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  1. Hey everypony, Moonlight here So for school we have to do a randomized survey in class of people's favorite type of candy, and I need more answers! So, if you don't mind, it would be awesome if you guys could tell me your favorite type of candy and post it here! Thanks! (P.S. Please include your first name with your answer!)
  2. Moonlight stared at the captain for a few more seconds. slightly unsure, before nodding to Comet. The Mare climbed in to the passenger seat of the second car, checking the straps of her medical bag. 'Please, don't let there be anymore injuries' Moonlight Fire thought quietly.
  3. "I'll go for shotgun in the second," Moonlight said, securing her bag. As she looked back up, she immdiately saw the captain coughing up blood. "Hey, looks like you have a wound yourself. What happend?" the Mare said urgently, starting to inspect the stallion. 'Oh gosh, another injury,' she thought.
  4. Exhausted, Moonlight zipped up her bag, making sure everything was packed inside. "Where do you need me to sit?" The irritable medic asked wearily. They were still in the beginnings of their mission, and everybody already seemed a bit tired. Several had already suffered injuries.
  5. Moonlight gently felt the wound on Lon's fore leg, wincing. It definately wasn't a pretty wound, but it was fixable. The Mare unzipped her medical bag and took out another sanatizing wipe, swabbing the wound of any excess blood, before ripping off a long bandage. "That probably stung, sorry," Moonlight shrugged a little, tightly wrapping the bandage before pulling out a bottle of pills. "These will relieve some of the pain, just chew one. After a few minutes, you might feel a bit whoozy, but you'll be fine," the medic advised, dropping a pill on to Lon's hoof.
  6. Moonlight stumbled, breathless, on to the exit ramp. "I....I'm here," the Mare panted, struggling to catch her breath. She had raced here as fast as she could upon hearing somebody needed medical help, but she had been just too far away. Moonlight gently touched the wound on her ear, feeling it wet with blood. She winced as it stung. "We don't have time to bandage it up. I'll just have to hope it doesn't get infected," the medic muttered.
  7. Moonlight nodded, taking a breath. 'I need to be faster' she chided herself, before swiftly racing from behind the rubble. "Get to the outpost, get to the outpost," she gritted her teeth, ducking her head as bullets shot past her. One skimmed the top of her ear, leaving a large gash, but the Mare refused to stop as she neared the outpost.
  8. Moonlight ducked behind a ruined building, heart beating quickly as she heard somebody shout for a doctor. "Looks like that's where I come in," the Mare took a deep breath, before racing out of her cover, shooting at the drones that got too close. Her eyes landed on Garret, wounded, and she darted towards him, unzipping her medical bag. Leaning the stallion on to her shoulder, she dragged them towards a ruined pile of rubble. "This shelter will have to do for now," Moonlight muttered, swiftly inspecting Garret's arm wound. It was bleeding, but if handled properly, would be fine. "Ok, the b
  9. Moonlight raced forward, gritting her teeth as she heard bullets whiz past her head. She was terrified, but forced her legs to keep running. The mare gasped for breath as she took cover under some rubble for a few seconds, before continuing her dash.
  10. Moonlight once again took fire at one of the soldiers, and cursed as she saw Howard fumbling with his bullets. "Idiot!" she swore, before shooting at the soldiers aiming for the stallion. One, two, three went down flat on their backs with a resounding thunk. 'Huh, looks like I'm getting better' she thought silently. "Hurry up!" Moonlight shouted at the doctor, seeing more and more soldiers appear.
  11. Checking the strap on her medical bag, Moonlight leaped out, and upon hitting the ground began running. The bullet noises made her ears ring. Her eyes darted to Howard as she ran beside him. As the two doctors, it wouldn't be easy for them to get to everybody and heal them. The mare shot at a soldier, successfully hitting it in the back.
  12. Moonlight took a breath and slung her bag of medical equipment around her neck, simultaneously picking up her small gun. She wasn't a great shooter, but she could move quick, and would be ready to run to the injured. The mare shot a glare at Comet, still irritated at his previous out bursts. "I hope he can keep that in check on the battlefield," she murmured under her breath.
  13. Moonlight Fire rolled her eyes, massaging her temple with her hoof. "You guys are already giving me a headache. Once again, not a fan of conversations," the medic growled, irritated. This team definately felt like a band of misfits, but she had no choice but to trust them. She had to.
  14. Moonlight Fire

    Open Deadman Wonderland RP

    Ruri swallowed, caught slightly off gaurd by Ryu's question. It was so easy to remember the brutal day, just weeks before she was sent here. When the voice had completely taken over. When she had grabbed the knife. When she couldn't feel anything except bitter blood lust. "U-uh...I..." Ruri stuttered, fearful to reveal the events. 'I only just made friends here, I can't lose them already' she thought nervously. "I accidentally..killed somebody!" Ruri blurted out, eyes darting to the floor. She hoped it wasn't obvious she was lying.
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