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  1. This Rangers-Senators game should not have went into overtime.

  2. Anybody watches My Hero Academia? It's a good show. 

  3. FFIV, V and VI has the same battle system as VII. The battle system is the only thing putting me off of VII, so I'm not sure how I would like the others.


  4. How about that Rangers win? Rangers in 6 like I expected, now I hope they deliver in Round 2.

  5. Could it be considered suicide if someone eats food they're allergic to while on Death Row?

  6. *Starbucks marketing ploy*


  7. Something reminded me of that killjoy security guard at last year's Bronypalooza. Anybody that was there at the front of the stage remember that from Bronycon? It was mainly during the time Black Gryphon and Michelle Creber were performing. 

  8. The NES we have, wherever it may be, should still work. Can't say the same for the SNES. It definitely has seen better days. It'd probably still work if it wasn't missing the little pin that was in where the AC adapter would go. This would be my justification of getting the SNES mini if and when it comes out.
  9. Finally saw the Season Premiere. What I liked about it was that it wasn't the usual cliffhanger two part episode like the past six seasons. Also four consecutive episodes of Trixie from the finale of last season to the premiere of this season. TRIXIE OVERLOAD!!!

  10. How much different would the Harry Potter movies be if Richard Harris never died or if Michael Gambon never took over?

  11. One of the songs from Yooka-Laylee sounds like it has a part of Frantic Factory from DK64. If Grant Kirkhope using parts of his old music in this game is a recurring thing, it will make me appreciate this game even more.

  12. I'm not blinded with nostalgia from Banjo-Kazooie, but I'm liking Yooka-Laylee.

  13. You're not allowed to make an insult out of anything when you have first grade grammar. 

  14. nintendo

    Did people really expect something like this to run forever? It seemed like it was going to be a limited run from the start, and it went longer than I expected. Sure every console has a lifespan, but come on, re-releasing a 30+ year old console? Of course it wasn't going to last forever. Yeah it's a bummer, but that's usually the case with items on a limited run.
  15. People want to meme the Game Over OST from Breath of the Wild. I'm just spreading the news so it could happen.