a crime is something that hurts someone or a group of people very hard. These people wants, and feel a satisfaction whenever they find an individual who broke a rule, they abuse of the government superiority and make you pay h
  13. Yea, a lamp made of silver. 2 bucks for something worth over 100. But that was long ago...
  14. Synnett

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon shows?

    I seriously haven't watched tv at all for over 10 years because I disliked the shows, they were BAD. Since kids love stupidity, every shows were awful. Seriously, we had some good shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog, but all the screentime got eaten by johnny test after a few weeks. All the good stuff would play at 4am.
  15. No, I don't mind them at all. I actually prefered the sting than the mask when I had my operation. And the first thing I do when I hit 18 is give blood.
  16. Wew, these looks amazing! While it's not my style. (I don't even know these groups), the way you placed the singers is perfect. (I wouldn't have dared cutting a bit of the heads off.) The best is probably the second one. Good job.
  17. Yep, but if someone shows me where to place my fingers, I learn it instantly. If a teacher at school need to show a bass line to someone, they teach me it in 10 seconds and they let me teach them while they do something else lol. I'm not really good with tabs, but I'm practising on it. I'm a zero when it comes to read music sheets. I've learned to tell where to place my finger on a certain note, but I just can't find the rythm. :/ While I'm still not perfect to find a sound on my guitar (because there are so many notes + chords!), I can whistle any songs. I guess it's a mather of time u
  18. The basics are chords, reading music. All of this, I can't do it. Because of this, I have a hard time playing "easy" stuff like jhonny cash or random pop music. Instead, I find it easier to play complex stuff becaue it is not repetitive. It was the same thing for the bass when I played in the school band. I was playing by ear, all year long, until I failed at the exam. I don't know why it's this way for me, but I'm struggling to learn the basics right now. Edit: Every music teachers are astonished at first at my technique and how I learn a song quickly. I'm usually used as a backup lol
  19. I'd like to live in the 60s, this way I could see Muscle cars and prog rock develop and I'd find a way to avoid oil crisis so the muscle cars would rule the world. :3
  20. Seems like everyone wants to draw. Sadly, it doesn't come in a shot that you can draw good. You need practice, tons of practice. It's like playing guitar; you won't be able to play some Metallica after only one week for sure. For me? Well, I actually play guitar and I'm pretty good. But I can't learn the basics!!! And I don't know why! D:
  21. I'm not looking for a relationship, but a tons of girls do. o_O I'm kinda trying to avoid them all.
  22. She would be totally devastated... for no reason. I always wear the same thing anyway.
  23. Imagine if Obama could destroy any physical forces with magic. Like Obama is a lvl 100 Arceus you received in a trade and the ennemy is Joey with its Rattata. There would be no need for any army at all. It would probably remain just for a symbol or tradition.
  24. Made my day I like my bacon extra burned, then I cook breakfast fries on the remaining oil. So my fries tastes bacon. :3
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